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Thursday, January 28, 2010

This was supposed to be in time for my Wedded Wednesday post yesterday, but unfortunately my time was too tight with Isaac's 9 month appointment.

A la Johanna's Q&A a few months back, I thought it was well past due that Tony share his voice. This blog has been around well over 2 years now and he's never shared his thoughts [well that he's known of]. I'm not sure if it'll live up to the hype, no I'm not pregnant lol, but reading his answers really made my day!

So without further delay, I give you a Q&A with my husband, the father of my child and the best looking hockey ref I've ever laid eyes on.


Q: What is one of your favorite things about being married?
A: I love the fact that I always get to come home to my best friend each day and cherish every second I get to spend with her. Having a 9 month old definitely adds a whole new dimension to our relationship. I love how much more we are learning about each other, things I never in my wildest thoughts knew I would learn about Leah.

Q: What is your favorite memory from our wedding day?
A: Of Course what comes after the wedding day! ;)...Just kidding baby. I think that our wedding day was perfect, for us. We spent tons of time tending to the smallest details that would make us happy. I took care of all the major details...Oh wait, not I didn't. We were surrounded by our closest family and friends and their presence made the details worth it, as it all came together. I have some many things from that day that I could attribute to be my favorite, but I will say seeing Leah for the first time in her dress. How beautiful she is and how happy she was to see me. I will never forget the look on her face and the smile/cry that was there. She looked amazing and I knew that asking her to marry me was the best decision I had ever made.

Q: If you could give just one piece of advice to someone about to get married, what would it be?
A: Let the woman take care as much as she wants regarding the wedding day but give her as much support as needed to make her feel confident in her decisions. Never try and overrule any decisions or you may be sorry!

Oh yea about marriage as a whole. If you're about to get married, my hope is that you would have realized this person is your best friend and friendships, especially a best friendship, constantly need adjustments. There are so many things that life throws your way and you need to learn how to adapt to each other, as well as change your old ways to make it work. If you truly believe it will always be the same as when you are dating/engaged/newlywed, you are sadly mistaken. OK that last sentence, could come across as a downer but I don't mean after you get married everything goes downhill, you just have to constantly adjust to ensure it doesn't.

Constantly talk and share what you are thinking, even if it is the most insignificant thought. Forgive and move on when needed. If you let issues build or hold a grudge you will never be happy.

Q: What do you miss about being single?
A: Skiing, fishing, rollerblading, golf, less bills. Actually I don't miss much about being single, because there are so many other great things that come with being married. Leah loves to fish, we just never have done it yet. She used to ski and has roller bladed, so in time I will convert her again! She has tried golf and I think that may be a lost cause and eh, there will always be bills. The one thing I really look forward to is sharing my hobbies with Isaac and our other future children and if momma wants to join, even better!

Q: What do you think wives should know about their husbands?
A: We have feelings too! That we do our best each day and that we love them no matter what. Oh yea. We're hot and and will always be hot! hehe

Q: How can wives better communicate their feelings to their husbands so that they’re heard?
A: Simple, just speak their mind and not hold anything in.

Q: What has surprised you about being my husband?
How competitive Leah really is in Everything! Sometimes Leah can take something that is completely non-competitive (comment, action, etc) and make it competitive, and it may eat her inside. I have to try and tell her that the person didn't mean anything competitive by it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...It definitely has its advantages though! I love it for the fact that she has gotten so into hockey. She seems to love every aspect of it and she has a great competitive advantage to most when talking about hockey. Especially due to my second profession as a hockey official. She knows most rules other people, even huge hockey fanatics may not know. She loves to play soccer and no matter where she is playing or what levels, she is extremely competitive.

Q: What is ONE habit of mine you wish to abolish?
What! I cant list seven? Hmmm. That is a tough one because I feel we have been great at adapting to each other. I try to be very organized, logical and feel more comfortable when things are put away in their place and like when things HAVE a place. Leah has a tendency to pile things or store things in odd places, scattered. I will say that she has gotten tons better since Isaac has been born. Maybe for the fact that it is less he can get into or maybe shes still nesting. Either way, its a good thing =)

Q: When did you feel established in our marriage?
Oh I think I felt established before we even got married. Leah allows me to feel established. She supports my decisions, as long as they are well thought out and logical. I certainly have felt established in our relationship. I think in this day with a very uncertain economy and a few job changes for each of us since we have been married, has left us, as well as so many others, to feel unestablished in our careers. We have a thinking that, "it is, what is is" and we will learn to adjust and overcome regarding that aspect of life. We have been very blessed in that we have had employment, while it may be jumping around a bit, we have been provided for. We are thankful and feel that our attitude has helped us weather some tough times. While it may not be over quite yet, we will survive.

Q: What issue common to marriage did you think we would encounter, but didn't/haven't?
A: Fighting, We just don't fight. Well, I guess we do from time to time, but we get it out and move on. I feel we communicate well so fighting is few and far between so when it happens we say what needs to be said and figure out a way to get through it or change course.

Q: Finally, as an addendum to our emailed question. Where do you want to be in 5 years?
With my family, however big that is. I want to be someone my children look up to, rely on, and love. I want Leah and my kids to know that Dad will always be there and that they are loved with all of my heart. I want to be the Dad that my kids can feel that they can come to me and ask me anything without being judged or feel like they are going to be yelled at and punished. I feel that if I relay to them or Leah that I am unapproachable I will never know what's on their mind or know their true heart. I want to be the Dad that teaches them anything I can, and cherish the time spent learning and exploring with them. But especially, I want to be the Dad that teaches them about God and is able to have answers to their questions regarding Christ or the Bible. I want to show them true love by my actions and words with Leah. I want my family to see a man of integrity and character. Financially, of course I want to be stable and be able to provide for my family, but I feel that no matter where I am in life, as long as I have faith in Christ and faith in my family, He will provide.


Jeannie said...

It's so great to hear Tony's voice and see his perpective on things.
Thanks for sharing Leah and Tony!

Megan said...

Totally tearing up at the last question. Awesome to hear from you Tony!

abby said...

Aw that is so sweet! And I can totally see him saying that. I hope your next five years go as well as the last five :)

Jill said...

That's so awesome!

You know, my husband would say that my most annoying trat is the same as yours... piling and putting things in weird spots. I don't know why I do it, but I do... annoying!

Meredith said...

Great post Leah!

I love hearing the husbands' point of view every once in awhile--and what a sweet and genuine husband you have!

Also, this is totally random, but can I just say that in terms of demeanor, Tony totally reminds me of Brad Paisley, lol?

Rebecca said...

Loved this post, especially Tony's answer to the last question!

Madeline said...

Leah, you have one great husband!
Great to hear "the other sides" point of view!

Katie said...

So, this is not the wedded Wednesday post? I think it's perfect! Thanks for sharing. This gives me an idea to ask DH questions and maybe even copy these from you. What a great idea!

Johanna said...

Love it! I think Tony & Aaron would get along. They can go fishing! Good ole Minnesota boys.

Amber said...

Tony is for sure a keeper, although I am certain you know that! It was so nice to hear from him. His honesty is very refreshing.

Sarah said...

I love his candor, faith and optimism. You are a lucky woman!

Bree said...

Wow - great post! What a great guy :)
I giggled at the habit question...that is us to a T and my husband would say the exact same thing about me. I am a clean, neat person but tend not to put things "away" or at least where my husband would like them to be right away.

Jill said...

I left you some love on my blog!

Unknown said...

Such a nice post! And so nice to hear from your hubby, I have been following your blog for awhile and have from time to time, wondered about his opionions on different topics. It was nice to hear them! =)

Dana said...

Can you tell me somemore about Wedded Wednesday? It sounds interesting.


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