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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday was just one of those days and based on my facebook feed, I don't think I was alone. Jeez louise. I think that work just blew up in my face. Five weeks in and it seems like every mistake I could make I did. Thankfully I'm learning from every situation, but yesterday was just gross.

Couple the day with my intense desire to be with my family, note yesterday's 13 Month post and add in a dose of "Oh my gosh, all of my pictures of Isaac are old!" and you've got yourself a recipe for emotional disaster.

So, as soon as I got home with Isaac we played outside, right up until Tony finally came home at 7:00. And I took pictures. A lot of them. Because if I'm going to be stuck inside a stuffy building away from my family, the very least I can do is gaze upon pictures of better times!

We played with Allie for a bit and Isaac didn't quite understand Allie's infatuation with the mini Kong.

And then a plane flew overhead which was really exciting!

Isaac checked out the big boys across the street and seemed really interested in their game of catch.

And then, he found a mole hole which equated into dirt. I swear he is the happiest dirtiest little man.

So excited for the dirt!



Thank you for your concern regarding my knee! After my clinic visit I haven't yet scheduled an MRI. I haven't looked into the costs yet and thankfully my knee has been getting better . . . or it was until I was carrying a couch up and down a hillside for the photoshoot on Monday. Oops. Apparently I'm a bit of a hypochondriac with my self diagnosis, but what I don't understand is that everything felt the same! In any case, I'd rather be wrong than need surgery again, so it's all good!

We haven't decided on our plans for tomorrow, yikes. I just realized that's tomorrow, tomorrow, not in a few days Friday. I have to get on that!

In photography news, I've fallen for a new guy and his name is Mark, Mark ii. I've been borrowing a 40D for the past several weeks and had grown accustomed to the updated body and especially liked the versatility of having two bodies so that a lens change was unnecessary. I'm no longer able to borrow the 40D, but needed an additional body for my wedding this past weekend so I rented the 5d Mark ii. It was amazing. Unfortunately now though, it's really difficult to go back to my Rebel . . . so, I'm trying to weigh my options and figure out how much I have saved vs will accumulate before my next primary wedding! The Mark ii just might happen sometime this summer! Check out the sneak peak pictures from the wedding!





Patience said...

Your little guy is such a happy baby and I love his hair, too cute! Great wedding photos. I hope your knee feels better soon. No more lifting couches and such.

kari said...

Beautiful pics as always! :) Hoping your knee feels better soon and that you and Tony enjoy your night out.

Jeannie said...

Isaac is such a beautiful boy! I think his love for dirt is only begining :-) I hope he likes baths!

Carrie said...

I really want to get a rebel, if you want to sell it I might be interested!

Julie S. said...

Issac is such a handsome little man!

Johanna said...

You can get a great, used classic 5d for less than $1k, which might be a good next step. (Or even a new one, for that matter. I haven't checked lately!) There is already talk of the mark iii, so the ii will probably come down in price soon too.

Anonymous said...

Love his plumbers crack and love his love for dirt!!

Melissa said...

I loved playing in the dirt when I was little! I had a sandbox I played in everyday too- good times :) PS- I friended you on facebook in case you were wondering who the strange Melissa was that did so.

AJ said...

A Rebel possibly for sale? Hmmm...

Love the pictures. It's time for a little man date.

Faith said...

Lovin' the plumbers crack! Too cute!

Lauren said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! You are so talented!

Bree said...

Love the pics!

Our neighbor boy (who I think is about the same age as Issac) points at every plane! And there are a lot that pass over our place. It makes me smile :)

Katie said...

I haven't been on blogger for a bit and oh my goodness Isaac has grown!! He's such a little man and I love his hair!


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