Monday, December 1, 2008

Talk about worst picture in existance! Not necessarily as good as I'd hoped, as it was taken promptly before the battery died, but eh, it'll do. So hmm, I've completely screwed myself up here and whether I should detail the developments of week 17, or skip ahead to 18 as that's where I am now? {crickets} Okay, by audience applause we're going with week 17. :)

Baby bless is definitely between 5 to 5.6 inches from crown to rump and weighs about 5.25 ounces {or almost a 1/3 of a lb!}. He is practicing breathing by gulping amniotic fluid into its lungs. This helps the lung's development so they will function at birth {only 4-5weeks now until we reach viability!} He is becoming more sensitive to the outside world and is moving around, kicking and punching. As there is still plenty of space in your uterus, your baby can move around a lot, sitting cross-legged, reclining or even turning somersaults {all without disturbing me, sadly}.

He can debatedly hear by now as the ossicles {the bones that pass sound to the inner ear} have hardened and the portion of the brain that receives signals from the brain is under development.
The little guy is getting used to the sound of your heartbeat and blood passing through the umbilical cord, but may be startled by loud noises. He is also aware of some things in the outside world, including sounds and light. If the sun were to shine on my belly {if the sun actually came out in MN}, he possibly could perceive a warm red glow.

Oh and my uterus is supposedly comparable in size to cantalope right now . . . which would be okay, if I could feel it! {note anxiety}.

I fear I'm on the cusp of turning into one of those pregnant ladies. I've decided that monthly appointments are just too few and far between right now! Especially when I'm not feeling movement or growing outward at what I would think a normal rate! So, I did what any sane 18w, 3 days away from an appt, and less than 2 weeks from an ultrasound pregnant woman would do . . . I got Tony to okay our renting a fetal heart doppler. I think we'll only rent it one month, hopefully, or at least until I start feeling baby bless move. You get free next day air, so I should have it tomorrow afternoon!!

On the name front . . . there's been no forward progress. We have our list and I want to start narrowing it down, but Tony doesn't want to start until after our ultrasound on the 12th. I should just mention to you guys as well, that we will not be sharing the names. It's something I'm pretty lukewarm on, but Tony suddenly turned adament about. Following the conversations his sister was subjected to given her slightly non-traditional name choices {Wyatt and Reagan}, Tony does not want to be put in the same situation. We're not too worried about needing peer approval given our traditional taste, so really, it should be a win-win choice.

For recap:

Terrible picture
Baby bless is 5 to 5.6 inches and almost 1/3 of a pound
Baby bless is beginning to breathe amniotic fluid
No baby bless movement has been felt
I'm starting to feel like my stomach should be showing more and am worrying myself about it
I get my fetal heart doppler tomorrow
Monthly appointment is on Thursday
"Big" {hopefully anti-climatic} ultrasound is on the 12th
We are not going to tell people our name choices


Anonymous said...

#1 - Don't worry that you aren't feeling movement yet!

#2 - I think you are going to show slower than a lot of people because you are so skinny. Everyone carries differently. A friend of mine was pregnant a few years back and you couldn't even tell until she was 7 months along.

#3 - The Doppler is so exciting!

#4 - When Chad and I have a baby, we won't share the name with ANYONE until he/she is born. No one will know but us. Like you, I don't want any outside criticism.

fallgirly said...

Everyone shows differently, I really wouldn't worry, you're just one of the lucky ones! We have decided we aren't sharing names either!!

Chels said...

Don't worry about not showing yet. You are so skinny that it will come soon and then I think you will probably just pop and have a cute little basketball for a belly!

I agree about not wanting to share names with anyone. Whenever we decide to have children we will not share either. One, because I would not want to hear anyone's comments and two, I do not want to deal with name stealers.

Love the new Christmas layout. Very cute!

Katie said...

I have never heard of a baby dopler - that is so shmancy! Look at you Mommy McTechy!

Rebecca said...

I've never heard of a baby dopler either.
I love the new layout!

Unknown said...

Adorable picture! Can't wait to hear about the baby dopler!

Bekah said...

dont you worry too much, everyone experiences a different pregnancy, what happens at one point for one person doesnt necessarily mean you will be exactly the same, you, tony, and baby bless are all in my prayers.

Also, I totally understand on the names. Nothing is worse than telling someone the name you love and hearing 'oh yeah, thats my dogs name' ugh.

abby said...

I hope your anxiety will be put to rest once you get the doppler! I'm sure in a couple months you'll be thinking about how crazy you were to be bummed about NOT having a bigger belly :)

J said...

I didn't feel movement with my first until 20weeks. I think your baby belly is adorable!!

Unknown said...

I'm sooooo with you on the name thing. Our lips will be sealed when that time comes.

As an observer, I can definitely see progress with your baby bump. I wouldn't worry too much about anything.

Kaitlyn said...

I think keeping the name toy ourself is a smart idea. I know I for one would not want any outside criticism.

Don't worry too much! You're so thin already, and I do see progress with your bump. I will be excited about your ultrasound though :)

Schwartz Family said...

I bought a heart moniter because I couldn't feel my little one move either. What ever will help ease your anxiety I say go for it!
I didnt feel my baby move until about 21 weeks and even then it just felt like gas or a butterfly in my belly. It was hard to tell the difference!

I dont blame you for not sharing your names, I told my name and a friend stole it from me cuz she was due first. I will never share the names I like again! LOL

Schwartz Family said...

Thank you for your kind words reguarding my fallen fire fighter.

Ginger said...

I can see progress on your baby bump. You're going to be one of those cute pregnant mommies. I can just tell!

Don't worry I'm sure I'll be even more paranoid.

Meredith said...

I have a feeling that I'll be the most anxious, sickly, pregnant woman ever, so I totally understand the desire for a heart monitor! I hope you guys have tons of fun with it!

Julia Goolia said...

Um, can I just say that I LOVE your recap. I think I might start doing these for my longer posts....not that anyone would ever 'skim the surface' of wordy posts, but seriously. The cliff note versions are a great idea!

I think a name choice is highly personal and don't blame your privacy on this one.

And I love the new layout! Is it really old and I just haven't noticed?

Leslie G said...

You are silly! And, I'll bet you will be feeling the baby VERY, very soon! =)

kari said...

I don't care what you say, I think you look cute. ::sticking my tongue out:: ha ha! ;)

Jill said...

As exciting as it might be to hear another person's choice of name, I'm glad that you aren't sharing. I think that is a good choice!

We have talked about (when we do become pregnant) that we would want to find out the sex but maybe not share the sex. We've talked about not sharing the name part too! Obviously all things will probably change once this future baby takes place but until then it's fun to talk about it!

I'm so glad that things are going well for you! I can't wait to hear your stories of the baby moving! I've heard that it's a great experience!

You look great by the way!

Megan said...

You know that they say that the more "in-shape" you are/were prior to pregnancy, the longer it will take you to show. Especially if your stomach was toned, because it takes longer for those stomach muscles to stretch. I believe it - you are in great shape. I know it gets scary to not feel movement, I don't think I did until about 19-20 weeks or so, and DH didn't feel anything until like 22-23 weeks. Keep your chin up... it'll come sooner than later!

Rachel said...

it amazes me how HIGH up your baby is! I was so stinken low!

You look great!

Immortal Beloved said...

I love keeping up with ya chicka!


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