Thirteen Months

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've almost been back at work for a full year since maternity leave with Isaac. One would think that I've got a good handle on this working full time mothering gig and yet, somedays my heart is just overwhelmed with missing my son.

I miss the sweaty fragile tendrils of his hair and how they impossibly curl. I miss how he smells like a little boy now, like sunshine - dirt - grass all combined in energy. Mostly though, I miss how now flings himself at Tony or I when he wants a hug. His pudgy arms circle around our necks and he grasps the back of our necks strongly sometimes for just a second, others lingering longer before he demands "DOHWn!" He also rations kisses, which he administers by opening his lips just a bit. It's truly the most precious thing ever.

My little toddling man is just into everything . . . except his crib. Lately our newest skills have been identifying toes, shoes, socks and pointing somewhere on his face when asked where a feature is (sometimes correctly, sometimes not). He's also been working on his Mama's, since he's had his Dada's down for a few weeks now. Waving "buhbye" and signing "more" have also been language staples for awhile. Just a blink of an eye ladies . . .

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Oh I just miss him.


Rose said...

Leah, I love your photos of little Isaac! I feel like they just capture his smooth baby skin so perfectly!

I am not ready for my little boy to start growing up either! :o(

AmberDenae said...

He is just too precious!

Julia Goolia said...

no wonder you miss that adorable face! I have heard it gets harder and harder to go to work as time goes on. Not looking forward to that!

fallgirly said...

i feel ya girl. so i was wondering if you're still nursing? i had my first trip away (forced to do by work) and came home with an awful sinus infection. she was doing so well without me, i took it as a sign to stop now. i was so attached and now HORMONAL. it's bad. i was wondering if you experienced this or am i alone?

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

He is so adorable


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