What a weekend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This past weekend was pretty intense, but in a great, great way. Friday I was able to spend some good time in the backyard with Isaac. Loving my early schedule and this beautiful weather!
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Later that night I went prop scrounging while Tony held the fort down and even hosted a quick little bonfire. The first of the year! Happily, I was able to score some sweet deals on clearance at Marshall's using my photo money. Upon my return home, Isaac and I called it an early night and were in bed around 9:30.

The rest was well needed though, as my Mini Sessions were on Saturday. I woke up bright and early to get ready, organize my equipment and then headed to my Mom's to gather refreshments. We were a little behind our schedule, as we needed to stop back home to pick up a large #1 that Tony quick crafted for me, and my Mom started to have a slight panic attack. I told her we'd be at the studio at 11:45:00, but neglected to tell her that we weren't actually starting until 1:00. It was a great moment for me to inform her of this and that I wasn't scrambling for time . . . as can be the norm.

We arrived at the studio right at 12:00 and met Ben, the studio renter. I was completely blown away by the space and will for sure be renting it again! My Mom and I quickly went to work setting up and I'm glad we did, as Lisa, Chris and Hayden were a bit early. And so began my Mini Session day. It was amazing, exhausting and did I say amazing again? Check out the blog post here.

Saturday night, I can't even remember what we did. Oh yes, now I do. Tony and I watched Mike Modano's potentially final game, which ironically enough happened in Minnesota. I was almost brought to tears at the end of the game, because I so wished Tony could have been at the game. Modano started in Minnesota as a North Star and has played his entire career for the same franchise, even when we lost the team to Dallas. He has been Tony's absolute favorite player ever since Tony put on skates. It would have been so meaningful for Tony to be at the game, I just wish we'd been able to do it. The Wild showed a huge show of support to Modano, as they called him out as the Player of the Game. Modano, the opponents player, was named the Player of the Game and Dallas allowed him to take the ice wearing a North Stars jersey. Such a touching event.Sunday, was church, errands, Colin's one year session, grocery shopping and a run! Can you feel me on WHAT a weekend?! It was long, but full and such a blessing!


Sarah said...

John and I were at the Wild game on Saturday and I got chills watching all the Modano tributes - so cool!

Julia Goolia said...

Love the bottom left pic of Isaac holding the ball. What a facial expression! And what a weekend.

Julie S. said...

Sounds like a fun, busy weekend!

Lauren said...

Such cute pics of sweet Isaac!


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