Quick Sugar Free (Delicious) Dessert

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I hate recipes without a picture, but honestly, this just needs to be documented!

Raspberry Chocolate "Pie"
1 large box of Jello Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding
2 containers of raspberries
1 jar of Polaner's seedless raspberry all fruit spread (halved)
2 cups milk
1 premade graham cracker crust

Take the first half of the Polaner's and spread on the sides and bottom of the crust. Next take one container of raspberries and layer on the crust, followed by spreading the remainder of the Polaner's acting as a filling. Next whip together the Jello pudding with the 2 cups milk, detracting 1 cup from the box's directions to make it thicker and sweeter. Once it has set pour on top of the raspberries/spread, use the remaining container to decorate the top of the "pie."

Delicious and all on sale! :)


Mrs. Southern said...

This sounds great! I wish I could make it tonight, I am craving something sweet. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Meredith said...

That sounds fantastic! Is Polaner's anything special or just normal fruit spread? I've never heard of it!

Faith said...

Yum! DH calls any kind of no bake/graham cracker crust pie, white trash pie. His favorite is a box of chocolate pudding topped off with cool whip.

Unknown said...
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Freckles Chick said...

Leah! I'm posting here b/c I was afraid my comment would get lost in the bazillion comments in your job post below.

Congratulations my dear!! Way to own that interview and completely rule the job front! I'm just elated for you guys, I'm beaming =)

(Love the chic black dress and I must try this recipe, although my NY's resolution is to cut down on sugar. So far I've failed.)

Lori Z said...

That sounds delish!

Katie said...

I love when the recipe doesn't have a gazillion ingredients! This sounds like a total girls dessert - chocolate and berries?! Yes I will take two servings please :)

Emily said...

Going to the store tonight to get the ingredients. YUM.

J said...

Yum!!! I'm always looking for a new desert to try!!

That Girl said...

I'm getting highly skilled at reading ingredients and being able to imagine the finished project. This sounds great!


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