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Thursday, October 9, 2008

1. I got to visit with 3 close college girlfriends/teammates/roommates last weekend. I wish I could say it was a fantastic time, but how can an evening be considered favorably when you hear one of your closest friends from school tell you that she's thought about killing herself?

2. Sex and the City the movie has finally been viewed - at the cost of my sleep and sanity last Friday.

3. Tony's mp3 player was stolen out of our unlocked Vue Friday at 3:30 am. Exactly, because Tony witnessed who he thought was the paper boy walk away from our vehicle. It took Tony just a few seconds too long to put together the time, sounds and what he saw to deduce it was not the paper boy. He's bumming. It sucks to be violated like that and he loved that Zune.

4. My grandma made her famous egg salad for me. Okay, maybe it's only famous in our house, but if every time I announce I'm pregnant I get her egg salad I'm sitting pretty! It's sooo good!

5. I'm struggling a bit at work. I can't relay the information without getting pissed off so . . . any additional prayers are welcomed, if you can pray for me without additional information.

6. Tony's going duck hunting this weekend with my Dad and brother. I grew up in a hunting family, hunt myself and know the safety level of all of the hunters he is with, but now that Tony has joined my family on these trips I can't help but majorly stress myself out sometimes thinking about the what-ifs. Knowing that almost all of the important men in my life are together, with guns, or by other men that I do not know with guns sets my mind in a tizzy.

7. I love Maalox. Seriously. It's awesome.

8. You guys posted some fabulous ideas for Hollywood Casual. I still have no idea what I'll wear though, because I do not have skinny jeans, a fabulous top, fashion statement jewelry, killer heels, a pashmina or trendy scarf. Oh and most importantly I do not have the money to even justify the scarf as an outift completer. I'm screwed.

Wow, I had no idea I sounded so terrible or that my list was basically all bad stuff. I'm really doing okay, I swear. I just welcome all prayers.


Lindsey said...

I'm praying for you and your work situation!

The Slacker Mom said...

Sending PPT your way with work and also, hoping Maalox can cure what ails you!

Unknown said...

Sorry about your friend..Sorry about the mp3 player..Sorry about your job!! :( Prayers all around, girlie.

Lisa said...

I cannot imagine hearing that about a good friend! My heart goes our to her.

And, I am so sorry about your work troubles. I will definitely be thinking of you. And, I'm glad my playlist was a bit of solace even if only for a short time.

Chels said...

Sounds like a tough past few days. Prayers for you girlie!

All Things Today said...

Sorry you're having a rough few days - will be praying for you! And don't fret too much about the work thing - if you can’t find anything to wear, make a pair of jean shorts out of some really old jeans, find an oversized flannel shirt (perhaps Tony's), some army boots (or gladiator sandals) and you can go "Hollywood Casual" Mary Kate Olson/ Lindsay Lohan style:)

abby said...

Hmmm sounds like some kinda crappy randomness has come your way :(
Of course I'll pray for you, even without the additional info...I'm pretty sure He'll get the idea!

On a lighter note, it sounds like you were not such a fan of SATC?

kari said...

Praying for you Leah!

Katie said...

gosh girl - all that would stress me out too. sounds to me like you need a girlfriend and a pedi to cheer you up. either that or a huge thing of chocolate and dumb & dumber - somehow that always does the trick for me ;)

That Girl said...

We just got Sex and the City to watch sometime this week/weekend.

Meredith said...

Sending prayers your way girlie...be strong!

Kaitlyn said...

1. Well then, here's a way to keep the prayer train rolling, so to speak.
2. Loved the movie in a way, however, as I had only ever watched the TBS aired episodes, I was a bit surprised at the eh...intimate...content.
3. Sad, sad. And Ryan wonders why I lock my car obsessively (Ipod sits in the center console).
4. Yummy food= happy! :)
5. No need for add'l info, I'll just pray!
6. Ha. I think that deserves prayers too.
7. Good to know.
8. May I suggest giving us a few glimpses into your closet and polling your readers on options? That may make your choice easier.

Also, see #4-- not all of your list was negative! And I'll also pray that tomorrow is easier on you. :)

Meagan said...

I've got your back in the prayer department =)

Ashley said...

I've had times like this...where everything you list sounds really negative, but it's just been a few stinky days/events in a row. Hang in there, baby-carrier!

Nette said...

You are in my prayers. I know what those moments at work can be like. Also can really identify with the Maalox. When I was pregnant, I didn't leave the house with my bottle of Tums chewables. Heartburn was fierce all throughout. (Old wives tale says that means your baby will have a lot of hair...My Nick did though.;o)

Mrs. McB said...

You and the work situation are in my prayers. :)

amy (metz) walker said...

I loved how you put the pregnancy announcement and egg salad under the same number! HA!


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