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Friday, August 6, 2010

Last weekend Tony, Isaac and I drove down to a tiny city just outside of where I went to college to mingle with his 100 first cousins [guestimate] and celebrate his grandma's 90th birthday party. Just before we left for the 3 hour trip I had to change Isaac's diaper, so I unloaded all of the bags I'd strapped over my shoulders and went to work. After he was good to go in a clean butt, I loaded back up and waltzed out the door . . . without my camera bag! I was soooo heartbroken, you have no idea! Continuing on though, let me tell you, that Stella? She is an amazing woman. Not only did she properly raise 13 children, but she has also supported her 96 year old husband for the past decade after he suffered a stroke. The woman is completely sound in both mind and body and it is just a treat to visit with her.

August 048
Our family was one of the first to arrive at the community center and were anxiously waiting for more people to arrive. Soon enough one of our favorite cousins came with their daughter Sydney, who is just one more older than Isaac. It's so funny that we feel that we are close in age, when realistically only Laura and I are while Tony and Johan are almost 5 years apart [Tony being older]. We don't get to spend much time with them but have so much in common and always have a good time visiting. Laura was very sweet to ask how we were doing and was very supportive of our loss, since she's been by her sister's side during a miscarriage and when her sister loss one of her twins in utero.

There had been a facebook status by Laura regarding Sea Bands, so I was slightly prepared . . . but that being said I was not prepped for her to respond to my sister in law's questioning regarding their next child with a due date in March. Nothing would have helped the situation, it just sucked to hear. To know that we would have been pregnant together, just like before. Of course I offered my congratulations, because I couldn't be happier for them! Unfortunately I think in addition to my congratulations I said a few more candid things from my hurting heart that I shouldn't of, but I hope that I was more sensitive to what I was saying than they were. Honestly, someone had to be the first to share of a due date close to Josiah's and I'm glad it was them. They are a couple who I at least can congratulate whole-heartedly and love so very much!

Isaac has never had so many sweets as he did over the weekend! At one point, during the program [did I fail to mention the talent program?], while I was desperate to have Isaac quiet I literally took a glass of watered down ginger ale pineapple punch and filled his sippy cup.

He barely came up for air.
August 053

The rest of the weekend was so much fun! Tony and I drove around my old college town, stopping at HyVee to pick up their brand Southwestern chip dip. Ahhh, the memories. We drove past the campus and oooh'd and ahh'd at all of the improvements. We continued our drive past my old dorm building, soccer house and the apartment I spent my last two years of school living in. There were so many things that had changed, but just as many that had stayed the same. It was very soothing somehow.

Sunday morning we stopped at the little coffee shop and treated ourselves to some drinks!
August 083
Chai for me and the strongest coffee Tony or I have ever tasted!

Isaac thought this board game of Tic Tac Toe was cute, but didn't want to do anything with it other than stack the pieces.
August 084

Tony's shot of me that made me call and schedule a hair appointment ASAP.
August 087

Isaac was very intrigued by this sign and was disappointed he couldn't some how be left unattended. He tried unsuccessfully to be deemed unattended by running away from us before we finally had to pack up and ask for our drinks to go because of our wild son!
August 076

One last shot on the way out . . .
August 073

Isaac slept the whole 3 hour trip home, but Tony and I were so exhausted that we dropped him off at my Mom's to catch a quick nap! It was the best choice we ever made. :)


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness that sign absolutely cracked me up!

Jill said...

I'm with you on the hearing a pregnancy announcement and can't helping to say something because of a hurting heart. I'm learning and teaching myself to get over this or at least to always be in control of that reaction. I've written a post about this that is posting on Sunday. I've got a lot to say lately... gah!

Lauren said...

I love that sign!

Jeannie said...

That sign is hilarious! It looks like you had a fab weekend!

I hope this one treats you the same.

Melissa said...

I adore Isaac's hair. :) And yours too by the way... if yours warrants a trip to the hairdresser, you'd hate to see mine!

Taylor said...

Leah, I am so sorry to hear about your loss, but also very encouraged by your faith! Although, this is a confusing passage, I have an inspiring verse here on my desk that I want to share, it says "By your endurance, you will gain your souls" Luke 21:19. I have loved your blog for a long time, you're a wonderful example of wife, mother, and Christ-follower. Have you ever read ? She has some wonderful writings about her loss that I think might be redemptive for you. This is all to say I lament with you and I rejoice with you!

Bekah said...

haha I was giggling over a sign like that at the coffeeshop we stopped at on vacations. Needless to say Jack stayed in his stroller that time! Also...Im totally jealous of your ability to make a messy hair style look totally done-up. Mine just looks...well...really messy!

Meredith said...

What a great trip!

I agree with Bekah about your hair, and also, you seriously always have the cutest clothes!


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