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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Isaac's such a fast growing boy! He's in the 70th percentiles for his length and weight, growing 2 inches from his birth measurement of 19 1/2 inches {which definitely could have been in error}. We really liked the new pediatrician. I love a thorough doctor and she definitely was. She was also strongly recommended by my cousin, whose daughter has an undiagnosed issue. This doctor and my Mom, as her day care provider, were the two that first detected anything was wrong. She asked a million more questions than the other office and I love it!

Isaac's not really on any sort of schedule yet, for those that asked. It's basically eat and sleep as he dictates, with diaper changes thrown in for good measure. The only pattern that I think I've identified is that he's not down for the night until after 1:00, but closer to 1:30. Nursing is still going well, but I haven't started pumping or trying to get Isaac to take a bottle. There are so many psychological battles to get through with that whole process, mainly changing from the mindset that Isaac is solely dependent on me and that with pumping I will be returning to work shortly. I know I need to start, I just don't want to.

Last week we received the most awesome gift from Tony's college buddy in Illinois! I of course did a prerequisite aww when I opened it up, but it wasn't until Tony got home and looked at it that I really got the full value!

He had our last name and Tony's hockey number put on the jersey. Please don't judge me, but it made me tear up lol.
Along the theme of receiving packages, we finally received our crib! I was so excited I took a picture of the box!
What we didn't know is that it should have stayed in the box for poor Tony's sanity. After a 1 1/2 month delay, we received our crib only to find out that the holes had been drilled wrong on the leg posts! Boo to Child Craft. After a quick phone call though, Tony was able to remedy the situation and they are sending us new leg posts.

For now at least I am enjoying seeing some progress in the nursery!
When I nurse Isaac, I'm in one of two places: the couch or the bed. We didn't end up getting a glider, craigslist or otherwise, so I've just been making due. That is until now {kind of}. Last Saturday my brother unexpectly showed up at our house and took my husband away for a few hours. Little did I know that they were traipsing about the Twin Cities looking at gliders! They finally ended up spending over an hour at BRU before deciding on one. I still giggle when I think about the sight of two guys spending that amount of time at BRU on a Saturday. I know they really love me. Levi and Tony split the glider and it will be arriving within a month, hopefully! :)
Also, word to the wise, do not install Carbon Monoxide detectors in dusty areas as the dust will clog the microprocessor and malfunction. Just saying, as we might have personal experience.
I went into to visit my coworkers this week. I planned on going last week, but the week just got away from me. I knew that if I didn't go this week that I wouldn't go in to visit though, as the end of this week turns the corner towards returning. :( My little man will be 4 weeks old on Sunday and I will only have 3 more weeks of leave. I had so much fun seeing everyone and stayed a lot longer than I intended! Oops, no productivity for my friends! :)
I'm so excited for a million reasons, but two being that I get to see Rachel today and finally meet Brighton and that I'm going to pop into Best Buy and get a new point and shoot! We've been without one now since Isaac was born! The third reason I'm excited enough to pee my pants {unrelated to bladder control, as that's gotten a ton better for the record lol} deserves it's own post entirely!


Erin said...

asdflkdsjadflksjd!!!!!!!! you came into work and you didn't tell me!!!!!!! :( :( :( :(

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

love the updates. can't wait to see the next post and what's up!

Jen said...

Glad that you like the new pediatrican. I'm amazed at how many visits we've had there this year and Carter's been pretty healthy. The jersey is adorable!

Unknown said...

Love the updates, Leah! That jersey is great :) And yes, I chuckled at the thought of two men picking out a glider! Too cute.

Enjoy the rest of your maternity leave.

Unknown said...

Not gonna lie. I teared up too. But a) I'm a HUGE emotional basketcase when it comes to anything cute/sad/happy/whatever and b) the fact that it was SO personal to Tony was such a thoughtful gift!

Enjoy your time at home while you can, try not to think about going back!

Alicea said...

Where did you end up finding your ped? I haven't even begun looking and have no idea where to start or what to ask. Please share! :)

Jill said...

Bummer about the bed. You would think that they would have a machine to make those holes so they wouldn't be screwed up! Hopefully it won't be long before they arrive.

I'm also excited for you to meet Bright and see Rachel... how fun for all of you!

The purchase of a new point and shoot shall be fun as well! It's always fun to get a new {mommy} toy!

Julia Goolia said...

whoo hoo for a new glider [rocking chair thingy?]. When I read' BRU' the only thing I could think of was 'brew' as in beer. Can you tell that we are in different places in our lives? :)

Courtney said...

Aww that little jersey is just too precious! How frustrating about the crib! Ugh. Oh, and really, you can't leave us hanging!! What's the 3rd reason you're excited???

Meagan said...

oooh now i'm antsy!

But that is so sweet of your bro and Tony, they are so thoughtful!!!

Joi said...

Love the little my H is a hockey player and lover, too!

: )

Anne said...

I am in MN also. Mind sharing who your pediatrician is?


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