Tuesday, June 22, 2010

- Tony's birthday was a success, with pictures to come!

- Friday night was the best e-session I've ever shot! Check out the teaser post here.

- Saturday was an interesting wedding with Gina, where not only were my Dad and Stepmom guests, but I knew at least 10 people.

- Sadly, Tony and I are adjusting to his new work schedule. I think that eating dinner between 7:30-8:00 is not helping my metabolism right now though and we may not be able to eat together in the near future.

- Father's day was pretty low key. We splurged on Caribou before church and went with my brother to my Dad's following church. We then spent some time with my in-laws at Tony's softball game. He hit another home-run! He's up to like 7 this year and had never hit one in this league in all of our years together! Crazy!

- My Mom is planning a wine tour at 4 northern suburb wineries in Minnesota in July. Oh yes, they exist and we're going to travel by limo. There's even talk of dressing in old formal dresses! I can't wait!

- I'm working on a logo right now for my photography brand. I've received several offers for free work and unfortunately they never really pan out. I know I have the capabilities, so I just need to go for it!

- I haven't run in probably two months nor played soccer and I feel like crapola.

- Isaac is the sweetest little boy ever and will wake up in the middle of the night and give me kisses. Seriously, adorable.


Nancy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tony!! So, we have some catching up to do.. Even though I did just see you the other week... I am hoping to come to the bonfire after work, but not so sure I can... I hope that all is well:)

Kier said...

You forgot one:

-My favorite Iowan is coming home today and we are planning a relaxed get together at our place on Friday. Can.not.wait.

Julie S. said...

I have been thinking about a logo for my photography as well. I can't wait to see what you come up with! And kisses in the middle of the night? Precious!

Jeannie said...

A momma will take those kisses whenever she can get them...SO CUTE!!

I'm glad you all had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

We always eat dinner late now. Chad usually isn't off until 5, so by the time he gets home (he's the one who cooks) and I get the baby to bed, it's always past 7. That's been hard for me to adjust to.

And kisses in the middle of the night? Sigh. How sweet.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I've been thinking about you!

Laura said...

Hi Leah!

I have an Etsy shop where I create wedding maps and I'm starting to move into the direction of doing some brand identity for small business and Etsy owners. Since I'm building my portfolio in this area I would love to help you out with your logo (free of charge of course) is you are still interested.

You can contact me at wonderlandpapers@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

I am a little late in catching up on my blogs for this week!

The wine thing sounds so cool. I've always wanted to do something like that.

Good luck with the logo!


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