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Friday, January 29, 2010

What an exhausting week, eh?

I've been pulling some long days here in order to leave for Isaac's appointment without using PTO and due to the opportunity for overtime. Let's just say I need a change.

We found out that Isaac's weight and height have not changed more than a few ounces over the past 1 1/2-2 months. The doctor isn't concerned, yet.

I forgot to brush my teeth this morning. It was just one of those mornings where my mouth felt clean and I didn't realize until I was on the bus that my breath wasn't fresh.

First wedding of the year is tomorrow! I'm 2nd shooting for Gina Zeidler and I'm so excited for this opportunity for some prettiness.

My Dad and Stepmom will be watching Isaac tomorrow evening for the first time and they are so excited!

The bathroom project is still charging ahead, fingers crossed before one year!

I have no joke, over 50 pictures of Isaac up in my cube. I'm totally that Mom.

I really think that our co-sleeping has been the reason I've been able to continue pumping successfully. We nurse throughout the night and I think it encourages my supply.

Isaac still only has two teeth and has bitten me a couple of times, but thankfully nothing severe. Still no sign of the top two coming in yet.


Jeannie said...

Have a great time Saturday!

Julie S. said...

Have fun on Saturday! :) And I am guilty of the forgetting to brush my teeth once this week too...

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

how wonderful that you have the opportunity for overtime...it's probably better that that is not an option for me or I would totally end up becoming even more of a workaholic and staying even later.

I keep a stash of brushables and tooth-brushing gum at my desk because I've definitely had those mornings where I forgot to brush. Good luck with the wedding tomorrow, I'm so excited for you!


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