Ducks in a Row

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My old friend, turned neighbor, turned newlywed was awesome enough to give Tony and me Insanity. I've been very intrigued by it for awhile now, as we just don't have the weight set or door frame necessary for P90X. I've been doing pretty well with running consistently, but took a break while my body was preoccupied with other hard tasks. I've been a little anxious about running due to the fact that the sunrise is all ready starting to get later and I need a specific amount of time to be able to run before I need to get ready for work. This is why Insanity is actually perfect.

I may not love getting older, but for sure one of the nicest aspects is that I understand myself better. What I have a great understanding of right now is that without the baby, I need to be able to focus on something else. Reason #2 I'm loving on Insanity so bad right now. It's also just 60 days, although obviously people continue to cycle through and we're hopeful that at the end of this 60 days we'll be apprehensively pregnant again.

We know that there is no replacing Josiah. It isn't a matter of replacing, but is a matter of wanting our children to grow up with siblings with whom there are just enough similarities and differences. Both Tony and I grew up with siblings almost exactly 2 years apart and think that it was great spacing. Obviously our plans for our family may not coincide with God's and we're accepting of that, but want to move forward, hopefully in accordance with His will, in expanding our family.

Our eyes were opened to many things throughout this trial. The first being communication. Tony and I don't always have open airwaves. About every 6 months to a year Tony and I have to sit down and discuss the fact that I'm no longer really talking to Tony. I will talk at him, about him, about our friends, but I stop sharing what I'm feeling. Of course this also means I by no means even ask Tony what he's thinking! We were right there again, but we are really lucky to have a relationship that we clung together through this trial. I didn't want other sources of support, I only wanted Tony's. The best part was, he brought it, day after day. I was overcome by tears driving on Saturday as I thought of all the sweet gestures, comments and even housework that Tony has showered on me in the past week. We're definitely stronger for this.

We were not necessarily trying for Josiah, while we were neither avoiding either. He was just a bit of a surprise, although I knew about a week before testing. For the duration of one day my sense of taste was completely skewed. Everything tasted so weird! I vaguely remembered the same happening with Isaac. Tony and I know that we don't have the perfect house, vehicle or income, but our thought was that we've always figured it out, with God's blessing. As it turned out though, this just wasn't the right time.

There are still things happening with the landscaping business, but so many unanswered questions. Due the months of low income Tony and I have accumulated a credit card and line of credit debt [not home equity, but overdraft protection]. We were aimlessly paying $50 over minimum on both and not making any headway. We've made a major course correct, as we realized how unprepared we were for an additional head in our household. We did a balance transfer on our credit card to a previous $0 balance card that offered 0% on balance transfers. This month we will also be paying off 1 of Tony's 3 student loans. Now that we've cleared up the credit card payment and will pay off the student loan payment, we're going to get rocking and rolling on the line of credit. After which we will tackle the credit card balance and finally saving for a 2nd vehicle. The 2nd vehicle will be less than $3,000 and will be bought in cash a la Dave Ramsey. Tony's got a small crush going on right now.

Another thing that we've experienced fully due to our situation, how awesome our friends and family are. Between the in person conversations, phone calls, text messages, facebook messages and offers of food, we have been so richly supported. Of course the food part was my favorite. :) Nothing says comfort like a full stomach.

So our ducks are being lined up in a pretty row, from my fitness, our communication, family planning, faith, finances and appreciating support. Good work is happening in our lives.


Lauren said...

Sounds like God is doing what he does best...lining up his ducks to get them on the right path! So glad that God is blessing you in such a rough patch of life!

Erica said...

Dave Ramsey is awesome. His "debt snowball" is so simple, yet so genius at the same time.

Glad to hear that Tony has been so sweet throughout all of this. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband.

L.C.T. said...

I love how God manages to bring great stuff out of trials!

The Conway's said...

I'm so glad that God's work is being seen! You definitely have some exciting things going on right on. Sorry to hear about Josiah but happy to hear you are working through the tough times with your hubby and getting closer in your relationship with him.

Julie S. said...

Big life moments tend to show Brandon and I where we need some improvement in our relationship or to just stop and breathe. I am glad that you and Tony are working together to get on God's path :) His timing is perfect (even though sometimes we don't want to believe it!)

Julia Goolia said...

~I love Dave Ramsey

~You are still impressing me with your level-headedness. Hang in there, girl!

~I definitely believe 'all things happen for a reason' and you have to be right when you say that God has a pan for you and a new baby, even if it's not right this instant.

I'm glad things are going well!

Meredith said...

Oh boy, do I know the "minimum payment" situation well. It sucks, and I'm glad you're out of it!

I want to hear more about Insanity!

Leah said...

I have just been catching up on your blog and I am so, so, sorry to hear about what you are going through. I have been praying for your family and will continue to do so. You are such a strong woman of faith and I admire your dedication to God and trust in His timing, even though I know it must be so hard.

We are working our Dave Ramsey plan too so I am certainly wishing you well with that!


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