Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nadia reminded me that I'm a little odd this weekend by making fun of me everytime that I said "uf-dah" or "ooof-da!" Sad to say, it was quite frequently, say everytime I sat or stood lol.

I thought an Ooof-da title was appropriate for the winter weather we've been experiencing, as well as the trials of the winter weather.

Friday morning Tony and I arose to -22 temps, with -44 windchill. School was called off for the majority of the metro, but you know how it is being an adult, work doesn't call snow/cold days. We had to drive separate to work, as I was only going in for a 1/2 day and Tony would be leaving from work to go straight to his DIII game. As usual, I made it out the door faster than Tony, so I was about 30 minutes into our 35 minute commute, when I got his phone call. The Blazer had a flat. The extreme cold can excellerate any minor leak and it's good MN common knowledge to keep an eye on tire pressure, good MN common knowledge that we chose to ignore. So Tony set off to find air and in the process of driving to 4 gas stations on that quest, ended up tearing it to shreds. So next he drove to a tire shop, who didn't service the tires that my stepDad wanted . . . so the Blazer had to be towed somewhere that did. :( Fun times.

Before going to pick up Tony {after leaving work 10 minutes after I arrived}, I stopped at the bank to deposit some checks. And wouldn't you know, across the street I see some crazy madmen constructing a building!

-44 even at 9am that morning with windchill! We Minnesotans surely are hardy people.


Chels said...

Hardy indeed! Brrrr, it was so cold!

Julia Goolia said...

I like to use the word "haggard" for myself, really. And I agree....this weather is freaking insane. Sorry about the tire! That would've been enough to send me over the edge for sure.

Rebecca said...

Very hardy people, indeed! I'm extremely impressed that people can do anything in such frigid temps!

Meredith said...

Ugggh. Battling with flats is NO FUN. We also did that last week. Twice.

J said...

The cold weather takes it's toll on everything, I can't wait til Summer. ; )

Mary said...

OMG, that is rough. I don't know what people who live up there do with their dogs because mine is being a baby about 20 degrees!


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