Easter Recap

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tony and I had such a blast as a family with Isaac on Easter. The message at church was very powerful and I was completely overcome at communion with absolute gratefulness. I was the truest dork there ever was, but kept singing "He is risen." while dancing with Isaac throughout the day. He may have thought I was crazy, but I enjoyed it.

My Mom got Isaac his Easter duds and I'm highly biased, but I thought he was the cutest thing EVER.

Tony snapped this picture and it may be my most favorite of his to date.

Isaac got his fill of family, especially his uncle Levi, who can always be counted on to goof for the camera:

We were able to snag a 4 generational shot as well.

After my family, we went to Tony's side additionally. Here Isaac was able to "play" with his cousin Wyatt . . . although that basically consisted of Wyatt taking toys from Isaac if he so chose.

Tony played jelly belly roulette with these guys. Not for the faint of heart.

Isaac got in on his 2nd Easter egg hunt. His favorite part of course being throwing the egg and showing the contents.

The only thing not shown here, his adorable argyle socks that my Mom got that matched!

Oh and there was also a little bit of this . . .


Julia Goolia said...

SO cute. Issac's outfit is to die for and that fave pic of you two is amazing. What a fun event!

Jenifer said...

That photo of you and Isaac is absolutely beautiful you must frame it!

Sarah said...

Someone else stole my comment! I was going to say So Cute too! Happy belated Easter!

I may be a first time commenter (long time lurker) and am finally coming out of the closet to ask you about your lens. I love your photos and want to get clearer/crisper photos. I bought a Tamron 18-270mm lens and it isn't filling my photo soul up. May I ask you what your preferred lens is (that you own)?

Thanks! Happy, warm, beautiful, sunny Friday!

Beth Ann said...

What an adorable Easter outfit for Issac!

Lauren said...

So cute, love the pictures!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Those are some LOVELY pics!!!

L.C.T. said...

Four generations - wow!


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