Family Reunion and Betrothed

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's my Friday! I always hate when people have that on their facebook, so I'm trying to not rub it in. It's a beautiful thing though! We're going to be heading up to Alexandria this weekend for my Stepmom's family reunion. It's always a good time, but we're really excited about this year because we will actually be taking time off and staying at a hotel [yay for priceline!]! There will be bean bag tournaments, fishing competitions and a lot of good food! Tony and I are so excited for our little vacation.

Although I love my Barefoot Contessa recipe, it isn't exactly the cheapest salad to make. I'm branching out this time and will be making Baby Red Potato Salad, Lighter Buffalo Chicken Dip and Cilantro Jalepeno Hummus. I want to make sure I have some healthier options, as I've been really kicking butt with running lately. I even did sprints in my back yard as my workout yesterday! In college we did 120's, a standard of 10, which consisted of sprinting the length of a 120 yard soccer field [which is both longer and wider than a football field, if you didn't know] in less than 20 seconds. You then had 40 seconds to jog back to the start where you could then rest for 20 minutes before sprinting again. Our yard is quite large, but not 120 yards! Regardless, I'd say I did 80's or 90's? I would sprint down, jog back and rest for 20's but didn't have a stop watch. Even though I wasn't strict with the time, I got quite the workout in! I'm so sore today! I love it!

Tuesday night Tony and I had dinner with Mike and Abby and took the opportunity to take some sweet shots of their little Ms. Brynna. She is definitely a wanted woman, with several boyfriends, but I will still contend that Isaac was one of the first to meet her:
Abby 034

Anywhoo, we knew he'd have competition, but have always called Brynna and Isaac boyfriend girlfriend. I mean, can you blame me for wanting this sweet girl as my future daughter in law? With those big blue eyes? She's a knockout!
Brynna 105

Little did we know that Brynna was already smitten with Isaac, just check it out. She was all ready putting the moves on Isaac!
Brynna 046

Is this picture sweet or what? As Abby said, "The ones of the two babes will look great in their wedding slideshow :)" I couldn't agree more.
Brynna 044

We had a fabulous summer meal of corn on the cob, broccoli slaw, fresh berries and bratwurst. It honestly doesn't get any better than that when enjoyed with friends! It can be a little bit of a hassle getting together on week nights, but it is so fun to break up the week and do something different than just lounge at home!

The best part was that as we were leaving, I asked Isaac to give Brynna a kiss. And he did! He's never kissed anyone other than family so it was super sweet. Brynna is such a forward girl though and she even turned her head and kissed him right back. Those two, they've all ready got a history!


Erin said...

My head just exploded from the cuteness!!!! I love it. Or it may have exploded because I really just need to get out of here. I'm working from home a 1/2 day tomorrow so it's pretty much my Friday too!

Julie S. said...

So stinking cute!! Love love love those two together, adorable. Have a great weekend!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Ahhh those two are so presh! I love her putting the moves on him!

Funny related story... When I was a baby my parents and two of their friends would say I was gonna marry their son, Colin who was 2 yrs older than me. Well when I was teenager I was told about this and somehow got a huge crush on Colin. Sadly Colin wanted nothing to do with me. Sad! Needless to say, it didn't end up working out! But that's for the better. :)

Meredith said...

How adorable!

Lizzy is also betrothed, though she hasn't met her future husband yet!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

haha, those are so stinkin' cute! You got some great shots!

abby said...

I LOVE the pictures!! And I love how well our little ones get along :) Now I just have to teach Brynna that it's not ok to grab Isaac's bum when he's not looking. I think we've got some trouble ahead...

Anonymous said...

What pretty eyes that little gal has! Little ones playing together are SUPER cute!

L.C.T. said...

So adorable!

Di said...

OMG! They are so adorable!


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