Oh Tony . . .

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I love my husband, I think that much is evident, but sometimes I've just got to wonder what he's thinking!

- In response to watching an ad for NBC's made for tv movie of The Last Templar: "You know that's based on National Treasure." {One of Ton's all time favorite movies} He was shocked when I told him that it was actually a best seller.


Monday, January 26, 2009

- Thank you all for the many prayers you've so graciously blessed me with recently, I feel I've been a bit of a hoarder. My grandma is doing well and has been told by hospital staff that her guardian angel intervened on her behalf, saying they are quite baffled by the test results. By both staff and family accounts, as well as my grandma's recollection of the events, she suffered a stroke, complete with evidence . . . but the CT scan, MRI and assorted other tests show nothing to support what was witnessed. One doctor today actually pulled my cousin, his colleague, to the side and told him that it was a miracle.

- Tony made due on his goal to finish the tiling this weekend!

Next up, he'll grout, caulk, install the toilet, caulk, install the pedestal sink, caulk, affix the handles for the faucets and hang the mirror, before moving on up to the main level bathroom!

Don't be expecting a pretty, well decorated bathroom to come out of this space for at least a year though. I never got that far. Thankfully we've been purchasing the necessary items for this bathroom, the upstairs bath and the nursery fixeroo for quite some time so everything is on hand, without additional expense . . . with the exception of accessories, the upstairs vanity {being built by my father in law}, and the countertop {which will be bought this week on sale at Menards}. Sorry to disappoint D&R girls, limited funds.

- My first day at my new employment went well! It was extremely surreal for me to board my bus again, after almost a year, especially to go to a new destination. I did not like paying the $3 both ways either. Yikes. My Metro Pass can't come soon enough!

Tony and I are talking through our insurance options right now, combined with the very real reality that I may not be eligible for short term disability, which would mean an unpaid maternity leave . . . so that's fun to think about. I've been reminded quite frequently throughout the afternoon and evening though, that I should increasingly be thankful for the job in and of itself, so I'm focusing on that!

So far everyone seems really nice! I can already tell that I'll need to majorly mind my mouth, so that ever sentence doesn't start with "Well, when I was at Target . . . "


A bit of a scare.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My grandma has been in and out of the hospital recently due to heart palpatations. She has a bit of a heart murmur {again, not a doctor, just repeating what I hear} and switched medications following a trip to the ER a few weeks ago. Thursday she went into the hospital again, her new medication dosage was upped and she was kept for observation before being released Friday afternoon.

Unfortunately, she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance at 12:30 this morning, again for her heart. She was admitted to the ER during the early morning hours, before she was released at 5:30. It was during the release this morning that she gave us all a bit of a scare. She "fainted," but maintains that she never loss consciousness, just the ability to respond. Thankfully she was still at the hospital, because they think she may have had a mild stroke. Her cognitive skills are still intact and there was no paralysis, but it took several hours for her to start speaking coherently again . . . the main point being, she is talking coherently and without much difficulty! praise the Lord!

Tony and I were able to spend some time at the hospital with her and the family today and the progress of her speech was quite amazing. She is being admitted again, as they are running a series of tests to determine if she did suffer a stroke.

I'd appreciate any prayers you'd be willing to say on behalf of the sweetest, strongest woman I've ever known. My son needs to know his great grandma, if for no other reason than his Momma wouldn't know how to operate without her.

Nursery progress.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I swear, this truly is nursery related, even if I'll only be speaking of our bathrooms! {oh and this is probably my worst post ever in terms of writing}

So, I'm not sure if every one is aware of how small our house is, because it's small. The exterior walls are 24' by 24'. Instead of a stamp sized lot in the city, we have stamp sized house on a large lot. Going into purchasing this house we had big dreams, only one of which has come to fruition, so far. We plan to stay here hopefully for the rest of our lives, by adding on and renovating it. The next project is tackling the bathroom {yes, we only have one} . . . which has been in progress for quite some time.

Since we are stealing the closet out of the nursery to swing our tub and shower into, to free up space, the pressure is really on Tony now to get the bathrooms finished so that we have a nursery space to work on!

The best I could do to picture our 5.5' by 5.5' main level bathroom. I'm standing in the tub, which will be pivoted into the wall to my left {the closet of the nursery}. We will then have a vanity that occupies the space of the toilet and sink as pictured, and will shift the toilet to the corner, where the tub now is.

Before gutting this bathroom though, Tony had the fantastic idea of adding a bathroom to our basement so that we wouldn't have to be taking our showers elsewhere, let alone being left without a toilet facility. So taking this back corner {previous owners schtuff} and . . .
ripping out this nasty standing shower, we had a space for the bathroom. {apparently there was a bar of soap left in the shower from the owner's before the owner's we bought from!}
Since there was only the shower and no other roughed in plumbing, Tony redid the waste lines, moved gas lines and installed all of the water lines himself. :) When he puts his mind to something, he does it.
Why yes, there was a jackhammer in my basement, operated by my husband, how did you know? Oh, the gaping hole and disconnected waste lines clued you in? I should have known.
It wasn't long though before there was a recognizable space, with legitimate framing. Alas, this was the state of the basement for the majority of the summer, due to the massive fence project.
But with the press of Baby Bless's arrival, Tony has tackled the basement once again, in the middle of his hockey reffing season no less! Not pictured is the insulated drywalls, pictured the cement wall and shower faucets!
We scored the neo-angle shower base off of craigslist some time ago for $50!
I'm proud to say that we now have primed walls ready for painting and that Tony is hopefully going to finish off the tiling this weekend!
This is what he got done last night!

I'm that pregnant girl.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last night, after Biggest Loser and my date with the treadmill, I hopped on D&R and found myself in a discussion with SJH regarding starting my new job on Monday. I'm not sure if it has or hasn't been noticed that I have yet to post about the transition, but well, I haven't because frankly I haven't given it much thought.

While I can be a bit of a worrier, you will not find me stressed out about meeting new people. I know that not everyone will like me, but it's not worth my time to worry about whether or not people will. From what I've gathered in life so far, if I go in, do my thing, present myself as I am, and pick up things relatively fast, it'll go fine and I'll befriend enough people to make my time enjoyable.

Additionally, while I was both under and overqualified for this position, I can do this new job. Sure there will be a learning curve and I'm sure a fair amount of frustration, but from the sounds of it, I should enjoy the challenges.

What is finally hitting me about starting this new position is that I'll never actually be who I think of as Leah to my new co-workers. I will first and foremost be pregnant Leah, followed by maternity leave Leah, and then finally new Mom Leah. When I first started with Target Corp, it was much the same. I was in a class of my peers, but I was one of only 4 who were married and I was defined by it.

No one will know that I was captain of my college soccer team, because no one will think to ask what my hobbies are or what I do in my free time, instead I'll face focused questions on the pregnancy. That saddens me, because this pregnancy does not define me, and yet it will, without my permission.

Is there something in my teeth?

Kristal who lives the fabulous life documented at good food, good friends, good life, bestowed me with the smile award a few weeks back and I decided I should make good on it now. :)

The qualifications are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude
B. Love one another
C. Make mistakes
D. Learn from others
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world
G. Love kids

And the rules:
1. Must link it back to the creator
2. Post the rules
3. Choose 5 people to give it to
4. Recipients must fit the characteristics above
5. Create a post to share this
6. You must thank the winner

I'm not sure why I tend to ignore awards, I don't think that they're silly. I'm deeply honored when I receive them . . . I just don't know!

Karen - has maintained a steadfast cheerful attitude to the blogging world through her ttc journey and adventures in decorating and renovating.

AJ - is my girl. While we're not necessarily close enough in proximity to drop over at each other's houses unannounced, AJ has been a huge support to me this past year.

Emily - her blog name is imperfect. How can I not love this girl?

Hbee - in my mind, she writes like I do. Hilarious or heartbreaking, you can't help but know that she's expressing it how she sees it or has experienced it.

Ashley - bless her heart, Ashley is one of the sweetest Southern girls that I've ever come across. Her relationship with her husband is strong, as is her relationship with Jesus.

How can I be more honest?

Monday, January 19, 2009

The lovely little d.a.r awarded me this scrap metal award and while I'm usually so good at ignoring awards, I thought I'd like to participate in this one!

The rules are as follows:

1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

So here goes . . .

1). Sometimes I've overwhelmed with the thought that Tony may love me more than I love him. I am quick to remind myself though that falling in love, being in love and actually loving someone are all very different. Loving someone is a choice you not only make daily, you must make hourly, if not by the minute, in order to affirm that love.

2). I've never had a hero. Some of my best creative writing came from writing essays about my hero, as we so often had to do growing up. I never had a subject, so I just had to come up with someone I could make a supporting arguement for.

3). Motherhood is not something I ever aspired to accomplish. I did not dream of this day fast approaching. I knew I would someday be a mother, but I always second guessed my mothering ability. To some extent I still do.

4). About this time every year I go through an identity crisis, usually stemming from my hatred towards my physical self. It generally takes a few days of wallowing before I finally remember that it's the middle of winter in Minnesota, I'm beyond pale, my body isn't toned and my hair color no longer compliments my skin tone. It's generally fixed by a cut and color appointment, which I have scheduled next week curtesy of my Mom, again.

5). Sometimes I think my friends over-estimate what I am truly capable of, but I rarely think that I am under-estimating what I can deliver.

6). If I could eat Thai food for one meal everyday for the rest of my life, I would never get sick of it.

7). I love photography, I just don't know it's place in my life.

8). Sometimes I feel as though when reading your blog's that you are having a literal conversation with me. And I truly mean me, not the blogging community, just me.

9). I seem to attract fake friends. You know, the ones who always want to get together with you, but if they were facing a terrible situation they would never call on your for help, instead they would sit there with a smile on their face and say that everyting was "fine." I hate that. It has nothing to do with being stubborn or having a lot of pride and everything to do with not letting people in. These fake friends also seem to be the hardest to shake. I'm sorry, but if you can't tell me you're frickin pissed about something in your life, I don't want to hear how glossy perfect it is either.

10). I truly do have a tendency to overshare in real life. The honesty that so often I hear praise for in comments to this blog provides a lot of humor, but almost equal amounts of pain to those I get to call my friends in real life.

Holy crap, that was sporadic.

Now I call on these beauties: amberdenae, chelsie, meredith, erin, chelsea, sarah, kaitlyn, andrea, julia, and kristal.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby bless now weighs around 1.5 lbs, and measures about 8.8 inches from crown to rump. That's measurable you guys! He's showing up as weight on the scale, although I can't attribute as much to him as I would like lol.

The other night while in bed, I spooned up behind Tony, with my legs rounding back behind his, so that my stomach was meshed to his back and butt. Just as I settled into this position, our baby boy started up some kicking antics. I immediately asked Tony if he could feel the kicks.

Me: "Can you feel your son? Kicking your butt?!"
Ton: "Yes, and I'm sure it won't be the last time he does."


Apparently I'm in for some fluid retention, particularity in the facial area, and I dare say that I think it's presence is noticed. Additionally the top of my uterus is now between my bellybutton and my ribcage, who knew?

Also to be noted,
"Your increasing size may cause increasing discomfort. You might be experiencing back pain, leg cramps, headaches and pressure around your pelvic area. " Let's just say there's a resounding YES.

Sleeping and I are still failing to align our schedules, as it seems I'm only good until about 3:00am before I awake to back pain. New this week are the frequent leg cramps, oddly enough on the outside of my shin, something in all of my years of soccer and running, I have never experienced. I'd have to say that the oddest pain though has been that of my pelvic area, let's be honest my vag hurts. It's peculiar.

Also, for the first time in my life, I've been seeing stars. Growing up, I always thought that the stars drawn for cartoons were goofy looking things and I often wondered what on earth people actually saw that related to the cartoons! Now I know. I also know that seeing stars is not something to be particularly worried about and that they are associated with a drop in blood pressure, however, what does concern me is that I'm seeing stars without provocation.

It should also be brought up that although I'm well past halfway of this pregnancy, I'm trying to just now cut the caffeine. Caffeine and alcohol {along with soft cheeses, hot dogs and lunch meat} are definitely hot topics, but I think that most can agree that some form of moderation is acceptable. That is not to say that I've been drinking alcohol {I haven't had a precious sip}, but if the people in my life weren't so set against it, I probably would. Just as I have eaten lunch meat and my fabulous blue cheese and feta! Sorry, I'm off on a tangent. Caffeine. Back to the point. Some doctors say to abstain, other's allow 2 cups, so I've felt very middle of the line with my 1 cup a day {I have cut out Diet Coke altogether, although that was surprisingly easy and required little discipline}. Now that I feel Baby Bless kicking though, it has been very disconcerting to realize that eating my breakfast and downing my coffee is now simultaneous with Baby Bless' first movements of the day. I do understand that some of the kicking can be attributed to breakfast . . .but it's just not good enough for me. So Tony has supported me this past week in changing our morning joe to 1/2 decaf, 1/2 regular in a 2 week progression to a caffeine free Leah!

One last pregnancy related story . . . at my serving job, there is the cutest little 19 year old server. I mean honestly adorable with just the most pleasant personality ever! If it isn't clear, I'm quite enamored with her . . . and she's lucky I am!

Casey: "You know, Leah, every time I see you, I swear your butt has gotten bigger!"
Me: "I can't believe you would say that to me!!!"
Casey: "No, no! It's a good thing! Guys love it! I'm jealous is why I notice."
Me: "Yeah, I know, my husband is a fan, but honestly, I can't BELIEVE you said that to me."
Casey: "Well, I'm sorry, but it is and I think it's a good thing!"

Baby bless is 1.5 lbs (not 20).
Our son is already kicking his Daddy's butt!
Sleep is still not my friend, but leg cramps and back aches are.
Seeing stars is not as comical as I'd imagined.
I'm trying to cut out caffeine, currently doing 1/2 decaf, 1/2 regular.
My butt is H-U-G-E.


Nadia reminded me that I'm a little odd this weekend by making fun of me everytime that I said "uf-dah" or "ooof-da!" Sad to say, it was quite frequently, say everytime I sat or stood lol.

I thought an Ooof-da title was appropriate for the winter weather we've been experiencing, as well as the trials of the winter weather.

Friday morning Tony and I arose to -22 temps, with -44 windchill. School was called off for the majority of the metro, but you know how it is being an adult, work doesn't call snow/cold days. We had to drive separate to work, as I was only going in for a 1/2 day and Tony would be leaving from work to go straight to his DIII game. As usual, I made it out the door faster than Tony, so I was about 30 minutes into our 35 minute commute, when I got his phone call. The Blazer had a flat. The extreme cold can excellerate any minor leak and it's good MN common knowledge to keep an eye on tire pressure, good MN common knowledge that we chose to ignore. So Tony set off to find air and in the process of driving to 4 gas stations on that quest, ended up tearing it to shreds. So next he drove to a tire shop, who didn't service the tires that my stepDad wanted . . . so the Blazer had to be towed somewhere that did. :( Fun times.

Before going to pick up Tony {after leaving work 10 minutes after I arrived}, I stopped at the bank to deposit some checks. And wouldn't you know, across the street I see some crazy madmen constructing a building!

-44 even at 9am that morning with windchill! We Minnesotans surely are hardy people.

On bedding . . .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've been struggling lately with bedding options. I've never been one for themes, characters or anything too cutesy and honestly the only true theme that we have a strong tie to is hockey. Just putting this out there, hockey is not well loved by the baby community, I swear it is actually shunned or blacklisted! See, I like clean simple designs, but the majority of bedding that I found fitting that bill was way too modern for us. So that let me to a lot of non decisions, the closest non decision being AJ's bedding, which even though we discussed would not be an issue if I duplicated . . . I just couldn't pull the trigger. So I've been scouring every baby bedding related site and was finally shocked to stumble across some bedding at gap! I have no idea if they just started offering bedding or if they've been offering it for years, but it was news to me!

It was instant like, but as with so many others, I could do without the cutesy turtles . . . everything else, from the clean blue and green lines to the wonderful topstitching? Love.

I love the box pleat on the crib skirt too!

Giggling turtles as it's called, isn't a fortune at $250, but it's also not a steal, especially not when with a few little tweaks I could love it fully. This of course let me to call my Mom to discuss our resources and wouldn't you know it, she took on the challenge fully!

So with the help of this pattern (please ignore the frilly flowers lol), with the inspiration of giggling turtles.

And these fun materials, with a few missing solids . . . Baby bless is going to end up with a fabulous bedding set, all made my his talented grandma!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

- Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comments and prayer support regarding our family situation. Daniel is currently at day 2 of treatment. I don't have much else information or updates.

- Telling work went very well, almost scarily well.

- Tony's been notified that he's been selected for jury duty in February.

- Easy Mac is delicious.

- I really was wearing two pairs of Spanx at my interview.

- My treadmill and I are friends again.

- It was -18 this morning, not including windchill . . . and Thursday is supposed to be colder.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Viability! We've reached the point of viability! With modern medical technology, Baby Bless would have a chance to survive if it were born now! Which I'm sure is due in part to the fact he now weighs around 1.2 lbs, and measures about 8.4 inches from crown to rump, but of course this does vary.
Fun times, the center of his bones are beginning to harden! Additionally, he can occupy himself by making a fist, and may already have a preference for his right or left hand {both grandpa's are lefties!}.

Supposedly Baby Bless sleeps and wakes in a more regular pattern now, and I am to notice that he is particularly active when you are resting. Which actually, yes, does seem to be true. Speaking of which . . . Tony felt his kick for the first time Thursday night and we could actually see my stomach move today!
As for my changes . . . I'm finally wearing a bra that fits again! Since my sports bras were getting too tight for comfort and my regular bras with these breastess' were not a pretty sight, I broke down and got 2 new ones. And it's bliss. Kind of funny though, I bought them at the aerie Christmas sale and was asked what size I was looking for, I just told the girl I had no freaking clue! Lol.
The sleeplessness continues, there should be no doubt that there is sleepiness and fatigue, just no sleep. I'm finally reaching my breaking point with clothes, I'm down to 2 pairs of jeans and 1 1/2 pairs of work pants. They're all a gamble though on whether or not they'll fit from day to day.
I'm pretty sure Tony has his mind made up regarding Baby Bless' name, yet he insists that he is keeping an open mind lol.
I visited with two girl friends yesterday and apparently one thought it would be sweet to tell me that I don't even look pregnant, just that I look to have a tire around my waist.
Baby bless is 8.4 inches and 1.2 lbs
He may be deciding on righty/lefty as we speak
Tony got to feel baby bless kick for the first time!
I'm wearing bras that fit!
My closet is full of clothes that are no longer an option.
Tony's probably made up his mind on our baby's name.
I have more in common with Firestone than maternity clothes apparently.

Breaking up.

Friday, January 9, 2009

So today is the day I'm giving my notice. I can't help but think that it will be met with some relief, the half of my salary that I do still get isn't much, but it'll still be freeing up some moolah. And even though I don't deserve it, I'm sure it will be met with quite a bit of disappointment as well.

The past 4 weeks have been a very odd time for me here, especially since the majority of my job seemed to have been spirited away by the partners. I had two very specific tasks, first to assemble and distribute our client Christmas gifts and second to create and deliver our proposal. Now that I am finished, I have no idea what is expected out of me, since the partners are busy meeting with the clients that I normally would . . . but I'm not being invited, nor are important recaps being given. I'm supposed to be finalizing a marketing plan, I started a few months ago, but as time went on I realized that it would just be my marketing plan, because I wasn't actually being included in the partner's conversations regarding the coming year. It's such a mess, which again brings me back to the relief and disappointment.

I'm breaking up with a boyfriend who tried to do right, but just wasn't prepared for the commitment and in the end just liked doing things the way he was prior to ever knowing me.

Quick Sugar Free (Delicious) Dessert

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I hate recipes without a picture, but honestly, this just needs to be documented!

Raspberry Chocolate "Pie"
1 large box of Jello Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding
2 containers of raspberries
1 jar of Polaner's seedless raspberry all fruit spread (halved)
2 cups milk
1 premade graham cracker crust

Take the first half of the Polaner's and spread on the sides and bottom of the crust. Next take one container of raspberries and layer on the crust, followed by spreading the remainder of the Polaner's acting as a filling. Next whip together the Jello pudding with the 2 cups milk, detracting 1 cup from the box's directions to make it thicker and sweeter. Once it has set pour on top of the raspberries/spread, use the remaining container to decorate the top of the "pie."

Delicious and all on sale! :)

Interview Recap

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Don't you just love men? At 10:30 last night, as we're laying in bed, Tony suddenly asks me what I was going to wear for the interview! It randomly occurred to him that I wouldn't fit in my suit, pay no mind to the fact that my outfit has been proudly hung and displayed since I picked it up! lol.
Anywho, the interview was interesting. Very, very interesting. I basically was started out on one question, which lasted almost the entire length of the interview, Why are you leaving your position for this one? So it was basically my duty to convince them that I would enjoy this position and that I truly knew what it would all entail. I wasn't too sure that I was that persuasive. I was told that they'll be wrapping up interviewing this week and that I would hear back by Friday or Monday . . .
Or today. Since I was extended an offer at 1:00pm! I've already accepted and decided to go ahead with telling the recruiter that I was pregnant. She wasn't even phased. There is no paid maternity leave for me due to time constraints, so I believe I will be buying short term disability insurance and be paid for 6 weeks? I still have to look into it all.
The best part? Benefits begin at the start of the month, so we'll be covered February 1st!
The cherry on top was being able to meet Erin today. She even gave me a little blogger welfare and treated me to Caribou! I could not have navigated this sea without Erin's support and inside information. Good thing she'll be reimbursed through the referral bonus and a dinner out! :)
Praise be to God. Thank you all for your prayers!

Pregnancy related.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All because of a photo . . . my Grandma is holding her egg salad making abilities hostage from me, until I give her my word that I have deleted this picture. Even though a second later we took a great one, in which she is smiling, this picture is by far my favorite. There's something about the surprised look on her face in combination with her expressed vanity regarding how horrible she thinks it is. It has also turned into a bit of a game for us. I just never knew she would hold out her egg salad, which my baby needs! :)

Additionally, there is no shortage of sweet sweet smiles given to me by my male friends, brother and husband. It's just the cutest thing to catch them staring at my stomach with a little crooked smile as they think of the possibilities. Unfortunately, Christmas Day, the first such day that my brother blessed me with this smile, he followed it up by saying {still with sweet smile}: "Wow, Leah, you've really exploded."

Finally, I failed to mention the melt down that nearly was on Friday. Tony ate my lean pocket, right before we were to leave for our doctor's appointment, so not only had I not eaten in 3 or so hours, I was unable to eat for an additional 1 1/2 after I really wanted to. Of course I got an "I'm sorry," but honestly, it was the closest to flippant that Tony has ever been. I wanted to start crying and throw a hissy fit on the way to and from the doctor, but somehow, I realized that that just wasn't rational. Thankfully. So when we got back, I ate.


Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm still alive, with a baby that now weighs almost 1 lb and measures about 8 inches from crown to rump. Apparently, baby bless is becoming plumper as his fat is being laid down at a high rate, but his skin is still wrinkled and reddish. The wrinkled and loose appearance of the skin is due to the faster production of his skin than the fat that fills it out. The reddish appearance of his skin is due to the deposition of pigment as his skin loses its translucent appearance.

Baby bless is still swallowing amniotic fluid (which provides an important nutritional supplement to the nutrition he gets via the placenta) and is passing some of it as urine. The swallowing of the amniotic fluid may cause him to get the hiccups, which I may possibly be able to feel. Also of note, I think for sure maybe that I can feel him kick now!

In the past two weeks I had my first major encounter with heartburn {extremely unpleasant} and have been sleeping terribly. I find myself waking up repeatedily throughout the night. Additionally, I have discovered my linea negra, which really freaked Tony out, since he has abandoned reading his pregnancy book.

Waitressing as much as I have been has been great exercise, but it's also caused a bit of an exhaustion related cold. So I apologize for the lack of posting lately, but all I've been wanting to do is go to sleep, knowing unfortunatley that I would not stay asleep. :(

We had our 2nd doctor's appointment on Friday. Baby bless's heartbeat was a steady and strong 150 and well, my weight is around there as well lol. I avoided a talking to by the dr, as she seems pretty pleased with my weight gain so far and seemed thrilled with my blood pressure, so I'll take it! Next up, I made my appointment to be tested for gestational diabetes by the glucose tolerance one hour test.

The interview is Wednesday morning. It's taken so long and arrived so quickly.

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