Awesome Sauce!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I can think of exactly two times that I have won something by random. The first being sometime before 10 years of age and the details are fuzzy. If I remember right I submit a color sheet for a coloring contest hosted by Cub Foods. At the time I'm certain I thought it was for my skill, but I'm pretty sure that there were other factors at work. The anticipation for my prize was definitely more impacting than the prize itself. I can't remember what it was . . . but I was disappointed.

The second instance happened just a few years ago while I worked at Target Corp. I said I was interested in the Target Suite tickets that came available and I won! I couldn't believe it. In fact, I kind of still can't. It was the most amazing sporting event that I've attended. I could totally do it again.

Then bam-bam on Monday. I won not once, but twice via the internet. My first giveaway winnings! The first being tickets to the MN State Fair [only days away and you better believe I have my list of must have food all ready written!] and the second being personal stationary from Birdy Blue Design via the Love, Milk and Honey blog! Rachel of Birdy Blue is a fantastic designer, who just wrapped up a California trip and designing a friend from high school's photography business identity. Check these lovelies out. [Don't mind my late night snap]
BirdyBlue 023
I whole heartedly recommend that you check out her Etsy shop in addition to her design blog.

Thanks again Rachel!


d.a.r. said...

Oh my gosh. Fair food. I am so jealous!! Of course, I would be. But everything is better deep friend and served on a stick.

Randi said...

ohhh i love winning stuff. !

i cant wait for the fair... cheese curds!

Leslie G said...

I can't wait for our fair (even though it isn't until late Sept)! I had to laugh at your title, though. While I've never used the word "awesome sauce", I've been known to use the words "weak sauce" or "lame sauce" from time to time! I've never really heard anyone add "sauce" to the end of something like I did, until now! =)


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