14 Months

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Isaac is now 14 months. Which means he's not close enough to 18 months to say 1 1/2 years, but he's also just far enough from 1 year to no longer feel comfortable saying that either. I must resort to the dreaded months and be that parent. Because those two months are a world of difference!

Isaac's favorites:
"Where'd it go?" - He says this with hands splayed out on either side and it remarkably somehow sounds like "Popsicle."

"What's that?" - Usually said while pointing at a light or fan, but now includes most any object.

Doggie - Refers to any animal, including kitty cats. As long as he doesn't say titty tat like his Mom, I'll take Doggie anyday.

Woof-woof - Again, refers to the sound of any animal, although we're working on meow. Interchangeable with "Bow wow."



Vroom vroom - Refers to cars, trucks, "going" or home.

Numm Numm - What we have called food from day one. Can be said when asking for food or in response to food.

I'm sure that there are more, but that we haven't identified them as repeated words quite yet.

Isaac still loves his hockey stick, but has broadened to baseball bats and golf clubs. His new favorite thing to do with sticks is to make a "swishing" noise when swinging them, seriously, almost like a light saber! Too funny.

He gets no greater enjoyment than from throwing balls. Any size, any color, doesn't matter, he just wants to pick it up and throw it! The look on his face and squeal say everything!

Isaac loves eating with a bowl, spoon or fork and it's just the cutest thing watching him. Amazingly he doesn't seem to get frustrated!

Isaac loves to figure things out and could spend hours trying to snap a buckle. Here he is trying to put the pinecone back on the tree:

I know I'm biased, but goodness sakes, he's such a cutie!

He um, still loves dirt too. Based on his Dad, I think it will be a lifelong affair:

I think he might be leading the way towards a green cell phone. It's the future!

Hi buddy! I love you!

You are amazing Mr. Man.


Anonymous said...

In that last photo he looks so much like Tony!! What a sweet little man you've got. :)

Erin said...

I love the photo of him with the pinecone - he's so adorable!

Write to Simplicity said...

The picture of him with the pinecone to his ear cracks me up!! Love it!! I love the blonde curls too :)

Alicia said...

Wow, I'm pretty sure his curls, neck rolls, and facial expressions ard the top 3 cutest things ever. Seriously. That is one beautiful little boy! =)

Julie S. said...

Cutest little head of curly hair!

Anonymous said...

I soo get what you are saying about the "months" thing. You don't want to be that parent but 14 months really is different than just a year!

My little guy has that blue malibu shirt, too, adorable.

AJ said...

Super cute, as always. I love the dirt on his arm in the last one :) And I love that he's trying to put the pinecone back on the tree.

Julia Goolia said...

he is the cutest 14 month old ever! I am obsessed with his curls. And he talks, too?!? I cannot wait for that stage!

What a gorgeous little boy you have, mama.

Randine said...

oh he is adorable. Makes me excited to have a boy :)

Erin said...

He's soooo adorable, Leah.

This is totally weird, I'm sure, especially since I've never met you, but once in awhile I'll look at Henry and think "he looks a bit like Isaac." And I just felt like I saw Henry in these new pics. Our boys have being ADORABLE in common, that's for sure. ;) I think Henry will have the curls like that, too - they're already starting a little bit!

Katie said...

He's adorable! Love the curls!


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