Christmas Traditions

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kim tagged me in her self-started tag that I think is pure genius, regarding Christmas traditions . . . and yet, I'd been toying with the idea of ignoring the tagging {as I seem to be so good at roughly 60% of the time! I'm sorry!}. See, I couldn't seem to find a positive spin on Christmas traditions, being as I've been shuttled to 5 Christmas' almost every year since I was 8. Additionally, I really wanted to lay down solid Christmas traditions of our own last year . . . and I'm pretty sure I failed. So, this post is off to a depressing start.

Here's what we've got though:

- Christmas decor up the day after Thanksgiving (2 for 2 on this one).
- Tony places the star topper.
- My Mom's birthday is Christmas Eve. My parent's had a bitter drawn out horrible divorce (is there really any other kind?) and my Dad claimed that his family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve, when in reality it was my Mom's family tradition . . . and as mentioned her birthday. Unfortunately, custody was given to my Dad for Christmas Eve, so my tradition has been to celebrate my Mom's birthday early Christmas Eve morning, heading out the door to my Dad's around 3:00 to celebrate Christmas with my step family and Dad, only to trek it back to my Mom's around 9:30ish to celebrate Christmas with my Mom while it was still Christmas Eve.
- Christmas day is reserved for stockings, as our presents had already been opened the night before.
- Then began the whirlwind of family, starting with my stepgrandparents, followed by my Mom's parents and finally my stepmom's family.
- Now that we have to factor in my in-laws, to say that it's tricky is an understatement.

I think that's about it, there aren't really any funny anedotes, time honored traditions or the like.

But I want there to be. I really do want there to be.


Allison aka Half of VAMH said...

ah..the joys of multiple families. I'm with ya. Thank goodness my IL's are married! There wasn't room for two more families!

d.a.r. said...

Oy. I am so so so sick of doing the Christmas shuffle, as well. I am dying to have kids so that I can just say "Screw it all, my kids are sleeping in their own beds on Christmas, yall can come to me".

Or something.

fallgirly said...

We were just talking about our traditions last night. Now that the baby is coming we've decided next year we're starting OUR OWN. I'm a bit nervous but I think it's time. Be brave! Start with me!!

AJ said...

A busy day you have on Wednesday. Now (or perhaps next Christmas...) is the time to start your own traditions, though. I know you'll think of something fabulous. And maybe you won't even realize it's "tradition" for awhile.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm happy that you did the tags. I think that going from family to family makes it so hard. We started a few of our own things this year while continuing the old ones. That helped us feel a littel more in control!

Hope you have a great Christmas! Next Christmas, think of the little one you will be spoiling!!!


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