Ishy Mustache

Friday, July 23, 2010

I totally forgot that I took these! To me, they are both gems, but I especially love when Isaac's eyes get wide in the first one! Too funny!

Please note, the scratches on Tony's arm are from the cat's middle of the night assault. Not me. :)

Don't worry, I also think it's gross that Tony grabbed Isaac's hand and virtually pet his mustache.

I just can't remain sad. It doesn't fit me. Today is the last day that I'm allowing emotional eating. I have big plans and this evening I will be eating an Archer Farm's Sicilian thin crust pizza while watching Return to Me [runners up: Ever After, Happy Gilmore, The Count of Monte Cristo] editing family reunion pictures with both of my boys. It sounds very idealistic minus the loss of Josiah, I hope that it comes to fruition.


The Slacker Mom said...

Probably 90% of our videos have the words "is this going on the blog?" or "watch what you say this is on video" in them. I can't believe how light his hair is- it seems so much darker in pics.

Jenifer said...

Isaac is so beautiful Leah. I love his curls. My little guy had the same until the first haircut. Some days I wish he still had them.

Unknown said...

Leah - Isaac is simply adorable! Your family has me looking forward to many fun things :)

Alicea said...

I love the movie Return to Me, one of my favorites! Hope you feel better soon...give it time.


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