Pipe Dream

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We received some very discouraging information after conferring with our lawyer. There are still a lot of options, but none look especially appealing right now. It's just such a frustrating situation and hind sight is 20/20, especially from where I'm sitting on my high horse. I feel as though almost every distasteful situation surrounding this bad deal could have been avoided . . . but it'd dragged on for so long that I no longer asked that Tony keep me updated. I know that this is a bad combo and my attitude clearly reflects that.

Just pray for us to keep our lines of communication clear, because we've taken a few hard hits. Somedays they really weigh us down and other days we seem to live in denial. I want off of this teeter totter, but only if I end up some where in the middle.


Meredith said...

Ugh. What a crappy situation.

abby said...

:( You've got my prayers. I understand it's frustrating, especially when you feel like you weren't adequately informed and could have possibly prevented some of the damage. Praying that the most appealing option works out!

Randi said...

praying for you Leah!


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