Brynna Jean

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's nearly two weeks now since her birth and shame on me for not posting these earlier! Please let me share with you, Isaac's girlfriend Brynna Jean.

She's just a tiny little peanut at 5lbs 12 oz but I'm sure she'll have a spunky personality!

Such a little doll!
Abby 030

Remember what I said about spunk?
Abby 007

Isaac's not sure what to think:
Abby 032

But the guys are totally fine with the arranged marriage:
Abby 034

She's definitely got her Daddy under her spell!
Abby 040

Abby 043

Completely angelic.
Abby 049

She's sure to have plenty of beautiful hair like her Mama!
Abby 052

Congrats again Abby and Mike! You guys are wonderful parents and we can't wait for the adventures Isaac and Brynna will have together!


Lyryn said...

Beautiful photo's. She is gorgeous.

Ginger said...

y'all seriously gotta stop with all the cute babies it's making my "I want one" virus grow!

LOL just kidding she's beautiful.

B said...

Gorgeous. I want!

AJ said...

Super cute :)

kari said...

So adorable!

Joi said...

Wow. She is a doll. And you Isaac? He is a handsome little man!

Sarah Louise said...

Beautiful pictures Leah! Of course it helps to have such a gorgeous baby as a subject...your son will be very happy some day!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

She looks like a little doll! What a cutie..and oh so tiny :)

Mrs. McB said...

She is adorable!!!


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