What a freaking weekend. Part 1

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This has to be in three installments. Honestly.

Friday, Tony, Isaac and I went to the Minnesota State Fair. Now, it's a matter of hot contest, but I do believe that Minnesota has the greatest fair in America. I said it. And now I know for sure that the Iowans and Texans are going to get a bit feisty about this, as well as a few other honorable mentions, but I speak the truth.

It's the called the Great Minnesota Get-Together and before Friday, I'd never tried to cram it all into just one evening. I literally had our favorite foods mapped out so that we would be able to efficiently scarf them down and hopefully leave time for some people watching or display viewing. We were lucky I did map it, as we only had enough time to chow on the run and meander through the horse barn!

Isaac wasn't too sure about this huge crowd business:
2009 Sep 04 008

But we got him moving:
2009 Sep 04 007

And before long, he caught sight of his beloved trees!
2009 Sep 04 009

He loves looking up at them!
2009 Sep 04 011

While I found a backyard I wanted to sit in:
2009 Sep 04 018

We avoided paying for parking, but had quite the hike to the Fair:
2009 Sep 04 022

Finally made it:
2009 Sep 04 023

First order of business, fried pickles:
2009 Sep 04 025

Along the way, Tony could barely contain himself to get a Republican balloon:
2009 Sep 04 027

Next up, Pinapple Raspberry Dole Whip:
2009 Sep 04 029

My branded baby boy:
2009 Sep 04 028

His soul full eyes:
2009 Sep 04 031

Next stop, roasted corn:
2009 Sep 04 042

2009 Sep 04 037

Isaac got to num num on his fingers:
2009 Sep 04 040

My boys, one baby smooth, the other a bit scruffy!
2009 Sep 04 044

The opposite of smiling when being kissed:
2009 Sep 04 047

Tony grabbed the camera a few times:
2009 Sep 04 057

Another favorite, the pulled turkey sandwich:
2009 Sep 04 059

Followed by all you can drink milk for a $1:
2009 Sep 04 062

And then we finally made it to the horse barn!
2009 Sep 04 069

Don't even ask why I was taking pictures of Tony standing in line . . . but I got this gem!
2009 Sep 04 076

Isaac did great, but started to get fussy, before conking out:
2009 Sep 04 082

A new favorite this year, "boatload of sunnies" at Giggles Campfire Grill:
2009 Sep 04 084

We made it to our Strawberries and Cream stand, just as Isaac was waking up and I knew we needed to book it home. I'm sad I wasn't able to take a picture, but Isaac appreciated our speed.

It was a fabulous first trip to the Fair as a family and I look forward to many more to come!


Katie said...

I love all of his faces!! And all of that food...yum!

Anonymous said...

I looked at all your pics on FB over the weekend and it made me that much more excited for our fair this weekend.

Love that you mapped out your route. A girl after my own heart.

BTW, what are sunnies?

leah @maritalbless said...

Sunfish! :)

Beth Ann said...

Sounds like a great time. I am going to the Kansas State Fair for the first time next week...but with my boss to work my company's booth. Not sure that it's going to be as fun as your time!

I love the picture of Tony standing in line...the expression of the lady eating her corn dog is priceless!

Julie S. said...

I love fair food, especially fried pickles! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Those fried pickles look great!!! Our big fair is this coming weekend and I can't wait for it :) Issac is tooo cute in those pics. I could just pinch those cheeks

Stephanie said...

I. love. fried. pickles.

Love them!

And as a resident Texan, I'll refute your statement that Minnesota has better fairs....only because I feel I have to. :)

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

It all looks like so much fun! And I want to be your friend on facebook! lol!

Kier said...

I've only been to the Iowa State Fair once (Shh...don't tell), but have to say that the Minnesota State Fair is still number 1 in my book, even if I have't been there in a LOOOONG time.

Erin said...

OK, that pic of the old lady in the pronto pup line is THE REASON I take hundreds of pictures everywhere I go!! I LOVE awkward photos of random people :)

Jen said...

We did the fair Friday too. We did the free park and rides, which was much nice this year because we didn't have to fold up the stroller and try to carry it on the bus. (With the coach buses it could just go in the luggage beneath. So nice!)

Kayla said...

Ya know, I've heard so many people talk about fried pickles and I love pickles but I've never had these before... Maybe I should step outside of my box and try some! I've been to the Iowa State fair a few times and I have to say my favorite part is probably the food and people watching...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

looks like ya'll had a great time! I LOVE dole whip. We get it every single time we go to Disneyland. Where's the corn dog and cotton candy?

Sarah said...

Ahhh...the fair - maybe the best people-watching ever. This year, I witnessed a bunch of tattoo-ed biker dads pushing strollers while pouring a flask of liquor into their cups of soda!

Oh, and I LOVE the pulled turkey sandwich. So good!

Ginger said...

I love me some fried pickles!!

Peach said...

i always thought i was alone, but i LOVE fried pickles...

Heidi said...

Ohh, now I'm hungry... and very jealous of your weather!

You're a beautiful Mama!

Unknown said...

Love the Republican balloon :) Oh, and the lady chowing on that corndog! :-O

Alicea said...

Great pictures!! The deep fried pickles are my favorite as well, and I have to get a corndog, of course! :)

Sarah Louise said...

I love all the pictures! It sounds like you ate a ton of yummy food :) Much of which I could go for right now...I'm glade your first family trip to the fair was successful! It's gotta be tough navigating a stroll in a crowd that big.

B said...

yum all that food. I wish I would have found the fried pickles :(

Glad to see your first trip to the fair as a family was a success!

Julia Goolia said...

Lady with the corndog is my FAVE.

kari said...

I'm jealous. We missed our fair this year. I love all your pictures, your family is adorable Leah.

In With the Light said...

how fun! we had a big festival this weekend that does not look nearly as fun (or cheap!) or your day! oh and how I was dying for a beer or marg! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww. I LOVE these fair pictures. I really like the one of you and the little man where you're kind of blurred, but with a big smile. So cute!

Anita said...

FRIED PICKLES!?!? Where have they been all of my life? I am crushed to just learn of their existence at this moment.

Faith said...

I went to a tiny little county fair this weekend and came home with a dog. I can only imagine that if we bothered to drive the 4-5 hours to our SUPER AWESOME TEXAS STATE FAIR happening in just 16 days that I have never even been to, I'd come home with a horse or something. So we will stay away yet again this year. I can't deal with a horse. I'd have no place to put him. Besides, I haven't been to a state fair in ages! The last one I remember was when we still lived in Indiana well over 10 years ago. I also have Oyster Bake and the Rodeo happening here in San Antonio so I can get my fill of delicious fried food on a stick.

Meredith said...

Our fair doesn't even begin to compare.

Also, I love the picture of the beer in Isaac's stroller cupholder--LOL!

Randine said...

Sounds like so much fun! Wish I could have gone this year!

Leah said...

All of that food is making me hungry! And I love the Republican balloon!

A said...

Mmmmm...I'm with everyone else. Fried pickles. SO GOOD.

I even went to the fair twice this year, just so I could get more fried pickles! Wedding dress to fit in to? What's that about--there's fried pickles to be eaten! :)

MyRunningJourney said...

Mmm what wonderful food! And there's nothing sexier than a Republican man! :-) My husband would fight off little children for a Republican balloon haha.

Mrs. McB said...

Looks like a blast!!!!


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