One Year

Friday, April 30, 2010

Isaac Levi, your smile is our world. To think we took satisfaction in our lives prior to your existence is insanity. To think that I ever doubted the possibility of enjoying motherhood literally takes my breath away.

You made your entrance in the same fashion I think you'll live your life, profoundly and on your own terms. Doctor? Please. Who has time to wait on someone else's schedule?
2009 Apr 25 1311

There have been some extremely rough times during your first year, but it's our prayer they won't even be a point of conversation until you're grown and out of the house because they are so far past remembering.

Sadly my photography has really improved since you were first born, I say sadly because it pains me to look back on your newborn pictures for more reasons than I can hardly believe how big you are now! Instead, here are two picture from our friends Gina and Amy.


You have been the most content, happiest baby that we have ever witnessed. How God blessed you to us, we still do not understand. You flahed Mama with this smile, just a week before my return to work aka when my heart was ripped from my chest. It pained me so much to leave you. Your smile made the earth stand still the first time we saw it. Those dimples.
2009 Jun 10 008

You've deepened the love of your Mom and Dad more than they thought possible. The look of peace your Dad has on his face when he holds you could make a grown man cry, let alone an emotional mama like me. He adores you, and tells me every day. There is nothing more attractive than a family man. :) Additionally, you've strengthened our faith past the point of probability. The preciousness of your life entrusted to us of course stirs our reliance on God for support. To think that we could do it without Him is craziness.
2009 Aug 08 1131

We've been convinced you're a genius or bound to be a professional player of some sport basically since you've opened your eyes. We quickly became those parents, but how could we not? There are just so many reasons to be proud of you.
2009 Aug 19 064

I don't want you to ever doubt that your Dad and I are your biggest supporters. You could never outlast our love for you. We have had many great adventures this first year, but can't wait for the experiences to come. Daddy loves his little buddy, you're two peas in a pod. Someday you'll hate that you're so alike, but I promise you that you'll come around. There is no one better to take after. Your Dad is a smart, handsome and compassionate man who would literally upturn the world if you asked him to. He loves you more than he knows what to do with himself.

Really. He loves you so much.

You've been a mover and shaker as soon as you could figure it out. We knew you were going to keep us on our toes early and did not let us down. Your problem solving skills and love of books gives Mama hope that you won't be a bumbling brute. You'd still be a cute brute though, so no worries if the academics fall through. :)

Everyone idealizes their life after baby when pregnant. There's just so much time to dream of the future and while I'm not quite the crafty mother I want(ed) to be, I can honestly say that reality is better than those daydreams.

You've shown us all how to love wide open. Everything that you do is full force. Your cries are just as hearty as your laughs and we love that about you. You've enriched us so much Isaac. There just aren't enough ways to say it.

We've had a couple of scares, including the time you split your tongue wide open, but you can not be deterred. You are one independent dude, who is intent on doing things your way when you want to.

Thankfully you crave a little bit of cuddle time peppered into your cruising. Mama and Daddy just cherish the times you fling your arms around our necks or crane your body towards one of us. Those coupled with your shrieks of delight literally make our world go round.

We've never seen anyone, man or child, quite as expressionate as you! You just can't help from raising your eyebrow, scrunching your face or beaming from ear to ear. You are such a beautiful child Isaac.

Mama and Daddy could not imagine a richer life than one including you. I need to write down all of these wonderful feelings though, because I see the mischievous look in your eye and am certain you will be a bit of trouble maker like your Mama. Grandma just looves talking about what a strong willed and determined child I was, looks like I'll find out what it feels like!

You're one year old and have already changed at least two lives. We pray that God will equip us as parents to raise you in a loving home orchestrated by the Lord's will. We love you mister man.

You topped the scales at 21 1/2 lbs (30's%), 31 1/2 inches (60's%) and 47 +cm head circumference (30's%).


L.C.T. said...

Goodness gracious what a beautiful post. You're right he's a gorgeous boy. I love how much he's taught you. How precious.

Amy said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post Leah! As a momma, it rang so true. The pics are adorable!

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful Leah. You should seriously have it printed and framed. What a memory!

You have a beautiful baby boy. Everytime I read your blog, I show my Husband's the pictures of Isaac. I've started calling him, "my favorite blog boy". :)

Julia Goolia said...

great post, Leah! You already know I think I-man is the cutest ever, but just now Nate walked by the computer and said, 'He's really cute'. What a compliment! Nate never notices other people's kids!

Anonymous said...

You right so well, Leah. This is a beautiful post.

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

AmberDenae said...

This brought tears to my eyes. What an absolutely beautiful post about your little man. He seriously has the BEST expressions ever! Hs's so blessed to have such loving and supportive parents. I loved this Leah. Loved it. happy Birthday Isaac!

claire @ a peachtree city life said...

so so sweet! :) and it's amazing to look back at the newborn pictures and see how much he looks like... himself.. that sounds weird but you know what i mean!

Ashley @ Our Happily Ever Afters said...

I agree with Kristal--you are such a talented, expressive writer. So beautiful to read! So much love to your family!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!

He is such a cute, funny, little guy! Despite the hard times your family is so blessed!


Kimberly Michelle said...

happy happy birthday Isaac!!!

Rose said...

Great post! Happy birthday Isaac!!

Sarah Louise said...

Isaac is lucky to have such a beautiful, God-loving, faithful, strong, determined, talented mom who not only loves him with all her heart but is able to articulate those feelings into words. My heart is full of happiness for you and your family :)

I hope that someday Jared and I can experience the kind of joy that you have so gracefully expressed.

laura @ so alaurable said...

What a lovely recap of Isaac's first year. He will love reading these later and seeing what a loving, articulate mother he was blessed to have.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! What a year, right?

ezza said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Great post! i loved that halloween photo- sooo cute!

Sarah said...

I love this post - Happy (very late) Birthday, Isaac!

Helen Joy said...

So beautifully put!

Lindsey said...

This was such a beautiful post! He is so precious!!!

Erin said...

Just beautiful. Happy birthday, Isaac. You are one adorable little guy, and you're blessed to have such loving parents!

There is just nothing like being a mom, is there? :) Congrats on the first year!


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