Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank you for all of the birhtday wishes! We ended up having a fantastic evening, thanks to a mother's best friend, flexibility. :)

Tony came and picked me up from work, equipped with cards, gifts and my baby boy. With the help of Gina, Tony secured me two memory cards that will enable me to shoot in RAW {mine was too slow} and Gina's refurbished 50mm 1.4 {love}. I would say that the boy done well! Oooh and speaking of, he also had flowers delivered to me at work from Isaac. :) Too sweet.

From there we went to dinner . . . and got through our salads before asking the server to box up our entrees for home. Isaac started to get tired and just wasn't having it! So in the comfort of our living room, in pjs, we ate our nice dinner while watching Biggest Loser. It was perfect.

I'm typing this from the ease of my home computer due to my staying home from work today. My stepdad texted me while I was out to dinner with Nadia last night that he was taking my Mom to the hospital for chest pains. He said not to be worried, but that he would update me.

I continued my conversation with Nadia, based on this and was given the best compliment she could ever give me in regards to the pictures I took from her wedding. She started to cry. Nadia's not a crier, I wasn't a crier before being a Mom, and we don't call each other "best friends." We're each other's person {a la Grey's}. So when she started to cry in thanking me, I knew they had her approval. I doubt anyone else's praise will ever compare. :)

After dinner my Stepdad called me to inform me that they were admitting my Mom. Never a good sign! So I called into work and started to pray for my Mom. Her pain went away, but they kept her for observation, running a fair amount of tests. She's now been released. They do not however know the source of her pain, just that it's not her heart.

And with that, we're jumping into a rather hectic weekend! I wish you all fair weather and will catch back up with you on Monday!


Bree said...

Prayers for your Mom!

Sounds like a wonderful birthday. And your baby butt header made me smile :)

Sarah Louise said...

When you read thing in google reader you miss things like little baby butts! Cute :)

Glade you had a great birthday, and were able to get in some friend time yesterday. I am definitely praying for your mom. I am glade it wasn't a heart problem, but still a little scary not to know what was going on!

Have a great weekend :)

Anita said...

So sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she is persistent with the doctors and that they get to the root of what is causing/caused her pain. Heart stuff scares me.. :(

And a happy belated birthday. A fancy dinner (taken home) sounds awesome!

Jen said...

My mom had something similar, probably 2 years ago, that the doctors never ended up diagnosing with anything. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Glad you had a great birthday!

Meagan said...

Your birthday sounded wonderful! And I will be praying for your mom =(

Also, I love the pic of Isaac's little tush! So cute!

Katie said...

Sounds like a great birthday. Taking diner home is so stress free with a baby, isn't it?

Love the new header!!

Alicea said...

I hope your mom is doing ok! I thought about stopping over there to introduce her to Kyle. I go to my parents' house every Thursday to visit while my Mom watches my nieces. Keep us posted and Happy belated Birthday!

DianeTaylor said...

OMG BABY BUTTS!!!! Too cute - I am praying for your MOm, Leah - I hope they can diagnose her pain and help her.



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