Weekend Recap

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A weekend recap on Tuesday isn't nearly as bad as my NYE recap, because I had yesterday off! Whoo hooo! :)

Friday night Tony and I met up with my brother and Tony's friend Scott at good old Acapulco. It's been a few months, so it tasted amazing! Nothing will ruin food more than working at the establishment lol.

Saturday we experienced a bit of a heat wave and decided to get Isaac out in the snow for the first time, since it was a balmy 35*!

Take note of that tongue placement . . .

Hey guys, it looks warm out!

Daddy kisses me, I kiss dump truck.

Allie was stoked to get all of us outside, poor thing has had zero entertainment lately. :(

What do you know? He's cut out to be a Minnesotan!

Hey you guys, this is fun! Why didn't we do it sooner?

A little snow angel action.

Proof that Mom and Dad didn't just leave him out in the snow. Note that Tony's just in a sweatshirt. :)

And I'm rocking just a sweater. You should see us when it hits 60*'s again, pasty legs everywhere!

Saturday night was a whirlwind of events, as I'm really good at double booking myself now. It's been happening for awhile, where I'm fully aware that I made plans the same night, on the same date and yet somehow it escapes me that I can't actually be at two places at once!

We managed and I had a fun time out celebrating with friends for a birthday celebration dinner, followed by game night with my high school friends. Sidenote: it's always so odd to refer to them as high school friends as we get together quite regularly. I had to leave early, but the hour I did spend was hilarious. Sounds like the rest of the evening just built upon it! Next time, next time.

Kier demanded a group shot. :)
Minnesota - January 18 016

Sunday I was up early to make chili, which I had been trying to do for 4 days! Turns out it was the chili that just should never have been made. While yes, I understand I probably shouldn't have done this, I think it's fairly normal that I did. After throwing all of the ingredients in and establishing a good simmer, I ran downstairs to shower as Tony and Isaac slept upstairs. Minutes later my shower was interrupted by Tony bellowing my name. Turns out the main floor smoke alarm had been disarmed (Tony grrr) and Tony had been awakened by our bedroom smoke alarm going off. He started calling my name and immediately grew concerned when I didn't answer, since he didn't know I was in the shower. Smoke was on our first two levels and there was pandemonium all around. We have no idea what caused the smoke! Nothing was burning! So very odd, but I will not use my Grandma's old pot for awhile. It's one of those old enameled ones . . . :(

After the chili we went to church, followed by loading up the chili to watch the big game at my brother's house. The last time I made the chili I used a 1/2 cup of cayenne pepper + jalepeno + chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Yes it was spicy . . . but it was good! This time I scaled back the cayenne to 1/4 cup and let's just say next time, there will be a further reduction!

The Vikings definitely beat the Cowboys, but apparently Isaac wanted to add his own excitement. Remember how his tongue was curled under in the first picture? We think he was doing the same when he bonked his head on the coffee table. This being the result:
2010 013

The cute was at least 1/2" long, diagonally across his tongue. This picture being a few minutes of crying and sopping up blood later. It was absolutely terrible and we weren't sure what do to! We couldn't understand how it was only on the top of his tongue when his teeth are on the bottom, so we were very concerned that his teeth punctured his tongue (thankfully not so!). After a few phone calls, it was determined that we should wait it out. Isaac only cried for about a minute or two and the blood stopped flowing within 5-10. Our bodies ability to heal are just crazy and you can barely even see it today.

After the game I got to spend some girl time with Nadia and we whipped up two meals for this week as we caught each other up on life! Now we have nummy lasagna, a pork tenderloin, broccoli salad and red pepper hummus for the week, in addition to the chili leftovers!

And finally, after Nad's, we went to our friends to watch the season premier of 24. Super long, but fun, food filled day.

Yesterday was not however lol. I cleaned the crap out of the house, while Tony worked on the bathroom. I'm ready for another weekend now. I'm exhausted.


Meredith said...

Leah, it sounds like your weekend was fantastic! You all look so stinking happy!

We were cheering on the Vikings too this weekend--I don't know if you're familiar with Captive Free, but my sister was on team in Minnesota, and so she's a hardcore Vikings fan! :)

Jen said...

Issac is getting so big! I love the idea of making dinners for the week with a friend. I may need to do some of that.

Jill said...

Love the snow pictures!

It's so amazing how he's growing and changing!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a great weekend...love those pics of your little man--he's adorable!

Mindy said...

Issac is such a cutie!! I also love your red sweater, where did you get that?

abby said...

Wow you sure made good use of your weekend, sounds fun! And if you ever want to do make-ahead meals again, let me know, that's an awesome idea to do it with someone else!

Also, I agree that the red sweater is very cute :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Isaac's tongue! :( Looks like he had a blast outside though, and I love your red sweater!

Leah said...

Oh my gooness! Isaac is SO precious! I just love all the pictures you took. And I agree with everyone else- that red sweater is so cute!

I'm making my blog private but I would love for you to keep reading (if you want to, of course). If you do, will you send your e-mail address to thinkingoutloudblog@yahoo.com so I can add you to the list.

Have a great week, girl!

Julie S. said...

Love the snow pictures! And poor Isaac and his tongue! No fun, but I am glad it's healing up!

Julia Goolia said...

It's so funny but true....any temps in the 30s feels like about 70. We went without coats, too!

Great recap as always.

Katie said...

I was the same way about chili 2 weeks ago, it took me awhile to actually make it.

Good job handling the tongue situation. I would have totally freaked out.


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