Friday Mish Mash

Friday, May 7, 2010

- Wasn't my last post amazing?! I'm so glad that so many of you were able to get out of it the same as I did! Again, thank you you know who you are and I just wish I had access to your cashed check, so that I could know for sure! :)

- We still haven't gotten paid for Tony's mileage or the last 4 jobs that he completed with his former work. They are maintaining that they haven't been paid . . . cough ::bs:: cough

- Tony is working now . . . but we still haven't gotten paid. Do you see a reoccuring theme here? If you remember my highly confusing post about the business opportunity you may remember that they will have the opportunity to purchase Company B. Well before that purchase they actually signed a contract to deed and both Tony and Scott have been working at Company B for the past 1 1/2 weeks. This is good for my husband's well being and mental soundness, however it's almost an hour from our house and when we are paying for gas without pay it makes me cranky.

- What also makes me irritated is the adjustment from having my husband be home sometime in the afternoon to now being unsure when I will see him walk through the door, whether it is 6:30-8:00, due to the aforementioned distance. But, as I said, it's an adjustment and having him working is a good thing! I just need to get used to the change in our family schedule.

- As I said above Tony and Scott have not been paid by either Company A or Company B . . . but the upshot is that they control Company B's payroll and will be responsible for cutting their paycheck on Monday! Lord have mercy, I might faint to see a check come in other than my own. :)

- Isaac's still super cranked out about his ear infection. Today is day 10 of amoxicilin and I don't think it's solved our issues. My poor bubs.

- To clarify my Wedded Wednesday, blogger won't let me change the formatting and apparently the lack of a paragraph caused some confusion. I am not pregnant. I only thought it was funny Tony thought I would just change our family plan without conferring with him or at least that's what his question sounded like.

- To clarify on weaning. We are still bed-sharing and Isaac nurses at bedtime and throughout the night. I have stopped pumping at work and my body seems to have adjusted easily! Our next step in the process will be getting Isaac to sleep in his crib, which is when the final feedings will cease.


Ginger said...
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Ginger said...

trying this again. Don't let someone's poor attitude discourage you from doing something you're so good at. I guarantee you if Mr. A and I lived closer I'd have you take some shots of us :)

I learned that you can't please everyone when I had a bride who I'd done an at home reception cake for take the top tier of her cake and throw it on the ground to display to me how ugly she thought it was :(

Sarah Louise said...

I'm sure Monday is not only going to be a great day for you, but for Tony as well. I can't imagine how good he will feel being able to cut himself a paycheck after all the trouble he as had with him former employer that past few months.

As for the dissatisfied customer- try not to let it discourage you too much. Your work is beautiful, and you're still growing and learning a lot. No one, no matter what they do gets a 100% satisfaction rating because even if 10/10 people like, and enjoy their work, someone always complains.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mothers Day :)

Julie S. said...

Don't worry about the photo shoot- your work is great, and you are still learning! Don't get discouraged.

Happy Mother's Day!


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