Forward Progress

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So . . . this past Saturday marked one month since the beginning of our loss. It lasted roughly 5 days and then life was peachy keen. Except, it wasn't. Unlike the dreaded 2 week wait, the past month has been ripe with uncertainty. Being absolutely stuck in an unknown place without any guidance.

Some days I am upset about the months lost and not solely our child. It doesn't make sense to me why our unexpected February child was taken from us, when in reality, for my budding photography business the timing couldn't have been more ideal. I would have been able to recover and look forward to a busy summer of bookings and now . . . now, thinking about trying for our next child seems like plotting a path through a minefield of wedding dates.

In the back of my mind though, I return to my purpose behind naming my photography business as I did. Leah Maria Photography. Light, sing-songy and kid friendly. I wasn't going to do weddings, so no need for a reflective name. All of that responsibility? No thanks. But the opportunity to be so involved in such an important day and craft beautiful photos lured me in. I'm wondering if this isn't the anchor dropping into portraits and lifestyle sessions? It's something to consider.

All that being said, I think at least one small aspect of the unknown has been revealed. It may be a little early but I think the long awaited cycle has returned after 34 days. For once, I'm actually happy to have it. Finally, some progress.


abby said...

I'm happy you're experiencing some progress! Even if it is in the form of AF...

Meredith said...

It's such a blessing that weddings have opened up for you now, when the extra $ helps provide for your family--but you're not tied to them forever. AND, you're building a great client base in the meantime that may well be coming to you for newborn shots and whatnot in the next few years.

I say keep doing what you're doing, and cross the other bridges when you come to them.


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