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Monday, June 14, 2010

We were able to go ahead with our previously scheduled bonfire Friday night! It never once rained, even though the clouds looked heavy with promise. I made a few dips and some BBQ meatballs, but didn't get overly fancy.

Tony got Isaac this chair last year at Gander Mountain and Isaac is just now beginning to love it.

After playing with the little man . . .

Gina grabbed the camera from me so that I could be in a few pictures. I declined and instead ran circles around Isaac to get him to laugh.

He was slightly amused by his crazy Mom.

Perfect summer evening.

Isaac had a blast with Gina's iphone and marshmallows. [FYI: well aware of the choking hazard, but my Mom still felt the need to point out that the Heimlich fails to help when little kids are choking on marshmallows. I had broken off a few small pieces prior to the below picture.]

I could just eat him up.

We had a great evening with a few friends and I was the last one up! Let me tell you, this never happens. Gina rocked Isaac to sleep before she left and we successfully laid him down for a few hours. When he started crying Tony went into the house to try to get him back down. Fast forward 30 minutes without any change on the baby monitor and I came into the house to find Isaac fast asleep with Tony on the couch! I tried to wake Tony twice and failed to transition Isaac to the crib, so I finally let them lie.

Before the end of the evening there was even a little bit of fire jumping.

Aaron and Levi manned the fire and with Nancy's help the place was cleaned up by about 12:30.



Julie S. said...

That looks like a GREAT time! Isaac is SO cute.

Jeannie said...

It looks like a great night! I'm so glad the weather held out for you. Isaac is such a beautiful boy..I gotta tell you, I love his hair!

Meredith said...

What a fun night! I want to have a bonfire!

Kier said...

So maybe you will have another bonfire next weekend?? (Not this upcoming weekend - next weekend.) If you do, I might make the long trek just for that! :)

ThoughtsON said...

I must say Isaac is seriously the CUTEST kid that I've ever seen and don't actually know in person. There is just something about the expression-filled face and 'hockey hair' that is just irresistible! Adorable!


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