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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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One of those frustrating days . . .

Tony and I usually clean on the weekends. Sure we tidy up on week nights, but after a full day neither of us wants to do much more than sweep or do the dishes {who am I kidding, we don't want to do that either!}.

Seeing as how I've been taking pictures on the weekends for 3 weeks now, it seems that we don't clean. I, by myself, clean on Monday, or Tuesday. Based on this new cleaning schedule, I don't seem to find time to cook. So I'm getting a lot of this:

"What should I eat?"
"What did you eat?"
"Is there anything in the freezer?"
"That doesn't sound good. What else?"

Let me tell you, I do not handle these questions well. They annoy me to no end. They make me question how Tony ever survived the brief stint out of his parent's house and before our marriage.

Last night he had hockey, so even if I had had time to make dinner it wouldn't have been ready in time for him to leave, so he had a pre-game meal of oatmeal. When he came home he ate:

Chips & queso
White rice with soy sauce
Pork & Beans {randomly given to me by my grandma}

Is that not disgusting?

Sorry rant over.

I just want to know how do your men do when it comes to food? I know we've got a few sous chefs out there, but we're not all that lucky, are we?


Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

Ehhh, my husband will dig through the fridge and if there aren't any "meal" leftover, he'll just have a bowl of cereal or make himself a sandwhich or have ritz and peanut butter or nachos...he makes our lunches during the week so he's good with snacks or breakfast/lunch stuff but he gets bored with it all very quickly. He definitely likes me to cook and in large quantites so that there is plenty of leftovers!

B said...

ha we discussed this on Sunday! J doesn't cook. Sure he prepares prepackaged food, but if I want something that doesn't come out of a box or a bag I need to make it for us. Frustrating to no end.

Erica said...

I always keep a frozen pizza and stuff for Mexican food: burritos, quesadillas, etc. in the house because he will make those. I also try to keep hamburger patties and buns in the freezer. Joe likes to grill year-round. If one of those two categories doesn't satisfy him, he's on his own!

Sara said...

My husband doesn't cook. Ever. Every Saturday I talk to him while I plan the menu for the week before I go to the grocery store. He agrees to EVERYTHING on the list - until he comes home one day and whatever is on the menu no longer sounds good. What are his other options? SAY WHAT?! There ARE no other options. Why didn't you voice you're opinion about this meal on Saturday? Better just buck up, cowboy, cause it's this or starve. Ugh. Drives me nuts!

Erin said...

Ben and I split the cooking fairly evenly based on what we have going on that night and how I'm feeling. Lately, he has been doing FAR more than his fair share, so I'm definitely lucky! He used to do 100% of the cooking too, before I started to get into it. So yeah, he's pretty awesome when it comes to household duties, especially cooking!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Having been a bachelor until the age of 35, as well as spending half of his time at the fire station, my husband is quite the cook. Up until just recently (as in, 2 months ago), he was the sole cook in our house. And yes, I consider myself very blessed in this aspect!

Jill said...

This used to drive me crazy but now, with my in-laws living with us, I can't stand the question of "what are we going to do for dinner" at 9:00am! I don't care. If you are home all day and have something in mind, then make it! Otherwise, I don't care!


Jill said...

Oh and I haven't come out about my in-laws living in our house on my happyhopefuls blog.

I have created another blog where I have made up names to prevent anyone from connecting the dots.

Here's the link:

Johanna said...

Ha. In my house, I am Tony. A. cannot understand how I managed to feed myself for so long. I ate a lot of eggs, Lean Cuisine and cereal. And that is what I eat now, if he isn't home/able to cook dinner.

Are you going to open the MckLinky list? I actually wrote something this week!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I've got nothing to say because I'm totally guilty of the same questions...

Lauren said...

Hubby doens't cook mainly because 95% of the time I am home before he is. Normally if we don't have time to cook I have a few staple super quick meals that I run to. He's also great about fixing himself a ham & cheese sandwich if it's the only option available.

Meredith said...

I was frustrated with always feeling like the cooking fell to me, so when we recently made a "chore list" and divyed up chores, I included cooking dinner/meal planning as one of the tasks, knowing that it would mostly fall to me. But because I'm not ALSO doing the dishes or sweeping and because Justin thinks of it as an actual task and not just something that "happens", I don't mind as much.

Also, when I am cooking dinner, I try to get Justin to help by giving him specific tasks--like grating cheese or making the rice. Cooking has become something that we do together and enjoy our time doing it together. And Justin has picked up how to make most of the basic things pretty quickly.

Then again, we also have "scorunge" nights, where we're both in charge of finding something to eat. And when that happens, Justin eats whatever he wants, and I just don't worry about it...even if it IS Pork and Beans :)

Faith said...

Mine does this:
Looks in fully stocked pantry. Then looks in fully stocked fridge. Then looks in fully stocked freezer and says, There's nothing to eat!

If I'm out of town or something he will generally eat leftovers if there are some and it's something he likes. He'll make mac and cheese with a hotdog, an easy mac container and a can of soup, a personal sized frozen pizza or a pot pie. I keep us stocked up on those things just for him.

We recently made a deal that he cooks on Tuesday nights and I'll do the dishes. This frees up some time for me and some of the brain power of coming up with something for dinner. We do have to discuss what he wants to make the night before and if we have the items, but we'll get better at it.

Randine said...

OMG Leah. I was JUST ranting about this. My husband bugs me the MINUTE I get home on what to eat. He gets at LEAST an hour to himself to do whatever he wants yet I am expected to come up with something the MINUTE I WALK IN THE FLIPPING DOOR!

Well last night I was working late. He decided to make dinner...Brace yourself...

He made:
Chicken covered in bacon (not precooked) in a crockpot with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream...

Mashed pototoes with gravy...made with left over potatoes (I KNEW they tasted funny!)

It was gross. And while I appreciated the sentiment, I have begged and pleaded for him to stay out of the kitchen. He did clean the house though :)

But I hear you on the clean thing. We have been so tired lately.

Julie S. said...

I do 100% of the grocery shopping and 100% of the cooking. Dinner is "expected" to be on the table when he walks in the door. Oh, and then sometimes I get to hear how his mother or grandmother make the same dish, but differently, and how I should get their recipe. Yikes.

I always have frozen pizza or popcorn handy because sometimes that is all he wants. But he it totally a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

Bree said...

I am pretty lucky. My husband likes to cook and will do so for himself often but most of the time we cook meals together. Sometimes though I am not in the mood for a big production or want to eat one of my healthier meals (aka plain and boring!) that he isn't so much a fan of, and he will usually settle on a bagel, salad, cereal, or something frozen. Fortunately, he isn't terribly picky. He does make some interesting carry-overs from his college days that I am not a big fan of.

Unknown said...

I am soooo guilty. Those "annoying" questions by Tony are almost always asked by me in this household. Jim does 99.99% of the cooking and when he doesn't, I'm all "what's for dinner.....?????????" and then I end up eating oatmeal...and chips and salsa..and whatever else is convenient!

Heidi said...

Wow, there for a second I thought you were describing my husband's eating habits and the conversations that we have about food nowadays! That's pretty much how it goes down in this house-- what's more, Ed still asks those questions and eats random stuff like that even if I made dinner. What really gets me fired up is Ed's inability to finish a plate of food. It literally doesn't matter if it's his favorite dish ever, boyfriend will always leave a goodly amount uneaten. It's a huge waste and a lost cause.

I LOVE your new blog header. What a butt! :-)

Kathy said...

My husband is totally like that too. He'll eat random things like chips and salsa, nuts, and cereal and then top it all off with a beer or two. What really annoys me is when I actually do cook dinner and he STILL munches afterward! It's like Why didn't you just have seconds?!? And just last night, I asked him around 4 if he wanted dinner and he said yes. He got home at 6 and said he wasn't hungry, after I had already started cooking dinner. So I ate it by myself.


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