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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That husband of mine can be the most amazing man.

You guys have definitely taken notice of his handy man skills. Yeah, I know, not only is it cost saving, it's also hot. :)

Add on top of that the fact that he's not letting Valentine's Day slip by unnoticed, even though that's fully what I had in mind. I haven't really discussed it, but I'm still waitressing once a week, Saturday night . . . so that basically meant V-Day was shot at least in my mind. Little did I know Ton has been planning on celebrating on Friday evening, that is until he was assigned a high school hockey game, so now we're on to Sunday evening. Even better in my opinion. He asked whether I wanted to just go laid back or something romantical, and given the fact that 95% of our life is laid back, I chose the latter. :)

As for the other a word? He can also be the most aggravating man ever.

You know all of that progress he's been making? Apparently he decided he's ahead of schedule and that we have money to blow, because he's got the idea to gut out the nursery and re-sheet rock it and he won't shake it. While aesthetically I can't argue against it, as the walls are "textured" due to about 5-6 layers of paint and there is no over head lighting {which Tony would be able to install if he were to gut the room}, I just can't deal with the time and cost, even though admittedly the cost would basically be replacing the trim since the sheetrock is being taken off of our co worker's hands. I just know that the trim won't be done until months after Baby Bless is born and I just worry about how much this little project will set us back timewise. Bah.

In other news, we received notice from Menard's that our counter top is in and Tony's chalked it up to his Saturday plans, which is not a short list.

- Picking up countertop
- Driving to Wisconsin to pick up sheet rock and dura rock
- Driving to Inver Grove Heights to pick up lumber for vanity
- Finish demoing bathroom

Oh and yes Sarah, my last post was a nursery update, at least in my mind lol, as every project crossed off brings us closer and closer to actually working on the nursery! :)


Sarah said...

Are we married to the same man, Leah? Handyman skills are hot, but they're always SO overly optimistic about how long it will take them to finish a project. Good luck with that!

At least you've got a romantic evening to look forward to - and if he starts demo-ing drywall, all the better, get away from the mess!

Lisa said...

The duplicity of men... It's unavoidable :).

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your V-Day!

And re-sheet rock the room - it will be worth it!

Courtney said...

I think any wife would agree that those words apply to their husbands. :)

Katie said...

Enjoy your valentine's day. It's the last one you two will have alone... :)

Kaitlyn said...

I think those words apply to ALL men. Ha.

Rebecca said...

Have a fun Valentine's Day. I bet it will be a lot of better to celebrate on Sunday because there won't be as many people out.

AJ said...

Tony's nursery plans sound a lot like ours did. Except instead of re-sheetrocking, we mudded the walls smooth. And we're working on the overhead lights...but the attic is full of insulation and the slope of the roof gets pretty small so a grown man nor a pregnant wife can fit easily in that space. Oh...and then there's the trim that has all been replaced or in the process of replacing.

Don't let Tony tell you the room also needs new extension jams for the windows, toppers above the windows, door, and closet doors, and a new bedroom door.

Boys and their ideas...

J said...

Geez, men and their tunnel vision!!


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