Valentine's Day Surprises

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally! Something fun out of our bathroom demo! Past the blown in insulation, Tony uncovered newspapers {whole newspapers} from the spring of 1941 through the summer of 1942.

Headline: Indians Desserting Reservations to Enlist in Army

Ad: Gas Range on Sale $39

Headline: Something concerning the WPA

A bouquet for our baby boy.
Gotta love my Mom. So, Saturday night, I'm at the restaurant punching in an order by the front of the building and who do I see walking up? My mother, with this beautiful, fragrant bouquet . .. for the baby, so as not to step on Tony's toes lol.
Following work I also got the unpleasant surprise of being threatened with a $100,000 copyright infringement suit for my post on the push present wish list, for failing to respond to an email to my blog account within 22 hours. No fun and definitely leaves an unpleasant taste. I also seemed to have failed to detail that I in now way expect a push present from Ton! I just thought the blog post would be a fun subject, since it was exactly that, a wish list, something that I knew would never come to fruitition.
And for the record, of the two photographers blogged about, it was not Moments in Time.


Chels said...

Those newspapers are a fun little discovery. I love old stuff.

Pretty, pretty flowers!

and copyright infringement, what? The law student side of me is intrigued.

Meredith said...

Well, I'm sure that I can guess what the copyright infringement suit was about judging by what is now missing from the previous post. Lame. It would leave a bad taste in my mouth too!

LOVE the purple irises!

Rebecca said...

The newspapers were such a neat find!

That photographer was a complete b**ch! I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Anonymous said...

#1 - the newspapers are awesome.

#2 - the bouquet is gorgeous.

#3 - is the photographer the one that emailed you? How flippin' ridiculous. Ugh, that would put a bad taste in my mouth as well. How dumb for someone to turn something that could send business their way into a big hissy fit. People are weird.

Emily said...

Had to go back because I missed the push present post...yuck to all of the negative nancies out there. First of all, I totally love the idea of a push present - joke or not. And the copyright infringement thing is ridiculous to me.

Anyway - I love your blog, so don't let them get you down.

A said...

Wow...that photographer got her undies in a bundle...If that were me I'd be thinking "Sweet! Free advertising!" But I guess that's why I don't have a thriving photography business...

Love the flowers...will they last until Baby Boy Bless makes his arrival? :)

Kelly said...

dang! a law suit?? wouldn't what you post actually have been helpful to her business? I don't really get it. Is it just because you posted her pics without her permission. lame-o.

Sarah said...

I love old finds like those newspapers - if only I could replace my range for $39. :) Beautiful flowers for baby bless, too!

And copyright infringement? WOW! I saw the post and thought you made a pretty good ad for her. :/ So much for sending business her way.

Erin said...

Wow. Can't believe you got in trouble for that!! Ridiculous!

Katie said...

The newspapers are cool...the flowers are beautiful...that photographer is not nice! Way to earn business, right?

Meagan said...

WOW, that photographer is super lame. Glad I will never use them! Ugh. people are sooo freakin anal..

If your reading ...GET OVER YOURSELF. haha

By the way Leah, those newspapers are so cool! Its so funny to look back on prices and the way things used to be!

AJ said...

Sweet newspaper finds! And the flowers are so pretty. That was so very thoughtful of your mom.

Courtney said...

Those newspapers are so neat! Are you going to leave them in there or take them out?

Gorgeous flowers- your mom is a sweet woman!

Blah.. ridiculous photographer. Don't let it get you down girl! :)

kari said...

Those newspapers are awesome. I love finding things like that. I even wrap up Christmas decor in newspaper so I can see what the news was saying when I unwrap them the next year. I'm a dork like that.

That was so sweet of your mom to bring flowers for baby bless.

And copyright? That's just ridiculous! I thought you gave them some advertising they would be grateful for.

Mrs. McB said...

Wow! How crazy. When I start my wedding plan, you can advertise on your blog for me all you want. ;)

Crazy person! You are getting free PR because of this blog. But you lost that!

fallgirly said...

I can't believe someone would bug you about the "push present blog". Wow, that is sad!!

*Kimmie* said...

So cool about the newspaper!

Love the flowers!

Horrible on the copyright infringement... I think it's a bit overkill on a completely personal blog!

Joi said...

Boo to the photographer--huge mistake, huge! {a la Pretty Woman!}

Kelsey said...

Now I feel bad that I even sent you the link to that photographer, because even if she's just blowing smoke it's no fun to deal with someone like that. YUCK!

(The sad thing is, if you HADN'T linked to her site, which SEEMS to be the appropriate move, she wouldn't have even known that your blog existed nor that you had posted about her!)

Those flowers are gorgeous.

Mary said...

How sad that your previous post was intented to be about enjoying and remembering the birth of your child, yet you had to follow it up with two clarification comments in this post. People can be so touchy!

Your mom is a sweetheart and what fun to uncover the old newspapers.

Freckles Chick said...

Whatever to those negative peeps. Chill out people.

What a beautiful bouquet though! And I love historical finds like what you guys discovered. The best we can hope for is newspapers from the '80's in our home, LOL.

Rachel said...

I felt JUST SICK when I read that! Honestly I don't really think the pictures were in anyway copyrighted in an obvious way on the blog! what a nasty and inappropriate way for her to have handled that! I would have WELCOMED the free advertisement!

I'm sorry leah, IMO you did nothing wrong.


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