Almost Out of Here!

Friday, June 11, 2010

- I smell like sunless tanner, which I applied last night and have showered since.

- We're supposed to have a bonfire tonight, but the rain is threatening. :( Even if we don't, we're still going to have people over and I'm so excited!

- I ate vegetables and only vegetables for lunch today due to lack of planning. I can't wait to leave in an hour. Nummy, nummy food coming my way.

- Speaking of which, I've been having a really hard time balancing my diet lately due to weaning. I've always been a healthy eater, but I think my normal diet has to actually be a diet until I get this figured out. My jeans are all still fitting, but I'm not comfortable!

- We have a wedding tomorrow, the first that I will have attended as a guest this year. I'm really hoping that Isaac behaves well and I'm looking forward to seeing friends.

- I really have to call out that my Wedded Wednesday post wasn't meant to draw people to conclusions, but I was serious that it's not necessarily good nor bad news. We're still stuck in limbo, just with a different position.

- I really need to get some family pictures taken again and I think Gina's up for it, potentially even tonight if the rain holds off . . . but additionally, I super duper need some headshots for my business . . . and a logo while I'm at it!

- Isaac slept in his crib for an hour nap last night. A full hour. Progress people! Progress!

- I have a make up maternity session with Randine and her family on Sunday. Girl is gorgeous and I can't wait to take pics of her 36w belly!

Have a great weekend!


Q, La, and Gooner said...

Your bon fire sounds like a lot of fun! It does sound like you are making progress with the little on although it sounds like you guys didn't sleep as well without him. I spose it will take some getting used.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have progress on the sleeping situation! Every little bit counts. :) I hope your bonfire went well, and you have a blast at the wedding this weekend. It's nice to just be the guest sometimes. :)

Kier said...

Sad that I was in MN for the bonfire - I was thinking about making a spontaneous trip up, but decided that would be foolish! :) Next time I am up, I am going to plan a bonfire at your house and invite tons of people. mmmmmkay?


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