The Weekend

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So, as I mentioned in my last post Tony and I were separated for 4 days while he trekked it up to Canadian border to go canoeing in the BWCA with a group from our church and my brother. This left me a very sad girl, but unlike similar events in the past I did not bring out the shot gun, nor did I retreat to my Mom's! I stuck it out at home and boobytrapped the house. I figured someone would make a ruckus trying to gain access to our bedroom by at least stubbing a toe or two and allow me enough time get Isaac in the closet before going for the shotgun. ::what? they always tell you to have a plan!::

I have pictures of Saturday's festivities and boy were they jam packed! First we met up with AJ and Colin at Teddybear Park in Stillwater! It's an amazing enclosed park that is pretty much intended for tots, so there are very few areas of caution.

Colin was due just a week before Isaac and was also born a week early, just like Isaac, therefore keeping there one week distance! Check out his killer blue eyes . . .

The boys had so much fun! Even if they didn't play together per se, they enjoyed themselves immensely. AJ and I got there a bit early, so it worked out perfectly to leave just as the park became more crowded, the sun intensified the heat and the boys were ready for their naps.

Isaac fell asleep in the car, so I bought a Wendy's premium salad, went to the house to grab some checks to deposit, came back to the house and kept the car running with the air on as I ate my Wendy's salad, all in effort to prolong Isaac's nap! It worked out great! Gina came over and Isaac was in the best mood!
from Gina
[Clearly Gina took these!]

Oh I love my boy so much.

Soon enough, we were ready to move onto our next event: antiquing in Anoka with Gina and my Mom! I haven't spent a lot of time antiquing, but both my Mom and I get swept up in the history of stuff, some would even call junk. :)

At the end of the month Gina will be doing some headshots and a family session for us and I knew that I wanted some cool antique cars for Isaac to play with. At our first stop I found exactly what I was looking for! That didn't stop us from meandering our way through the city though.

We ended up at Avant Garden in Anoka and stuffed ourselves on the most amazing Panini grilled bread. Holy crap. We were not prepared for how good they would be! Isaac and Gina also flirted. I love the picture of Isaac laughing, because Gina was tickling his side.

The fun didn't quite end on Saturday with Anoka either, as I met up with my friend Rachel from church. She has two sweet girls and was also a BWCA-widow for even longer than I! Her husband is a great photographer who yearly goes up to the BWCA for a week at a time to shoot with friends. I think I forsee the same for Tony and Levi . . . We visited as the kids played and had a great time getting to know each other better . . . without our husbands! Although it's fun to know that we are both secure in our marriages to act the same as we do both with and without. :)

Sunday then I attended church by myself and took some pictures of another couple from church as they dedicated their son Gavin. Of course I don't have these pictures with me though! :( I then went out to eat at the Holy Land with my parents, step brother's girlfriend and nephew. Yum, yum, yum. This is the deli at which I buy my feta for my favorite shrimp salad! $4.5/lb.

Dusty's face says it all! It was a great weekend of friends and family, even without Tony.

Again, though the day didn't end with lunch, as I packed up Isaac and met Nadia with her family to do a family session in Big Lake . . . more pictures to come.


Dana said...

Nice pics

B said...

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend sans the husband.

Jeannie said...

What a great weekend you had with just your babe. I l-o-v-e the new pics of just you and Isaac...they are beautiful. AND I love the hair :-)

Randine said...

You were in big lake and didnt call!? ;)

Love the jam packed weekend. Thats the way to do it when youre alone! Glad you had fun :)

Anonymous said...

Love that you booby trapped the house. We would be great friends in real life haha!

And what a fabulous weekend!!! Isaac laughing at dinner? Too much.

beckylbranch said...

I love all your photos they all tell a story. Isaac is so cute! I have never been antiquing, looking forward to your pictures too! And that deli looks so good! :)

Julie S. said...

His curls just melt me. If I have a girl one day, Isaac is totally her future husband.

Heidi said...

I'm straight up going to copy your outfit from these pics. Yes, I enjoyed this post (always like your picture posts so much), but I spent most of my time burning a mental image of your outfit into my mind so I can copy it when the weather gets cool here. So cute.

Bekah said...

looks like a great weekend! I know the feeling about being home alone. Matt does contracting work over the summers, so he was gone 3-4 days a week for about 4 weeks this summer. Like you, I totally had an escape plan. Its creepy being home alone...and I have a dog!

Nancy said...

Looks like so much fun:) Love the pics!

Bethany said...

I also love taking Olivia downtown Anoka (we live right in Dayton) to walk the sidewalks and window shop :)

Your hair looks great!!

P.S. Is Issac getting cuter by the day?! I think so ;)

Kier said...

Holy weekend! Looks like you had loads of fun.

Can't wait to see you next week!!


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