Much Needed!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Following up on my Friday post, this weekend was remarkably needed. There was good food, running, a little sleeping in, a lot of cuddling, giggles and full out laughter. A lot of family and some friends who feel like family.

I'm sure I can't complain, but the weather here has been terribly muggy lately! Although we've barely broken 90's, the dewpoints have just been terrible. Saturday morning, I continued my 5:30am run! I ran 4 days in row, starting with this post, including Saturday and have now continued it this morning to 5 out of 7 days! I'm so glad that I didn't try to sleep in either, because it was already 75* at 5:30 am. If I'd waited until 8:00 or 9:00 I wouldn't have even considered it!

I got to see Abby later on Saturday and we ate at 3 Squares in Maple Grove. It was my first time there and it was so freaking good! The best part is that Abby and I like similar food and she was all for splitting the two dishes I couldn't decide between. So we had the Turkey Burger [this is no ordinary turkey burger, it's description: fresh ground turkey, peanuts, jalapenos, onion, garlic and curry seasonings blended together and topped with pepper jack cheese, poblano peanut pesto aioli and iceberg lettuce] and the Spinach Salad [again, not the typical salad: Spinach, apple, cucumber, Reggiano, pecans and cider vinaigrette with crème coriander, brie & strawberry with grilled ciabatta]. Such great choices!

We then went to go to the new park near the restaurant to take some updated pictures of Brynna. And. I. Forgot. My. SD. Card. I was so upset! So unfortunately, even though Brynna was the picture of cuteness, we have to reschedule. Tear.

After that I went home to prepare my shared dishes for the 4th. I made the Roasted Shrimp Orzo salad and my Herbed Cheese Spread, failing for the 100th time to photograph either. In the middle of their prep we were invited over to my in-laws for dinner, so that rounded out our Saturday!

Isaac made my mother in law laugh to no end with his incessant "Where'd it go?" As pictured here:
It never gets old though. He's just too cute! Love, love, love his curls.

Sunday, we slept in a little bit before heading to church. We're doing a new series now about Dangerous Anthems. Christian truths that when taken too far are no longer true! It is going to be great! The first was In God We Trust. I can't wait for the others. Next week is Sin is Sin.

We stopped home quick after church and then were on the way to our first of two parties! The Fourth of July has been my hands down most favorite holiday for many years in large part due to the fact that it is spent with friends and not family. I know that it is not always true, but my friend's do not equate with drama. We have spent the last several years at the house of high schools friend's parents' house with several other families and friends. Instead of a BBQ, we have spaghetti and the time is leisurely spent eating, playing in the pool or playing yard games. Then about 9:00 we head to my friend Steve's parents house to trek through neighborhoods and parks to reach the fireworks through the back way. This allows us to enjoy a great walk and avoid the terrible traffic afterward! This day is pure amazingness from start to finish.

Well, this year, as I mentioned we went to two parties, as my Dad has decided to host an annual party as well. I was honestly skeptical at first, because as I mentioned I love the tradition of events of our "normal" day, but we had a great time at my Dad's! Friends and family were there and Isaac was in the first of two pools for the day!

He's getting to be such a big boy now! His shirt says Red, White & Vrooom. I thought it was adorable!

I mean seriously. Love him.

We got a good family picture thanks to my brother!

Oh and remember the little bet that Tony had going with my brother? Still going strong. Only 6 more days, only 6 more days! I've been calling him Grizzly Adams, but I guess Paul Bunyan is the name of choice!

With how long his hair is I've also taken to calling him by his given name Anthony. Especially when it's slicked back like this!

Meet the Farmers Tan Mafia. Never heard of them? Gee, that's odd, I wonder why? I just think this picture is hilarious!

My cousin and his family was in town from Wisconsin. We're so happy to hear that they're planning on movie to Minnesota. This is their oldest Tyson!

At 4:00 we left my Dad's to go to our friend's house and Isaac was promptly in the pool again! I've never seen him so excited for so long, as he was getting in the pool with Aaron!
He's played with noodles before, but this time? Oh man, he was practically trying to swim away!

He was just having so much fun that Tony joined him again, with a little prodding by myself! The pool was full of dad's with their sons and there was Isaac with Aaron lol.

He is just pleased as punch to be in the pool, but you can tell by his coloring he was getting a little cold.

It seems like in this picture like he's saying, "Mom? Mom? Who is this crazy bearded guy?"

And then there was a little bit of tossing sons in the air:

Thankfully they weren't competing!

It was really important to Tony that Isaac go to the fireworks last year, when he was only 2 months old, so that he can have the chance to say he's gone to fireworks every year of his life. I don't know why this is a big deal . . . but it is to Tony, so of course we went this year!

Isaac was a little undecided and needed some comfort at first:

But before long . . . he was loving it. Well not emphatically loving it, but chilled out enjoying the show loving it:

It just doesn't get any sweeter than this for me:

Monday was a great wrap-up to the weekend! We spent a very relaxing rainy day at home before heading out to quick congratulate some friend's on their weekend wedding on the way to Gina's birthday party. Oh my goodness, her food was so good! She was generous enough to send us along with friend skewers which were eaten this morning and for lunch! It was all super fresh and yummy. I hope that she had as great a time at her birthday party as we did! The girl even had fresh fruit garnishes for her champagne. So cute!


Jenifer said...

You seriously just made me laugh out loud with that :Farmers tan mafia" photo. Priceless. And Isaac's curls are so sweet. My little guy had the same curls when he was little.

Johanna said...

All of those pictures are so great! Looking at them makes me a little sad that we didn't go to fireworks. Where did you watch them.

Bethany said...

Ok. I almost spit my pop out from laughing at your pictures. My favorite? Isaac being thrown up high in the pool. His expression is priceless.

Melissa said...

That curly hair is VERY cute! I hope my little one has curly hair :)

AmberDenae said...

So fun! You seriously have one of the cutest kids I've ever seen! He's absolutely adorable, Leah!

Julie S. said...

The picture of Isaac being thrown in the pool is awesome. He will love that picture one day!

Joi said...

Leah, your photos are awesome! What lens are you using for these? Do share, please. : )

LC said...

Your son is so adorable. I can't get over his face being thrown in the air in the pool. SO CUTE!

Jeannie said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your long weekend. You so needed it and deserved it.

The last photo of Isaac is plain adorable! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, where do I even start?? That serious picture of Tony? What a great picture of him! The farmer's tan mafia? Hilarious. And Isaac being thrown by his daddy? Pure joy. What a great weekend!

Unknown said...

So cute!! I've been lurking lately, but have started blogging again. I loved your post the other day about blogging...yours is ALWAYS one of the blogs I read, even when I don't comment (for months!) HA! --The Former Mrs. Cup :)

Unknown said...

Ooops...I thought I was on my new account. :) My new blog is

Meredith said...

I love the farmer's tan shot! Justin looks exactly the same :)

I'm glad that you guys had such a fun-filled and relaxing weekend!

L.C.T. said...

Firstly, I'm inspired by the continued running. Secondly. I LOVE these photos. Which camera do you use? They're great quality!

abby said...

What a wonderful weekend! And not just because you had lunch with me :) Your photos are fabulous - the perfect picture of summer!

Sarah said...

oh my gosh, that picture of Isaac being thrown in the pool just kills me - I love it

ThoughtsON said...

Isaac's face when he's thrown in the air is Priceless!!! Love it!


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