10 Months Old

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's March now, eh? It sure did come in like a lion for me. Imagine my surprise early yesterday morning when I realized that I can now say "Isaac's birthday is next month." Next month. Next month - is April. My baby turns one in a month. And then I stop myself before I get too carried away, because it's actually 55 days away.

2009 May 13 086

Feb2010 094

My little baby is now responding to words, not saying them or signing quite yet, and walking. Walking. He also had his third tooth break through this weekend and I'm sure that the next will be an in quick succession as there are many visible!

You can just see his tooth!
Feb2010 136

For no purpose at all, just because it's fun. :)
Feb2010 134

He's so amazingly beautiful.
Feb2010 114

Baby boy, you make our hearts swell with pride and love at the very thought of you. You have enriched our lives immeasurably so.


Madeline said...

Such sweet pictures Leah! Oh how time flies:)

Anonymous said...

The first two pictures are priceless, Leah.

I'm so excited to watch my Isaac grow, but at the same time, sad for him to grow up. So bittersweet!

Ashley @ Our Happily Ever Afters said...

He is just so beautiful. I adore the sleeping pictures!

Julie S. said...

Surely he can't be 10 months! What a handsome, charming little boy.

Meredith said...

I remember totally vividly the morning that I checked my phone (*ahem* during a sermon at church that I just couldn't follow) and saw your post about Isaac's birth. It could have been yesterday!

Also, you mentioned signing--are you teaching baby sign language, or do you just mean general head-shaking/reaching arms up type signing?

L.C.T. said...

Such lovely pictures :D

Rose said...

Lovely! He is sooo tiny in the first picture! :o) What a beautiful boy!

Randi said...

wow! they grow up so fast. He is so adorable. I cant believe he is walking already!

Jeannie said...

Those pictures of Tony and Isaac together are simply beautiful and so precious!

Megan said...

Those first two pictures, sigh... precious! Makin' me tear up!


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