7 Months

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goodness sake, it feels like I just wrote the 6 month post! Everything just seems to be happening around me, without much action on my part recently. I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I've even got a plethora of writing material thanks to you guys!

On with the monthly update!
Credit Gina G with the pic.

It seems so odd to say it, even though it's a thought that still baffles me, but I'm amazed by how much Isaac looks like himself as a newborn. Does anyone make sense of this other than me lol?

2009 Apr 25 360

Isaac is nothing short of amazing. I just can't get over how much he is just a part of everything. I don't remember how I lived before him. Honestly.

In the month from 6 to 7 months we observed quite a few milestones.

The first being Isaac's delve into solid foods.

Additionally, Isaac has became quite the mover and shaker. I think that this post wasn't far off . . . Tony and I are in for it! About a week or so into the month Isaac took off with crawling. No more messing around with the army crawl.

On top of that, the day he turned 7 months, Thanksgiving, Tony and I watched Isaac as he latched onto our headboard and pulled himself up!

He is now upping the pulling himself up thing, by walking around the coffee table or couch. In addition to this if you hold his hands he will now "walk" forward. YIKES!

He still hasn't been in for his 6 month shots. I really need to get on that.

We also, may or may not have heard him say his first word: Hockey.
He was just sitting on the floor playing with his Minnesota Gophers hockey stick and puck and suddenly, rapid fire said Hockey like four times. It was so clear that both Tony and I stopped what we were doing and looked at each other incredulously. I said, "Did you hear what I just heard?" Tony just started laughing! It hasn't happened since, so undoubtedly it was just a fluke, but it was still funny!

We're starting to wave his arm "buh bye" and make sure to say "buy bye" when leaving the room. Both my Mom and I think he's catching on!


Julie said...

Is he 7 months already? That doesn't seem possible. He's getting so big...and cuter by the day!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought the same thing about Isaac as a newborn - he really does look like himself! I think most newborns don't, which is what makes it so surprising.

abby said...

So adorable! I'm sad that it's been so long since I've seen him :(
I get what you mean about Isaac looking like himself as a newborn - he really does! Lots of babies look like totally different people.

Faith said...

Isaac is so cute! I love fluffy butts from cloth diapers!

Unknown said...

Time is definitely flying by. I feel like it was just yesterday I was logging onto facebook and seeing that you were ready to deliver!

Isaac is cute as a button..he definitely has a lot of personality in these photos :)

Samantha said...

He is looking like such a little boy!

And AWESOME that his first word was hockey. I LOVE it.

Melissa said...

His smile is simply amazing! I love it! I can't believe he's crawling and "walking" already! Wow... look out world! :) I'm sure you've really got your hands full now... lots of fun!

Jeannie said...

How you not fall in love with that face...what a sweet sweet boy! You better get to baby proofing; it's going to be no time before you're chasing his cute butt around!

Sarah Louise said...

I always love it when you post pictures of Isaac! They never fail to make my cheeks hurt from smiling :)

Rose said...

Wow...you must really be proud minnesotians if his first word was hockey. :o) SOOO cute!

Julie S. said...

What a precious boy! And HE DOES look like his newborn pictures. I don't think Brayden does AT ALL! :) How fun!

Katie said...

He does look like himself which I don't think Juan does. He's adorable!

Julia Goolia said...

he is still such a cutie and yes, he does look remarkably similar to his newborn pic. I can't believe his first word was 'hockey' and you guys are in MN. Too perfect!

Leah said...

SO precious!!! How is time going so fast?! He is so handsome!

J said...

Oh my gosh he is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love the new pics!!!

Beth Ann said...

I cannot believe that he is already 7 months! He is so adorable.

Molly said...

Your son is so cute! I was wondering are those Bum Genius diapers he is wearing? I am thinking about using CD with baby #2 and I have already tried those with baby #1 so I might invest in more. Do you like them?


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