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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tony and packed Isaac up to my in-laws for the evening last Thursday, so that we could dine in peace at Azia. Levi had given me a gift card for Christmas and with the news that Azia would soon be closing, we felt that our anniversary was just as good a time as any to use it!

We started out with some edamame, which apparently Tony had never eaten before!
August 153
There were all sorts of questions from him, like do I eat the shell? Why don't they call them soybeans? Are they good?

Despite this face, he really liked them though.
August 155

He uh, didn't appreciate my use of the camera after the above picture though. A swig of beer helped him get over it.
August 156August 160

Next up, we tried the cranberry wontons. I'd had them before and knew they were good, but again Tony was skeptical.
August 174

Clearly, he was won over.
August 179August 180

We then opened our cards and I was apparently a bad wife who did not get Tony a present.
August 175

Tony planned a weekend to coordinate with my alumni game so that we can go on a trail ride in Fairfax and then eat at a super fancy restaurant in my old college town!
August 186August 187
*Unfortunately he didn't see a Friday wedding on the schedule and we may need to reschedule. :(

We had some great conversations, some sad topics and all around reflection while at dinner.
August 206
*Not staged which is why I love it so very much.

No idea what in the world we're discussing here!
August 205

It's amazing to me how much we've changed and yet how much our love remains. As I wrote on Tony's facebook anniversary post [lol, why is that even important?] "Every year brings another adventure. :) Love holding your hand through it all, even when I don't let you hold my hand.
August 191

All in all, a fantastic evening spent with my love. To top it off, when we picked up Isaac he did his happy toddler dance which just makes us feel like the coolest people ever! :)


Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like it was a lovely evening!

Ginger said...

aww yay looks like y'all had a great anniversary celebration.

Molly said...

Awwww, you guys are too cute. I love the play-by-play of the dinner. Might have to do that for our upcoming anniversary plans ;)

Bekah said...

cute post! I forgot to take one single picture of Matt and I on our anniversary. It wasnt actually a very good anniversary due to some outside influences, so Im thinking of a do-over...haha is that even allowed?

abby said...

Yum! I've been wanting to try his other restaurant in St. Louis Park. Glad you two were able to go on a date!

Lauren said...

What a fabulous evening! Glad you were able to celebrate your anniversary with a fabulous meal!

In With the Light said...

Happy Anniversary!


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