Isaac | 16 Months

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The answer to this post is: dipping buttered toast in ketchup!

That's right, just like his Mama my boy loves ketchup. I used to make my Stepdad cringe by asking for ketchup with my steak, among other things! I will for sure eat ketchup on my eggs, potatoes, and meat, although some of my sketchier pairings have disappeared as my tastebuds expanded.

Ahh, the delicacy that is ketchup.
My Stepdad used to joke that I would put ketchup on ketchup if I could.

Isaac, you're such a big boy now. I totally understand my Mom's pain in looking back on our baby pictures. It happens too fast. I want nothing more than for you to continue growing and gaining strength, both physically and mentally. I just wish it didn't tear a hole in my heart to see.

Your smile is still our world. I hope you never ration it from us.

You're so mischievous and inquisitive, just like your Daddy! I have a feeling you're going to hate hearing that.

You're a million times better in every way than we ever imagined. Ever.

We pray that we can give you the life that you deserve, but ultimately our prayer is that we can raise you to know the Lord. That you will see Him in us. Your joy radiates from Him.

Currently you love to climb anything. Including this ladder, the couch and your high chair when we weren't looking [oh yes, you were pleased as punch that you made it up, but wanted food!].

You've been mimicking all of our words lately, including "Dang it" and "turtle." Super glad that we don't swear or use much more choice words than dang it and frick/freaking, because I'm sure my ears would be burning by now! You delight us every day by picking up something new. It's crazy how fast you're learning.

We love you so much bub.


Jeannie said...

Love the photos! He is adorable as always :-)

Julie S. said...

So cute! I can't get over the curls.

Molly said...

*tears* They just keep growing up and changing no matter how much we wish they would need us the same amount.

I love his curly hair. So cute.

Leah said...

Oh my goodness! This brought tears to my eyes. He is absolutely precious and that curly hair is just amazing. I just love him to pieces!

Leslie G said...

This seems to be such a fast stage, huh? So many new things!
Totally agree about the word choices- Cam often repeats the word "crap" when we do- so it's good we don't cuss! LOL!

Faith said...

I just love the pure bliss look on his face while he munches on that toast. Adorable!

Megan said...

What a blend of you and your husband in your little boy. So precious!


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