Forget Teen Spirit . . .

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I smell like breast milk.

Seriously, why do I keep spilling on myself while/after pumping!

My boss actually asked me what was up with my dress yesterday. Yikes.

2 months old.

Monday, June 29, 2009

From leaving the hospital.
To our blissful time at home.To already being thrown back in the mess at work. My little man has grown so much in the past two months. Our little lizard man loves to give us smiles.

Big changes for our 2 month old would be the sudden change of sleeping through the night. Almost every night last week Isaac went down somewhere between 10:30-12:00 and subsequently slept until 5:00-6:30. Amazing.

He still can't quite turn over, but loves to get on his side. Additionally, his ability to sit upright is improving dramatically and he loves to push his legs up under and stand with our support.

He also "talks" more and more each day. I can't wait until he is truly laughing.

What a weekend.

I don't think I'd make it if this week weren't a 4 day week! This past weekend was a whirlwind of family and friends, featuring grief and joy.

Friday night was Abbi's visitation, followed early Saturday morning by her funeral. I haven't been to many funerals in my life, thankfully just 3, but in my humble opinion Abbi's service was the most beautiful.

There was no way to hold it together.

After the service we went home and I pounded out 4.2 miles, my furthest to date in just over a half hour. I felt terrible until I came home and saw my time.

I quickly washed up and then Tony and I headed out for a couple's shower.
{Holy cleavage! I can't believe Tony let me out of the house!}

Had a fabulous time with friends, until the rain came and dampened the mood. We decided to call it an early night and left the party around 9:30.
Five Little Monkeys {thanks AJ!} with Isaac after bath time.

Tony liked playing a photographer this weekend!

Sunday morning then we tried out a new church. Since Tony and I have been married, coming up on 3 years now, we have never had a home church. We are a part of a couple's group at a large church that we frequent, but we both knew even joining our group that we will never call that church our home. Our local Christian radio station does a spot called Church of the Week and I was intrigued by the pastor's message, the name and proximity to our house, so away we went yesterday morning to Emmanuel Covenenant Church. We really liked it, although the service was a little different than their normal, due to a baby dedication and the like, we'll be going back!

After church it was time. I played in my first soccer game!!! I was extremely nervous the whole weekend, but when I took the field I was purely excited. The pressure was off since I was only subbing, but it was great fun to be back! Especially since I was able to drag Gina into it. Nine months for me and 6+ years for her, but we were back in the game. :)
I ended up embarassing myself a few times, but . . . eh, what can you do?
This picture is taken immediately following my falling on my butt while running backwards, the other team's player ended up tripping over me and I was called for a foul.

After the game we went straight to my friend Aaron's parent's house for a small get together featuring pulled pork. I can't even describe it. It was amazing, especially when paired with Paulette's homemade barbeque sauce. Divine.

Not quite following the 30 minute rule, hah, Tony got Isaac into the pool! Tony used to be a lifeguard and swim instructor so he couldn't wait to swim with Isaac!
As you can tell by the look on Tony's face, the water was cold!

The first attempt, didn't go over so well.

Tony loved every second of it, Isaac not so much at first.

He didn't mind being in Daddy's arms at all!

There was about 5 minutes when the little man liked it.

But when he was over it, he was over it quickly!

We had to leave early so that Tony could go to softball. {picture from last week}

Finally at 7:00pm on Sunday I was able to get some much needed R&R with my little crush.

Do you do it?

Friday, June 26, 2009

After letting it sit in my basement for the past month or so untouched, I finally opened up my box of sun screen today. I am very Caucasian you could say, with very fair skin, hosting a plethora of freckles and I should have started this years ago - but regardless, today marks the beginning of a new era, sun screen is now a part of my morning routine.

Last year I had to have 3 freckles removed for biopsy . . . you'd think I would have started doing this the day after.

I chose Neutrogena's face shield for virtually no reason, but that's what I'm going with.
Do you guys apply sun screen daily? If so, what kind and for how long? If not, what is stopping you?

Rough one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last night was a rough one. I'm not entirely sure why. If you recall my identity post, I've definitely morphed into a full fledge mother and I'm not quite operational as the person I was. Aside from missing my baby boy something fierce, I did not expect to be at odds with myself so much.

It seems that the easier it is to be without my son, I long for him and crave control over "me" time even more. Last night was a prime example. After rushing to gather him up in my arms, I grew irritated as the night wore on that I couldn't even wash my face, let alone go for a run. Two weeks ago, I wouldn't have cared . . . now that I've become used to the full release of being at work I seem to desire even more freedom. So at any given time I'm relishing my time with my son, mourning the hours of the day that I'm at work without him, and yet struggling to remember what it was like to care for him 24/7 because I want to easily slip back into the life I had before him. Does that even make sense?

It was very upsetting to sort through all of my emotions last night. Add to that the fact that we had small group over and had the stress of cleaning and entertaining and I was definitely one hot mess by the time I was struggling with a baby fighting sleep at midnight.

The final straw was Tony telling me, "There should be joy in your eyes." I want to be mad, that he should allow me to have at least a night of wallowing, but I think more than anything I felt rebuked and embarrassed.

Back in the saddle!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well ladies, I'm officially back to a 5K. I'm not at my regular pace, but I'm doing it and I'm going to get there again!

For the summer, these are the races I hope to do {bolded are definites}:
July 4th - Independence Day 5K @ Lake Harriet
July 8th - Moonlight 5K @ 3M in St. Paul
July 11th - Lakewood Hills 5k @ Lakewood Hills Park in WBL
July 22nd - Life Time Fitness Torchlight 5k @ Minneapolis
July 25th - Freight House 10 miler @ Lumberjack Days in Stillwater
August 8th - Stockyard Days 5k @ New Brighton
September 13th - City of Lakes 25K @ Lake Harriet
September 27th - Women Run the Cities 10 miler @ Minnehaha Park
Octomber 4th - Twin Cities Marathon

So my question to you, please share your favorite running resource {shoes, website, accessory}! It could be something totally unique to you or something you'd highly recommend to me.

You know you're married when . . .

I love my husband more than anyone, but when it comes to style . . . he fails big time. Now I'm not saying I've got mine down or anything for that matter, if you know me IRL you know that I default to navy way too much . . . But if you will, please take a gander at the following photos.

My hubby loves to wear work t-shirts as acceptable wear-around clothing, especially if he no longer works for the company that he is promoting {bonus points!}. It kills me to no end that he wanted to plan on wearing something nice when we went to the hospital and yet, and yet, what shirt is he wearing? Lol, one of his detested shirts!

So you can imagine my absolute delight when Tony wanted to go to the mall on Father's Day! You'd think someday we'd grow up, but we ended up at American Eagle and I swear everything was on clearance {honestly, you had to look to find something full price}.

In addition to some $20 jeans, a couple nice shirts and a polo, Tony found 3 t-shirts! Three! Do you know how happy it made me?! I'm turned on just thinking about him wearing something other than those work t's!

Even yesterday, at work no less, it brought a smile to my face to know that I have 3 t-shirts added to the rotation that will make me view those dreadful work t's less frequently! So you know you're married when you're more excited for your husband's new clothes than your own!

What about you guys? Do you and your hubby have the same fashion sense or are you usually embarassed by their threads?

Mosey on over . . .

My friend Amy posted about this organization, and basically, I'm just going to c&p what she wrote.

Sufficient Grace Ministries is an organization that works with women and families who have lost a child. One of the things they do is create and deliver "Dreams of You" Memory Baskets to give to grieving mothers, which include: a memory book entitled Dreams of You, written by Kelly Gerken (the ministries founder), which includes places for parents to journal their dreams for their baby, their journey of loss and healing, letters to their baby, pages to record the baby's statistics, memorial service, baptism, footprints, mementos, etc.

They are currently in the process of raising money and have been told that for each comment left on this blog post by Once Upon A Miracle, a $1 will be given in support. It only takes one click to help!

Please just mosey on over to this blog post and comment!

My Reason to Get Through the Day

2009 612, originally uploaded by allpossible.

I will never grow tired of his sweet sounds, the curve of his smile or the smell of his body. I am thankful for every moment, even when screaming in the morning. I don't want to take any second for granted.

Abbi has wings now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

This is my cousin Kristi's daughter. Her name is Abbi Rose. My Mom did daycare for Abbi, up until she was about 11 months old. My Mom and Abbi's pediatrician noticed a slight droop to one of Abbi's eyelids and within in days there was a rapid progression.
Just 2 months later and without a diagnosis, Abbi turned one. Kristi was already pregnant with their 2nd child at this time.
By the time Sarah was born, Abbi was on a ventilator and being fed through a feeding tube.
She basically lost all control over her body. Her good days consisted of opening her eyes. Still after several medical conventions, stays at the best hospitals in the country, there was no diagnosis.
Abbi past away on Saturday. I don't even know how to fathom Rob and Kristi's heartache. I have no words of condolence. I just ask that you will lift up my cousin's family in prayer. Their pain has to be a constant struggle between relief that she is without pain and is able to be a two year old and incredible loss that they are without her. Additionally, pray that they have the comfort of a diagnosis through the autopsy, it's such a morbid thought, but truly, knowing what caused her debilitated condition will be reassuring.

If you have a word of comfort, please sign their guestbook:


To the best Dad I know.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tony, you have no idea how much pride fills my heart to know the caliber of man I have as my husband and the man by my side to raise our son.

Grandma's Recap

Well, my husband survived to see his first Father's Day! He and Kierstan totally rocked Grandma's this year, especially considering it was more like a 13.1 mile swim instead of run. To say that the humidity and temps were high is an understatement, is was down right sweltering at the beginning of the race {6:30}.

I was a little worse for wear considering I didn't get to sleep until about 12:00 am and Isaac again woke me at 3:00, nursing until 3:30 and we were to get up at 4:00 to leave no later than 4:30. Yeah. Three hours of sleep hurts, especially since I only got around 4 the night before!

Here are some pics from the event:

At a rest stop, Isaac didn't make the full two hour drive up. {Jbetween you and I, Tony will not be teaching our son how to drive! :)}

We were one of the last to pick up the race packet!

People did not tire of making the joke that Isaac was running!

Tony and Kier all smiles at 5:40 am

The little man ready to cheer Daddy on!

Neither Tony or I were shy when we finally saw each other around mile 11!

The whole front of his shirt was drenched, as I expected {he pours a glass of water over his head at every stop!}, and he changed direction in mid stride to plant a big wet kiss on me and Isaac.

Only a minute behind him was Kier!

I plugged down the bridge to get in position to see them right before the finish line!

Still smiling after 13.1 miles!
Tony eating ice cream for breakfast {okay, okay, not really, he ate a good breakfast pre-race, but still ice cream at 9:30 am!}
I'm very happy to say that Tony didn't beat our time last year, but still managed a 2:01:06 . . . only 40 seconds slower. Kier was right behind him at the 2:04 minute mark!

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