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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Valentine's Day.

It's upon us. Be jaded or sentimental, there's usually no way of ignoring it's presence. The loveless and the smitten are equal fodder.

Tony and I have always exchanged small gifts or made a point to go out to eat, even if it's not on the same day as the 14th. Sometimes there are overpriced flowers and there is always a well thought card. I like that we celebrate it. I don't care if it's commercialized. It's still an opportunity to express our love. And with a baby . . . well sometimes you just need someone to give you the chance!

What I really miss though is the euphoria of grade school. There was so much anticipation!

A week or more in advance the aisles would fill with heart shaped candy and it was like a treasure hunt deciding on which cardboard box filled with novelty cartoons espousing love of friendship to choose. Even better were the times that the heart shaped paper doilies appeared and my Mom encouraged us to make our own cards. My excitement for the holiday even overcame my hatred of the color pink! Although if I could, I probably would have tried to make a blue valentine.

Next the shoe boxes were scoured. Which one to select as the vessel to hold the sweet nothings? How to decorate it so that it would receive even more cards than the year prior? Then there was the arduous hour in which the cards were delivered.

Would it be too forward to give the cutest boy in the class the sweetest card? What if he didn't even give me a card? What if he gave me the sweetest one and I gave him the "I like you as a friend" card? Was he walking towards my box or was he going to the prettiest girl in the class?

All of the anticipation, all of the candy, all of the fall out.

Now to put the same effort into my marriage, to give my husband the same feeling of pursuit . . .

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L.C.T. said...

Man, sounds like your school but a big fuss of Valentine's Day - we didn't do anything! Although I do remember the anticipation of wondering whether that boy I liked would send me a card.

I'm not really one for celebrating I have to say. It's all a little too commercialized, but if it makes you smile that's great :)

Mary said...

Gosh, that brings back the memories! I also wondered if the guy I had a crush on would send me a "message" in the card he chose for me or the message on the candy heart. Alas, I was never that lucky, but I think I found a pretty good guy in the end;)

Julie S. said...

This post had me going down memory lane. Valentine's Day was JUST like this for me! :) How fun!

Heidi said...

You described perfectly how it was for me too. I LOVE elementary school Valentine's Day! Now I get to relive all of that with Clay as his V-day party is coming up...

We also celebrate V-day except as of last year we started to celebrate it as a family. Making a point to go out to a nice restaurant and giving something special to the kids that is meaningful to show our love. Of course, those gifts don't mean much if we don't show love the rest of the year (and we do) but both Ed and I liked making Valentine's Day about family love and not just Mommy-Daddy love.

That is not to say that Mommy doesn't need a new pair of pearls earrings, though... Mommy does love her pearls ever so much. :-)

Lindsay said...

My hub and I celebrate much the same way - not usually anything REAL big, but just something to celebrate our love :) I'm taking him out to eat at Texas Roadhouse for his Valentine's Day gift on Friday. Happy Valentine's Day!!


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