Q&A: If I won a million dollars . . . {BNL anyone?}

Monday, November 23, 2009

You're welcome for that annoying song, now stuck in your head. No? It's only in mine? Oh well.

In my "Ask Me Anything" post, Bluebird of The Better Half of Life {who just undertook a major life changing choice to pursue a position half the country away from her husband and normalcy} asked me: If you won the lottery (whether you bought a ticket or found one on the street), how would you use that money?

First and foremost, I would quit my job. Straight up.

Secondly, Tony, Isaac and I would find a pet sitter and take a weeks vacation within the state. Nothing extravagant. Just some time away to clear our heads and enjoy our time as a family. Since I wasn't allowed this vacation for this fantasy, I'm not sure what fantastic ideas we would cook up, so here are the ones I've allowed myself.

We would contact a financial adviser to ensure our money has a long life and that our family was taken care of. Our money would then be put toward paying off Tony's parents house, my Dad's house, my brother's student and car loans and for my parents, their motor home since my they are only a year or so away from paying off the house {something which I know my Mom is very proud of, since quite a bit of that mortgage was taken care of as a single mother}.

I struggle with how to give back to the church or ministries, as I remember hearing our pastor once say that he would refuse the offering of lottery money, if he were ever in that position. Not saying I wouldn't give back, just saying that I struggle with knowing how to go about it so that it wasn't refused.

Finally, we would probably rent out our current house until it could be sold without damaging the value of our neighborhood. We would then move ever so slightly to one of the surrounding communities in the Northern Suburbs into a house like this:

A 6 bedroom home that Tony and I saw two years ago, built by Classic Custom Homes. It completely stole my heart. I can't remember the square footage, but for a 6 bedroom home it was phenomenally homey. I felt at ease in it's space, instead of lost. All the bedroom's were upstairs, which I felt was very important to the impression it left with me.

Early in our marriage Tony and I had quite a few disagreements regarding the size of our "dream house." Seeing as how Tony was designing elaborate, impressive homes he was not intimidated by gargantuan homes, whereas I saw no need for them. In fact, if I may, I found them excessive and counter productive to God's call that we be good stewards of that which He blesses us. Tony did not find my logic at all, but over time we have grown to have the same desires in a home, knowing that it is those who are in a home, not what is in it that makes it so welcoming.

Aside from this luxury, we would probably allow ourselves a cabin "up nort" as they say. While I've never been to the lodges, I've always loooved the marketing for Leech Lake's Trapper Landing. I'd probably be a sucker and want to buy one of their units, but I'm pretty sure Tony would win out and we'd find ourselves on a smaller, more secluded recreational and fishing lake. It would probably be for the best.

I would for sure want to splurge on the latest and greatest camera equipment, but would know it best to just hold off on any major purchases. Instead allowing myself to outgrow my current camera, before jumping ahead.

We'd probably blow a bit of money on a shopping spree, babyGap is evil, but soooo cute. I've never owned anything from J.Crew either, but I think that would about do it.

Primarily I would just want to make sure our money could last, my {extended} family was provided for and that Tony and I maintained our relationship.


Ashley @ Our Happily Ever Afters said...

I love things like this! I learned a lot about you :)

Randine said...

I would totally quit my job too. :)

Anonymous said...

You spent the money exactly how I would - love that!!

Meredith said...

I would probably do something very similar if I were to win that money. We actually have a lottery winner that donates significantly to the organization that I work for, and it's incredible how much they're able to give based on what they've earned on interest alone.

ANYWAY. I actually love that BNL song, and it is definitely on Lizard's playlist :)

Anonymous said...

So, just have to throw this out there: I love Leech Lake! My dad's extended family is all in the midwest, so we had a huge family reunion there the summer before I was heading into 4th grade or something like that-- long time ago but I'll never forget it. Minnesota is beautiful. I'd love to go back someday.

Meagan said...

We are so much alike! I would do the very same if I won the lottery!

Rose said...

Love it! Great post! :o)

Erin said...

ahhh, it's always nice to dream :) Good choices!

Julie S. said...

Great choices!

Bree said...

I love your choices. I have pretty dissenting views from most people in my family about what a "dream house" entails. I guess it will always be a dream!

The Trapper Lodge places reminded me of the new "cottages" at Boyd Lodge on Whitefish...


I was kind of sad to see that they had taken down the old traditional cabins from the 40's-50's. They were so charming! But these places don't look to shabby either.

Melissa said...

great post! :) I love your "dream house" - sadly in the area I live in, a million dollars doesn't even go but so far... I could maybe buy that house, and that's it. We need to get out of here! Anyway... I absolutely LOVE your new header pic of Isaac. Did you take that yourself? I'm jealous :)

Sarah Louise said...

This sounds almost identical to how I would spend my money if I ever won the lottery! Thanks for answering my question :)

By the way...I think it is really interesting that your pastor said he wouldn't accept an offering from lottery money. I totally understand why, but I guess the thought never crossed my mind. I always assumed I would just give to my church if I happened to win the lottery and I never really thought about how they would feel about it...I guess if my church didn't want the money I would probably donate it to a world hunger organization, and also a local homeless shelter or something.


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