Surgery for my Grandma, again.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things were not good yesterday for my Grandma. Even though she was released with flying colors, Tuesday night post-op at home was brutal. My Grandma went back to the hospital yesterday morning with severe pain and pressure in her throat and neck.

She was admitted and observed, where they found fluid surrounding her heart and an infection. They tried to make her as comfortable as possible while they tried to determine a course of action. They apparently didn't want to drain the fluid, as more infection and bleeding were known complications.

I left work and watched the daycare kids unexpectedly for my Mom around 4:30, as my Mom received some terrifying text messages from my uncle. For the next hour or two it was touch and go for my Grandma, but they were able to stabilize her. I got to see her for awhile in the evening, but Isaac was fussing a bit too much and the nurses were concerned that my Grandma was receiving too many visitors.

At 9:00pm it was determined that a coughing spell following the pacemaker surgery had probably dislodged one of the pacemaker leads, almost 3 1/2 inches (apparently, extremely unusual). They think that the lead may have been touching her diaphragm which may have been causing the majority of her pain and nausea. Thankfully the surgery was successful and they will now be keeping her for observation and recovery until Saturday.


Johanna said...

Goodness. How scary! Glad she is doing better now.

Anonymous said...

Glad she is stable and recovering from surgery. Hopefully she'll be home soon recovering!


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