What a freaking weekend. Part 2

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So . . . who knows when I even started begging, but beg I did, for Gina to allow me to 2nd shoot one of her weddings. She had a few weddings left and remarkably we settled on the September 5th wedding to mark my debut.

To tell the truth, I wasn't that nervous. I'm not sure why. I just wasn't. I was excited. I was hopeful. But not that anxious. Until we went to West Photo. That's when I had to write a $1400 deposit check for this beast.

Right here, in the parking lot, when I coupled up this lens with what suddenly felt like a rinky dink Rebel . . . this is when I got scared crapless. What the h was I doing? I felt way over my head:
State Fair 001

Somehow, I shook it off and was totally excited to hit the road with Gina the next morning! We had a great conversation on the way up, which seem to be so hard to schedule due to our living so far apart!

The day was really long, I'm not going to lie, but enjoyable in every aspect . . . until I found myself pumping outside of a tent using a tablecloth as a shield and reading text messages from my Mom, Stepdad and Tony that Isaac had a fever! That was agonizing to say the least. I felt extremely foolish that I was traipsing about as a pretend photographer, as my precious son for the first time was anything less than perfect and I wasn't able to comfort him!

In addition to the fever, Gina's had a bad run with vehicles lately . . . When we first planned our day she mentioned she could drive her truck, albeit without air. Now Gina and I very similar, so I assumed that since it was her gig, she'd want to drive/be in control, because that's the way I am. Unfortunately I was wrong and totally should have offered to drive, because just as we pulled into the parking lot of the reception the truck died. There was no saving it, which meant that we found ourselves chilling with the guests {some of whom I actually knew!} for an extended period of time before Gina's sister was able to make it over to Wisconsin to pick us up.

My poor baby boy was still flushed when I finally got my hands on him at 10:00, but he cuddled with me a bit and went to sleep like a rock. He literally didn't move from the position I placed him in, but woke up cool to the touch! We're not sure if it was a teething fever or symptom of a cold, as the majority of my Mom's daycare kids were sick over the holiday weekend.

All this to say, I had one of the greatest days of the summer with Gina on Saturday! Normally she wouldn't allow for her 2nd shooter to go about posting their work, but she's relented in this case. :)

Please let me share with you my first endeavor 2nd shooting. Gina it was an amazing experience!


































As always, for better or for worse, SOOC.


Kier said...

You are amazing Leah! Great photos. I think it is great that you are taking the time to explore your passions.

Unknown said...

Fabulous work girl. I love that your favorites are my favorites! You were such a blast to work with, and thank you thank you thank you for rolling with the punches with the lil red truck.
But hey at least we got cheesecake!
Cherry right! ;)


Randine said...

aWesome pics! I bet this was very exciting for you!!!

Samantha said...

Seriously- these are awesome! I wish I had your skills :) I'm glad this was such a positive experience for you!

Amber said...

Awesome! You got the talent girl!

Madeline said...

Love it! Way to follow your dream :)
I need to pick your brain one day about lenses!

Melissa said...

Hi Leah - I've never commented before... but these are awesome!! I am a fellow aspiring photographer (with a rebel, haha) and that lens has been sitting in my amazon shopping cart! I really enjoy your blog - keep up the good work!

claire @ a peachtree city life said...

great job!!! i hope this helps build your confidence! those pics are waaaay better than the ones my photographer took at our wedding - should have booked you instead ;)

Courtney said...

AH! Great photos!! I love them all!! Seriously- better than plenty of photographers that get paid big bucks!

Megan said...

Just like everyone else said - I totally should have booked you for our wedding... I love shots that are all about the little details. Good for you, girl!

leah @maritalbless said...

I couldn't have taken the pictures I did if Gina hadn't of set them up as she did, but thanks you guys!

Helen Joy said...

The photos are gorgeous! Oh, your pump under a table clothe brings so many memories to mind. It really really sucks to being doing something enjoyable (a wedding for example) and have to worry about your baby. Sunday I did one for 11 hours! I was so tired and I didn't find a second to pump so I was desperate to nurse anything! I did wait till I got home and woke my sleeping baby up. I hope you little guy feels better.
Keep up with those beautiful photos!

Miss said...

First of all, it CRACKS me up that you pumped under a table cloth!! hahahah! I have not had to do that yet =)

Second, really nice pictures! GREAT exposure =) I am glad you had a good time

And, Rachel second shot her first wedding with me that same day! funny!! =)

Bree said...

Stunning photos! Looked like a gorgeous wedding.

Meredith said...

These are all absolutely stunning!

What an incredible experience to be 2nd camera in a wedding!

Katie said...

Great job Leah!

kari said...

Leah, those are beautiful. I'm so happy for you!

Lyryn said...

fantastic job!!!

Raquel said...

These are awesome Leah, just awesome !!!

Joi said...

Those are great Leah! Way to go!

B said...

Great work as always! I can't wait to see where this could all take you :)

Anonymous said...

These are seriously beautiful, Leah. Fabulous job!!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

absolutely stunning, you really have a great eye! Gina did a great job setting up the shots but I love the varied angles and perspective that you shot with. :)

AJ said...

Awesome pictures, as always. You're so phenomenal at photography, it makes me jealous :) What a great experience!

Julia Goolia said...

That lens made my heart skip a beat, seriously. I think I'd be questioning the capabilities of my little Rebel with that beast, too!

And what a beautiful bride and a fun day. I cannot imagine how pooped you must have been after a full day of shooting....I could never hang. Great work!

Meagan said...

Leah, you did awesome!!! I love the pics! You should totally go into business =)

Sarah Louise said...

WOW! GREAT job!!! Amazing pictures! I really like the one looking out the front door ...and what a beautiful place to shoot! Jared and I were up there last fall for a wine tasting :)

Leah said...

Wow! These are great!

Jeannie said...

The pics turned out great! Great job! You may have found your calling... ;-)

Jill said...

You did great! How fun for you and those pictures are amazing! Good work!!!

beckylbranch said...

What BEAUTIFUL photos! I love them all!!! Just WOW!

MyRunningJourney said...

Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a fun wedding! Roasting marshmallows and bridesmaids playing MASH before the wedding! How fun!

Amy Rae Photography said...

WOW!! You go girl! LOVE THESE!! You will be at it in no time! I didn't know that this was something you might like to do! Good JOB!


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