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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First, the difference in my baby's hair.

At two months:
2009 Jul 02 041-1

It's remarkable how much can change with your child and since it is so gradual, it's very difficult to notice how stark the contrast without pictorial help!

Okay, on second thought, these pictures don't seem to truly represent the change, but they're the best I can do! His hair has completely filled in the nice little reverse balding U he had going on. It's all changed dramatically in color, with a lot of the hair on the back of his head appearing to be blonde!

Additionally, there is the difference in my hair.

I never felt like I was having amazing hair days when I was pregnant or that my hair was markedly thicker . . . but it was, oh it was.

Again, these pictures don't truly give the change justice, but I just realized that I never posted any of these maternity pictures from a session with Amy Campbell. I just well, felt ishy about how I looked and it's taken a good 5+ months to realize there was a maternal beauty. I look back on my pregnancy fondly now. :)



And then there was the first 3 months post-partum:
2009 611

And then, all of the "sudden," I started losing it. My hair that is, by the fistfull. It was everywhere. Everywhere. Turns out, it's completely natural and to be expected, except I didn't know! I truly believe that I lost my long layer. To the point that co-workers asked if I got a hair cut. It was awful.

In retrospect, looking at these pictures my hair looks much the same, but trust me. Our bathroom looked like the scene of a hair homicide.
2009 Aug 22 005-1

Bachelorette party post to come! Thank you for all of your support on Friday and Saturday ladies. I carried your encouragement with me throughout the two days and survived the evening!


Sarah said...

I've heard horror stories about the changes in hair due to pregnancy (i.e. straight hair turning wildly curly and vice versa). Yours still looks great, despite all the shedding that has taken place!

Jill said...

I wish I had an OUNCE of your volume! I'm so jealous!

Melissa said...

This is maybe my baby's little receding hairline/thinning top will soon be replaced with a full head of hair (at least until he's 20 and joins all the rest of the semi-balding men in my family!) You look great... though I'm sure it's disheartening to feel like you're literally losing your hair... I'm only at 8 weeks postpartum so now I'm a little nervous of what the next month or two will bring!

AJ said...

Girl, why haven't I seen those maternity pics before?!!? They're beautiful, but I understand the general "ishy" feeling ;) hair fell out (is still falling out...) like crazy too. When I got my hair highlighted/cut a few weeks ago, the stylist gave me an amazing, long shampoo, and said, "You'll never believe how much hair is in the sink right now." I guess it gets worse when BFing is over, too. ::sigh:: Either can't tell that you have "thinner" hair in those pictures. Different? Maybe (in a good way). But not thinner. Hope that helps

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I have heard about the hair loss...I guess one of those things I will learn!!! I love those pics

Lauren said... those maternity pics...and I so wish I had as much hair as it looks like you do!

Julia Goolia said...

so you lost your hair AFTER the pregnancy? That's not good since even before I got pregnant I would sometimes lose fistfuls of it in the shower. Great. :)

Katie said...

I was/am the opposite. I loose the hair during pregnancy and it is greasy after pregnancy for awhile.
You look great Leah!!

Mrs.Salsaburger said...

I lose hair all.the.time. It is everywhere! Add it to the list of the things that "they" never tell you when PG.

Amber said...

You look beautiful and it doesn't look like you've lost any hair. I was losing tons of hair before I got pregnant. I hate to see the after.

Your maternity pics look great!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Been there. Have you had to scoop any hair balls out of your shower drain? I have. ICK! At least its only temporary.

Love the maternity pics. You look fantastic in the befores and afters :)

Joi said...

That pic of Tony and Isaac melts my heart.

Madeline said...

Honestly, your hair looks great in every picture and I can't tell the difference :)

Love the picures

Carrie said...

Oh, I had forgotten how much "fun" it was to have hair all over the place. My husband used ask me why there was always one of my hairs in our daughter's diaper every time he changed it. Haha.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I agree. I am so glad that I knew. Q was like, what is wrong with your hair!? HA, I think I need to go and get it cut because of the loss...

Emily said...

Love Isaac in his twins shirt. I've heard that about hair - that no one knows it's going to happen, but when they ask, everyone went through it. Must be one of those things that you forget about in the long run.

beckylbranch said...

I love that last picture! I can't tell a difference with your hair, but I can say that I have not noticed a big difference in my hair either since being pregnant and in fact I am still shedding as normal...if it comes out by the fistfull afterwards I think I may go bald! ahhh!!!

Meagan said...

Isaac is so cute! I love his hair! I swear Rowan looks like Kramer with his hair!

And I love the maternity pics, you were gorgeous!


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