Friday, December 26, 2008

(Overlay of 11w pic)

There's definite baby growth going on! Baby bless is at a remarkable 7.6 inches {or there abouts} from crown to rump this week and getting ever closer to breaking the pound division.

His digestive system now functions in a rudimentary manner, with undigested amniotic fluid passing into his bowel which he will eventually excrete after birth {oh joy!}. He's also busy sucking and swallow, and is probably deciding whether or not he will be a thumb sucker.

Baby blesses senses are developing as well, especially his sense of touch. He can feel his face and stroke his arms and legs. So . . . maybe he's too busy feeling himself to be punching/kicking his surroundings?

Now, you might be wondering how Mom's doing? And that answer would be fine/okay. Two words that Tony is beyond sick of hearing. I'm never great anymore, but that is more mental than physical. Please refer to my previous post about finally realizing {again} how blessed we are. I really want this knowledge to sink in, because I've been enjoying a bit of a pity party. In all reality, I've been robbing Tony of his joy and excitement regarding the baby and pregnancy these past few weeks, as I would rather pretend that I'm not. I've been focusing too much on how I need to fix this and have been very scared how it will be accomplished since everything that my body is doing right now seems to negatively impact finding a solution. I have not been a joy to be around and yet he still loves me, a fact that always amazes me.

So, I'm trying to let go and let God, as the saying goes, because at this point, I need a definite miracle. And I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm not much of a miracle maker, I'm pretty sure I'm 0 for infinity. :)

Baby bless is near 7.6 inches! Pretty soon I'll be measuring with the width of a sheet of paper!
He's very occupied touching himself.
I've been a bia.
I have back fat.
I'm realizing I can't fix this.


Anonymous said...

Cute bump - you're carrying so high!

Sarah said...

Leah my thoughts are with you during this difficult time. You are stronger than you think.

Sarah said...

Hang in there. Easier said than done, I know, but things are going to get better. Leave the details to God--He'll work it out for you.

fallgirly said...

I have back fat too. It just appeared out of nowhere. What the??? So you're not alone in this club sistah!

Sarah said...

Aw, you finally have a noticable bump (that can likely still be camoflauged for any interviews - don't forget that empire waists are in!...unless I'm way behind the ball).

Holler for having such a great husband. Of course, I'm thinking of you and hope that you move on from "okay" to "great" very soon.

Abby said...

You're so flipping adorable!! That might be the cutest bump ever!!!

Kaitlyn said...

I love your bump, it still looks like you might be able to conceal it with an empire waisted shirt or a blazer.

Tony sounds, again, wonderful.

It's so wonderful that you can see how blessed you are even in hard times-- in my opinion it's a peace that can only come from knowing God will take care of it in the end :) (Hope it's ok to say that here!)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the bump!!

Chels said...

Love that you overlaid the two pictures. Your bump is definitely growing. Too cute!

I, too, noticed I had back fat this week. I wish I could blame it on pregnancy, but alas, I think its the cookies I have been eating for breakfast. Hehe :)

I am still praying for you guys. I know that once you get into that slump where nothing seems to be going your way, it's difficult to crawl out again but you can and will do it. Everything will happen in good time my dear!

Megan said...

You look absolutely fabulous!

abby said...

Lookin good :)

Boo to back fat but yay for a growing baby!

amy (metz) walker said...

Such a cute baby bump...and just so you know, I scrolled back up and checked for back fat. I can emphatically say that you don't have any and that you are crazy! ;-)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! You are too cute. On the back fat, I blamed mine on pregnancy, really it was the nutella I downed in buckets.

Stephanie said...

Found your blog via Chapters, and congratulations on the little baby!

I am sure to be back for more! You are a wonderful writer!


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