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Monday, August 23, 2010

Can I have another, please? Oh dear God, please may I have another, because I surely did not have more than 6 hours to myself. It's all worth it, I know it is, but man alive.

Things are ramping up in the photography realm of my life. There's been a lot to be excited about. More sessions to challenge me, opportunities to network and choices to make about myself among many other things.

Friday night I had a 2 year old session with Max, a friend and old teammate from high school's son. Oh my goodness, there were so many differences between him and Isaac, it's crazy how fast they develop at this age! The session was literally over with in under 30 minutes. I was holding my breath if I shot anything decent, because the child did not sit still and why would he?! There was a whole park to explore! :)

Saturday I spent the whole day with my best friend and it's a good thing she is, because I'm not exaggerating at whole day! Gina and I drove down to Rochester bright and early and I did not return home until 12:06. You better believe that was exact. Oh did I want my bed! We really did have fun though and it was a fantastic wedding, it just made for a really long day without my boys.

Sunday I got to do my first boudoir session with my October bride! She totally rocked it out and I'm thinking that she's going to surprise the heck out of her husband. I rented the studio that I previously have used for my spring mini sessions and it worked great for our purposes!

Today now I just wrapped up the final consult before my Saturday wedding and I could not be more excited for the couple! They are super sweet and are totally trusting of me, whether they should be or not. She originally booked me to just do their engagement session, as her cousin's wife was going to do the day-of photography. Shockingly at the end of their session Robin asked me to draft a contract because they wanted me to shoot their wedding! Today she filled me in on a ton of the details they've been working on, like: homemade graham crackers and marshmallow favors, a bonfire, "etch a sketch" cups and a wine barrel beverage station!

Super duper excited, excited enough that I forgot about how tired I was just typing the beginning of this post. God has certainly blessed this endeavor!


d.a.r. said...

Please can I move to Minneapolis so that you can document my family in photos???? You are amazing and so talented. I am crossing my fingers and praying that your photography takes off and you have to start turning clients away because you are so busy!

Sky said...

Hey Leah, just wanted to let you know that your photography site either loads photos SUPER slow, or not at all. No bueno.

Erin said...

Wow, this is so amazing, I'm happy this is all working out so well for you, even if it does pretty much guarantee your weekends are exhausting!

Bekah said...

Sweet!! And for what its worth, I saw the above comment, your photography site loaded in about a second for me (and looks great BTW)

Julie S. said...

That is so fantastic!

PS I added your photo blog to my photo blog :)

Kier said...


Randine said...

How awesome that youre getting so busy!!! We are all lucky to have you as our photographer :)

DianeTaylor said...

This post made me smile - and I so wish I loved closer to you. I really want a photo session with me and my boy Indy Bones :(:( But it sounds like you are booked solid, my dear. When God closes a door, he opens a window somewhere else. But I can imagine how much you miss your boys - makes you treasure your time with them all the more!

Anonymous said...

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