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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Tony and I went to go look at tile last night. We bought extremely, extremely cheapo stuff for our downstairs bathroom, so we didn't really know what we were looking at for the upstairs.

Oh no my dear friends, don't worry, it's not that I neglected to showcase our bathroom renovation in all of it's glory. There have been no updates because the bathroom is still not complete, although it is sheetrocked and mudded, with all new water lines and electricity. It's been torn out since February {with a promise of three weeks until completion}, but really I'm not getting caught up in the details. BWHAHAHAHA. Sorry that was funny. I think I'll hold it over Tony that he's forced me to go to the bathroom down two flights of stairs not only while enduring the last 3 months of pregnancy, but in addition to trekking our newborn {now almost 8 month old son}. Although, I really don't say much about it anymore, in all seriousness. It's just a fact of life. Bathroom's downstairs.

Back to the story, we went to The Tile Store and fell in love pretty quickly with a neutral tile with natural slate accent. We had no clue what we were in for, so allowed the sales rep to write us up a quote . . . at $950 . . . for a 5x7 bathroom. That's expensive! Tony and I were ready to head out the door when I noticed "the look" between the manager and the sales rep we were working with. All of the sudden we were offered 25% off and questioned on our budget. Since we didn't have one, but knew what we couldn't pay, we said that we'd think about it while shopping at Northwestern bookstore, just a few shops down. We thought the tile place would close before the bookstore, where we were going to use our 25% off coupon and check out a Bible for Isaac {thank you for your recommendations!} . . . but quickly found out that the bookstore closed before The Tile Place. Anywho, this meant that we didn't have any place but the truck to mull over our decision.

As we sat and talked, we prayed about it and I felt confident that if we could get 30% we could swing it. We're paying off a loan in a payment or two and they offered us a 0% interest card for 6 months, so we'll essentially be extending the payment for 5 more months.

And this is where the Wedded Wednesday comes into play, I chickened out and grabbed a few groceries while Tony went back in to negotiate.

I can not handle bartering. I hate the uncomfortable squishy questioning, both sides not knowing how hard they can push.

Tony texted me at the grocery store, 30+% secured. :) We got $950 travertine for both floor and shower surround, with a tile accent for $650 - $200 {Christmas money from my Mom, she is the queen of identifying a need and giving us money before the birthday or Christmas lol} and we're looking at $450.

What does your hubs excel at that you can not handle?


Emily said...

Ugh, I hate bartering too, but Mr. B is great at it. I actually don't like any hard conversations - asking for raises, quitting jobs, negotiating anything - Mr. B's a pro. I only wish he could handle my job conversations for me.

abby said...

Like you, I also hate negotiation situations. Luckily Mike is awesome at it. He is also great at easing my fears when it comes to finances. I often get entirely too worried when stalking our accounts, but Mike is great at calming me down and giving a more optimistic/realistic perspective.

Guess you're going to need those tile saws back now :)

Kier said...

Woohoo on getting an awesome deal! I hate bartering and tend to go the route, "well.....ummmm....we'll think about it." And then walk out the door.

Miss said...

cleaning up dead, exploded squirells that crawled into our kids pool while we were out of town for a weekend

blah...i could puke writing it =)

Patience said...

L is the ultimate negotiator and I hate it. I think it is embarassing. When we make a big purchase he will get 5-6 quotes and then still talk them down. I am thankful he can do this because I cannot. Great job on the tile :)

Katie said...

Same thing...negotiating. I can do it, but despise it with a passion!

Meredith said...

This is funny--Justin cannot barter to save his life! He always wants me to call the banks, etc.

But to answer your question, the thing that Justin is really good at that I am not is trusting in God. I really don't ever hear him express worry--and I don't think he really DOES worry all that much about anything!

Also, he is the MASTER of cleaning up vomit, poop, and other bodily functions of animals/small children. I can't handle it (though I know I'm going to have to learn!).

Jen | Our Life Accounts said... most things we are very similar, there are definitely things that we naturally lean towards but not many things that either of us will put our foot down and say no to. Although, taking care of rodent & insect removal would be a good one...I don't really "do" bugs, particularly large fast ones! Hubs is quite good at trapping, squishing and removing all traces, all while not making fun of me. :)

That's a great deal on the tile! How exciting to be able to see the tangible progress! We are finally to the point in our remodal where you can start to really see the results. Though it's not nearly to the finishing stage yet, I feel like we're so close I can nearly taste it! FREEDOM!

Sarah Louise said...

Good for Tony! I have to do the bartering in my relationship, and I HATE it!

I can't wait to see what your bathroom looks like when it's finally finished! Those kind of projects always end up taking longer than planned...

Mrs. Lukie said...

I'm with Meredith on this one...Mr. Lukie is AMAZING at trusting in God. Rarely, if ever, do I hear him openly express anxiety about anything. Me, on the other hand? HA. I'm a basket case.

Gotta love the checks & balances God ensured in our marriages :)

Unknown said...

Good for you guys and good job Tony! I'm with you...I hate those awkward bartering situations. But then again, I'm pretty sure both Jim and I would avoid it at all costs!

What's Jim good at that I'm not? Um...everything?! haha. But like other's have said, Jim doesn't freak out like I do. I immediately assume the worst possible siuation and want to fix things [if I can] asap. Jim, on the other hand, has the patience of a saint and doesn't fly off the handle when he doesn't get info right away. Opposites attract? Yes they do!

Meagan said...

I love to "debate" But hate bartering..whats wrong with me? haha!

YAY for new tile! I'm so excited!

Bree said...

I hate the bartering/bargaining stuff too! It makes me uncomfortable. My husband is good at this as well as being direct and just the right amount of rude to pushy salespeople. I am always too nice and smiley and get caught talking to them. I am always glad when he is with in those sorts of situations.

Mrs. McB said...

I am the same way. I hate asking for anything. Luckily my wondeful husband is fine with that.

Lindsay said...

Oh my man!! I love him so and he only makes me want to scream every now and then :) To the majority of people that know him, they think he is pretty much serious most of the time, but he can do such ridiculous, hilarious things and leave me laughing so hard that I will be crying. That is what I love about him!


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