Tuesday's Have a Whole New Meaning

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yesterday I started a new family tradition. Since I don't feel chalk full of tradition in other senses, sometimes I just crave stability and structure. This should definitely do the trick!

Tuesdays = Meal Planning [shopping + prep] + Financial Peace University [at least one video lesson]

I'm so flipping thrilled about this! And I know that Tony absolutely loves me even more, just for coming up with it. See Tuesday is the day that our new e-mealz plan comes out of the week, so we've all ready been regularly shopping and prepping lunch items on Tuesdays, but we just couldn't quite figure out how to schedule in FPU. And then it hit me, which I have to say took me remarkably long to think of it, they are both money saving activities so why not combine them?

Viola! Tuesday nights have an identified purpose, which we will definitely schedule around from now on.

This week's e-mealz was projected to be a grand total of $46.00. We again dropped the fish meal because it included items as staples that we do not readily have available and then added our lunch and snack staples, which were:
Dried Cherries
Sliced Cheese
Grapes [or some other sort of fruit]

And in total, our whole bill for 4 dinners, lunches and snacks was . . . ::drumroll:: $46.00! We shaved off $7 from our previous shopping with lunches included. I can't tell you how much we love this and I know I talk about it a lot, so I'll just say I'm not being compensated in any way!

As a side note on accountability. Remember my Insanity posts? Remember how excited I was? Yeah, crazy Leah started doing Insanity the day after the completion of my miscarriage. Apparently I don't respect my body much, because I'm certain that I got sick due to the lack of recuperation given to my beaten up body. So I rested and tried to eat well, but man oh man, enough was enough. I started back up again this morning. Bright and early. Running is so much easier . . . I'm not quite so bushy tailed and bright eyed after these workouts, but it'll work if I work. So here's to Insanity Day 1, again.


Ginger said...

this e-mealz thing is intrguing to me once I'm over the first trimester and actually feel like eating again I think Mr. A and I want to give this a whirl. My question do they do some sort of bonus for referring people? cause I'd want to give you and Tony the credit :)

B said...

We signed up for e-mealz thanks to your recommendation. Let me know how you like Financial Peace as well. We already went through the first lesson at a church but then I went and left for CA and haven't continued with it. Your recommendation may just be the push we need!

The Conway's said...

I'm curious about e-mealz...I'm going to do a little more research :)
Good luck with Insanity. I'm in week 3 and hating every second of it..haha


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