Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby bless now weighs around 1.5 lbs, and measures about 8.8 inches from crown to rump. That's measurable you guys! He's showing up as weight on the scale, although I can't attribute as much to him as I would like lol.

The other night while in bed, I spooned up behind Tony, with my legs rounding back behind his, so that my stomach was meshed to his back and butt. Just as I settled into this position, our baby boy started up some kicking antics. I immediately asked Tony if he could feel the kicks.

Me: "Can you feel your son? Kicking your butt?!"
Ton: "Yes, and I'm sure it won't be the last time he does."


Apparently I'm in for some fluid retention, particularity in the facial area, and I dare say that I think it's presence is noticed. Additionally the top of my uterus is now between my bellybutton and my ribcage, who knew?

Also to be noted,
"Your increasing size may cause increasing discomfort. You might be experiencing back pain, leg cramps, headaches and pressure around your pelvic area. " Let's just say there's a resounding YES.

Sleeping and I are still failing to align our schedules, as it seems I'm only good until about 3:00am before I awake to back pain. New this week are the frequent leg cramps, oddly enough on the outside of my shin, something in all of my years of soccer and running, I have never experienced. I'd have to say that the oddest pain though has been that of my pelvic area, let's be honest my vag hurts. It's peculiar.

Also, for the first time in my life, I've been seeing stars. Growing up, I always thought that the stars drawn for cartoons were goofy looking things and I often wondered what on earth people actually saw that related to the cartoons! Now I know. I also know that seeing stars is not something to be particularly worried about and that they are associated with a drop in blood pressure, however, what does concern me is that I'm seeing stars without provocation.

It should also be brought up that although I'm well past halfway of this pregnancy, I'm trying to just now cut the caffeine. Caffeine and alcohol {along with soft cheeses, hot dogs and lunch meat} are definitely hot topics, but I think that most can agree that some form of moderation is acceptable. That is not to say that I've been drinking alcohol {I haven't had a precious sip}, but if the people in my life weren't so set against it, I probably would. Just as I have eaten lunch meat and my fabulous blue cheese and feta! Sorry, I'm off on a tangent. Caffeine. Back to the point. Some doctors say to abstain, other's allow 2 cups, so I've felt very middle of the line with my 1 cup a day {I have cut out Diet Coke altogether, although that was surprisingly easy and required little discipline}. Now that I feel Baby Bless kicking though, it has been very disconcerting to realize that eating my breakfast and downing my coffee is now simultaneous with Baby Bless' first movements of the day. I do understand that some of the kicking can be attributed to breakfast . . .but it's just not good enough for me. So Tony has supported me this past week in changing our morning joe to 1/2 decaf, 1/2 regular in a 2 week progression to a caffeine free Leah!

One last pregnancy related story . . . at my serving job, there is the cutest little 19 year old server. I mean honestly adorable with just the most pleasant personality ever! If it isn't clear, I'm quite enamored with her . . . and she's lucky I am!

Casey: "You know, Leah, every time I see you, I swear your butt has gotten bigger!"
Me: "I can't believe you would say that to me!!!"
Casey: "No, no! It's a good thing! Guys love it! I'm jealous is why I notice."
Me: "Yeah, I know, my husband is a fan, but honestly, I can't BELIEVE you said that to me."
Casey: "Well, I'm sorry, but it is and I think it's a good thing!"

Baby bless is 1.5 lbs (not 20).
Our son is already kicking his Daddy's butt!
Sleep is still not my friend, but leg cramps and back aches are.
Seeing stars is not as comical as I'd imagined.
I'm trying to cut out caffeine, currently doing 1/2 decaf, 1/2 regular.
My butt is H-U-G-E.


Julia Goolia said...

~10 points for using the word 'vag' in your post. I love it and nearly LOL'd.

~Don't pass out, Leah! My patients see stars when their BP drops and then they pass out on me! Be careful, girl.

~Woah. You are a stronger woman that I. Cutting out caffeine would be the most horrendous part of pregnancy IMO. I'm proud of you for thinking of the baby first, but seriously.....so much will power!

~Love the boo-tay comment. I'm jealous, too, so I know what she means!

leah @maritalbless said...

Julia - I'm proud of you for reading the whole pregnancy related post! lol, it was a long one and you started out scared of my mentioning charting!

The Slacker Mom said...

Wow! You are Baby Bless is really starting to pop out! Sorry about the swelling, it's the one thing I was able to skip thankfully- at least in the face. You still look great though.

Mrs. Southern said...

You are so small to be halfway through your pregnancy. I'm sure you may not feel that way since you wrote about swelling but you look great!

Raquel said...

Still looking good ! This may be a mistake but in a pervious post did you say that you were getting a doppler, and if so did you post about the use of this ?
I just wondered what your experience with this was.
Sorry if I missed the post.

d.a.r. said...

Again, you are so precious and cute, it just isn't fair! I am going to be a giant pregnant blimp someday while you have a nice bootay and an adorable baby bump.

And I love how honest you are, seriously. I love it! It's nice to know what it really is like!!

Emily said...

Yuck, giving up diet coke is the main reason that I'm waiting to have kids. You are a strong strong woman. And the cutest pregnant lady ever (I say it every week, but it's worth repeating).

Chels said...

I love that baby bless is already kicking his father's butt. Too cute!

I am totally jealous of your booty. I have such a flat one, I wish mine would grow.

And scary about seeing stars!

*Kimmie* said...

Hi, Baby!

And I'm totally jealous that you have an excuse for your booty!!! I've always had an abnormally large booty, but no good excuse for it! =)

Schwartz Family said...

I love that you are taking pictures of your belly every week. Its nice to see how baby bless is growing.

I wish i had a butt so you should show that thing off proudly!

Ashley @ Our Happily Ever Afters said...

I bought a body pillow to sleep with VERY early in my pregnancy, and it helps when sleeping. I'm still not totally comfortable per se, but it makes it more manageable.

It looks to me like you are still tiny all over, and have just the right amount of belly! So cute :o) I'm in the totally-huge feeling stage..haha! I always enjoy your updates. I'm glad we're doing this at the same time! xoxo!

Sarah Louise said...

You look great! It seems like you grew a bit since the last time you posted a pic :) I can't tell you have swelling in the face at all.

I hope your blood pressure doesn't drop too much. Make sure you drink lots of water! And good luck cutting caffeine out. That's a tough one.

Meredith said...

I had no idea that lunch meat and cheeses were off limits during pregnancy. Probably because of that Lysteria disease I was paranoid that I had.

Serious kudos to you for giving up caffeine girlie!

Kaitlyn said...

You look so great! I just love your honesty Leah. I'm amazed that you're giving up caffeine but so proud of you-- way to go :)

J said...

You look awesome mama!!! I can't believe your 25weeks already!!

AJ said...

Dude, your baby went through a total growth spurt this week! You should do one of those overlay pictures comparing. Are you starting to feel pregnant now that you have a substantial bump and he's showing some definite movements?

I see stars sometimes too. Mostly when I stand up too fast or something like that.

The outer part of my thighs (hip flexors--right where the tendonitis is) ache when I sleep. A body pillow helps a little, but then I get so very hot. Exercise helps me the most. If I go to Snap, my thighs don't ache for about 2 days afterwards. And when they do start to ache, that's my signal to get back there!

So yeah, I hear ya.

High Heels & Mascara said...

Dude, you have the cutest belly ever!

Kelsey said...

Yay! Your baby bump is looking ADORABLE--still so petite, and so beautiful/motherly at the same time!

At my most recent doctor appointment, they told me that I'm anemic and need to add more iron to my diet--I'm pretty sure anemia can cause light-headedness, too. Perhaps iron is the solution to seeing stars?

Mary said...

Wow, 8.8 inches is definitely measureable! Pretty soon he will be a whole ruler long! I would have a really hard time giving up Diet Coke, so I am impressed that you were easily able to and that you will be giving up coffee. Good luck and you look fantatsic!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Where did that bump come from?! You've definitely popped now - too cute. ;)

Megan said...

ADORABLE!! And let me say, the vag hurting... must be totally normal, it feels like a sharp, but dull, pain - eh? I'm proud of you for cutting out caffiene - definitely haven't even tried to do it, mostly because my dr is one that doesn't care, as long it's in moderation. So I treat myself to a can of diet coke a day and a coffee every once in a while. You're amazing though!

abby said...

I also find that Coke isn't too hard to give up - but coffee is another story.

I love the baby kicking story, so cute!

You're kinda scaring me here with this talk of vag pain woman!

Rachel said...

Seriously could you be any cuter?! you're popping out but your little belly is still so tiny!!!

AmberDenae said...

You look aodrable!!! You finally are starting to look pregnant!!! :)

Laura said...

This is GermanGirl from the Nest....and let me just say that you are so stinkin cute. Sorry if "cute" is offensive, but don't for a minute doubt that you are a beautiful pregnant woman. :) I am glad that your hubby lets you know it. :) Also, it's refreshing to hear such honesty.....:) Lovin' it. :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

oh my goodness! your bump is way cuter than mine! :)


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